I'm a cop w/ 2 years on the job

I'm a cop w/ 2 years on the job


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Who taught you how to use a fucking camera?

do you see yourself doing this for 40 more years


Why do you enforce unconstitutional laws? Is it just for a pay check or have you deluded yourself into believing you protect and serve?

The general public hates you and sees you as nuisance.

What are your thoughts on corruption in the police force?

Hard pass

It always up loads sideways for some reason

40? No, maybe the standard 20 till retirement

East NM

Do you ever shoot dogs just for fun?

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I'm for it.

>east nm
Hank schrader???

Defnitely, keeps rounds interesting

Have you ever broke into someone's house in a no-knock raid and then shot them for trying to defend themselves and then realized you were at the wrong house all along?

>East NM
Ignoring the shitposters, what ARE your thoughts on ACAB? Not the whiny "muh every cop" but the system-level ideology?

do you target niggers?

At least twice a month, we usually just plant a gun and harass anyone who filmed or witnessed it

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>"rounds" are common faggot parlance for "taking it in the ass"
I celebrate your faggotry

Where is your red line that you'd never be willing to cross as far as odious laws are concergw4ptned.

Do you believe that every single law in ANY jurisdiction in the US is good? Would you agree that there are zero bad laws?

What specific unconstitutional law have I personally enforced.

Until they get fuckin beat or robbed and then ride my dick, "thank you so much" I couldnt care less about their opinion of me or the profession.

I think there's corruption everywhere in every public office or institution, no one is protesting the post office for their data collection

in all seriousness though i think that no matter what your personal motives are for being a cop, police as an institution only serves to uphold the status quo and always leans toward the protection of capital over humans. im sure some good comes out of that job but at the end of the day youre still an instrument of state mandated violence

>Would you agree that there are zero bad laws?
What? No?

How many sexual favors have you turned in your career so far? Also is it true women love the uniform?

There is no law so inane or backwards that a trained attack pig will not shoot you down over it.
They weed out anyone with that level of consciousness.

You think about nigger dick a lot huh?

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Sssh cops are selected for below average IQ, he won't understand you but he sure is good at obeying his masters.

No, there are bad laws. I have a lot of discretion in enforcement.

What's the best way to get an officer to lose their qualified immunity?

Do you ever arrest random women and make them have sex with you before you release them? (I already know the answer to this).

>>I think there's corruption everywhere in every public office or institution, no one is protesting the post office for their data collection

This thought has never even crossed my mind, marketing really is powerful.

Well retard here has agreed to enforce those laws, bad ones included, with violence.
You weren't asking for specifics when you raised your had for that passage out of the Boy Scouts handbook, pig. And you're not going to grow a sense of integrity when you get the order, you're fucking dime a dozen.

What made you want to be a cop?

Believe me, if he's a cop in eastern NM, they aren't picked for thier smarts.

Yeah, because the post office isn't straight up murdering people or targeting American citizens they politically disagree with. Apples & Oranges there bud.

9mm usually does the trick.

you like donuts?

>general public
Nah just dumb immature retards like you

>post office
That because the mailman has never shot anyone through the front door of their home and demanded to be called a hero for it. What a braindead comparison. You are where the rubber meets the road for the bureaucrats faggot, you can't have it both ways.

i dont think cops are like esspecially stupid, i look at it more from the perspective of our entire country being dumb as fuck. like try explaining class struggle to a republican and theyll agree 100% until you tell them its marxism. marvel movies and the internet has eroded any kind of nuance and made americans political beliefs so contradictory and one dimensional

All right I'll bite, what's the cringiest situation you've been in so far

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You'd kill me and my entire family if your boss told you to, because in the end that's the job. That's why people hate you, because you're a weapon and an enforcer of a system that hates it's own people.

what do you think of potheads?

I love wearing a mask. I get to hide my ugly face, and I haven't had a cold in over 2 years. It's nice.

>2 years

How do you think we can improve our current tension between the people and the police?

this cop was expecting the typical conservicucks you find on this site to ride his dick when they really just hate cops like the rest of us even if its for different reasons

Great comeback dipship.

By killing more cops.

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>Well retard here has agreed to enforce those laws, bad ones included, with violence.
Did you get "cop supporter" from my post? You think I don't know this? The police target retards who don't know this, so I try to at least give them a chance.

Not sure if you're the pig but you can call me immature all you want, I still make more than twice what you do based on publicly available data.
That's because I have a productive position in the world instead of being a lowly statist cockgobbler like you.

not cop supporter per se, but you should understand that it is, in fact, by design EVERY cop. Any "good" cop is quickly removed from the force (see: Christopher Dorner)

What's it like?

not the cop, but
based and probably contributing to society pilled.

Yes. That's my point? For all I know OP could be a "good cop" at this stage. Since they've ignored the subject I assume not.

Do you get to choose your guns? I spent a couple thousand dollars on my AR so I want to be able to use it for duty

Its great. I haven't had to apply myself or improve since HS. The feeling I get when I order people around on the streets for standing in ways I don't like near me is the closest I will ever get to self actualization and allow me to relive the days of being abused by my step father from a position of power.

>I spent a lot of money on my gun so I really want to get to shoot someone with it.

Sounds Cash brother, people like you are why I love the police

Like all coppers, you need to clean your car, your clients don't like a pig stye

have you ever shoved a brick of cocaine shaped like a penis into your ass?

It wasn't shaped like a penis until I took it out.