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What was the logic behind Trip not getting actual counselling?

Previously on Star Trek

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It improves morale.

who says he's not?

Love Trip.
He's like what if Robert E. Howard was in Trek.

Name a trait.

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Reposting for new thread because I'm a fag.

I see a lot of people shitting on the Uhura plot, and it makes me wonder how jaded you lot have become.

99% of you are socially inept retards yourself. You should know full well how someone who is lacking social skills and is under undue stress and pressure might overshare information when asked. It's not too fast of a plot. You're just mad you relate.
We can assume she was invited by Pike because he was planning on sending her on the away mission before hand. He knew she was the expert on alien languages, and assumed it would be good to have a comms officer there if translation via the universal translator was iffy or something else was needed.
She's enlisted and is on tour with the Enterprise. She's there for practical experience, regardless of what said experience may be. And you have to jump in the water at some point. Pike was just being a good captain and giving her a chance (not knowing the true danger of the mission beforehand.)

I'm glad they let her sing. Do you faggots not remember TOS Uhura singing? And the controversy when they tried to dub over her in the movie? It's also good she's building a friendly rapport with Spock. She had that friendly relationship with him in TOS. She literally sang a song and called him a space devil to lovingly insult him, and he just smiled and played music for her. Plus them throwing in light heated moments in serious situations was a risk, but they got the timing right and it worked. This FEELS like classic trek to me. Or at least, the closest any of nuTrek thus far. My biggest complaint was that they should have used physical models for the ships. The reason classic trek looked nice was because of the use of physical props. Physical + some CGI to it would have been top tier.

I agree he barely has any characterisation. Does him liking rock climbing count?

Boring, being boring counts as a trait

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Bonus: Greatly concerned with doing his duty and bbeing respected by his superiors

Why are you a quisling?

hey baby im bout to go where no man has gone before

sweet spot

It is a sad commentary on the /trek/ general that was more active and fun than /trek/'s actual thread.

Who has the best butt in Star Trek? (hard more, no T'Pol)

I'm not. I'm just saying that I liked this episode, and it feels wrong that we're getting actual quality from a nuTrek show. LD doesn't count because while canon, it's mostly just a fansplurge of references, parody, and comedy.


Yeah, let’s don’t talk about that.

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this is supposed to be the continuation

how active do you think vulcan females are in bed.

Good for you. Don't rain on our parade.

How would you convince a Vulcan girl to get nipple piercings and keep them secret from ship regulations

>how active do you think vulcan females are in bed.
Fuck your brains out during pon farr.
Passive and aloof otherwise.

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Either horrible or excellent, no in between

>passive and aloof

>how active do you thin vulcan females are in bed.
I imagine it would be methodological. I could see there being a divided between those which are very vanilla (sex is purely for producing offspring) and those which see in the 'logic' in it serving a role for romantic intimacy. The later type would likely be inclined to indulge (in reason) a kink you may have, so say if you want to give her a spanking or get a footjob she would assent.

>spanking her
trying to imagine a vulcan talking dirty and that does not work

>She says nothing but gives you a raised eyebrow when she know's your done

The Ezri thread seems to be gaining some steam
Didn't mean to post it, but just saying.

How would she be talking with a gag in her mouth?

why do you need to gag her mouth if she's already saying nothing

this is my fetish

So the last thread was too comfy and you shill fucks want to spam the board with threads until they're all deleted and we're stuck in /trek/ huh. Fuck you.

Lads, is Strange New Worlds shit and is there any coombait in it? Screenshots look boring and hypersaturated trash

Okay, fine.

I want Kira to sit on my face.

Why does look like Oblivion with the bloom & potato people?

That Romulan (sister spy?) from Picard - never watched it, though I saw anons post about it.

>all those hos and you pick kira

She fucked a Klingon.

Sir, given the evidence, it's logical we have saboteurs on this ship, I suggest a thorough sensor sweep and then manual search of all decks

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The characters look weird and plastic. The Pike dood looks like a Ken doll all shiny and shit.

She took a naked pic in the captain's chair, Nimoy was not happy.

for such an attractive woman, cattrall did not make an attractive vulcan


Ezri better

Whoever tailored his uniform made his shoulders for his custom look Zap Brannigan tier

So no coombait then? Sad.

>hating on HANDSOME Mount
He oozes classic attractiveness and charisma. Beautiful dude.


Women look retarded without any sort of hair near their ears, no matter how hot they normally could be.

That's the lighting, sets, and costume. Anson Mount was literally Black Bolt

He does look like an old hollywood type.

the headband isn't helping. it's not punk, it's weirdly victorian

I suppose the schism was inevitable. But don't like the previous link in the OP.

>it's a Trip episode
just skip to the episode where he holds hands with another woman so she runs through the entire crew like it's spring break

Looks like a Rock Hudson type, if you catch my drift

It would look better if it were red

Dealing with her during pon farr is realistically not going to be enjoyable for many. Outside of pon farr it would depend on the Vulcan in question. She will either be terrible or great. You may be able to determine which she will be though, it may just come down to luck of the draw.


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her face is too red, it would emphasize too much

hates off to Meyer for focusing on what a female vulcan would be, as opposed to the later tv shows who were way too concerned if I had a boner.

I did.

love it when they can't quite match the color of the headpiece to the skintone of the actress

Reminder that Worf marries Quark's sloppy seconds in Grilka

hats not hates

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>violates her prime directive

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The trombone represents rebellion and promiscuity.

People who unironically say "sloppy seconds" deserve to die a slow painful death.

The trombone represents a big schlong

The pistoning action represents what he does to Troi regularly.

from one person? or does another get sloppy seconds?

has my logical reason for getting implants meme become certified /trek/?

she looked odd

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Shut the fuck up Dan Slott.

Female hands typed this post

The thread seems gay, captain.

i think the consensus reason was "so she can jerk off human men between them."

despite the writing and acting on the show being absolute shit, she worked from a casting perspective because she looked alien, like Nimoy did. Every other vulcan looks like just some random human with pointy ears.

i'll shut up when you shut up, i like to get my sloppy seconds

it's all the plastic surgery

look her up now she bogged herself even more

i felt the total opposite, she looked like a used-up human pornstar with her fake lips and tits

and her personality was awful for the show, the reason spock and data worked was because they showed human-like characteristics sometimes and it had more impact, t'pol was just an autistic robot for virtually all of the show

Stop ruing the thread.

Vulcans should be autistic robots

She was originally supposed to be a spy on the NX, before she started to actually display loyalty to the crew. So it's logical to note as an alien how most human men like big tits and thus to get big tits to better ingratiate yourself into the crew as a means of potential social warming and manipulation of lust. Remember the Vulkans were secretly militant up until the final season when they culturally shifted to be more like in ToS.

Tranny hands (BIG hands) typed this.

i don't care about the faithfulness of that plot point to star trek lore. i care about how t'pol functioned as a member of the cast, which was extremely poorly. she had none of those warm, surprisingly human moments you're accustomed to from spock and data

Spock was half human

Here's how they should have handled T'Pol.
Make her an asexual tsundere for most of the show, and then do a pon farr episode where she's a total slut.

then t'pol should have been written as such
or just don't put a vulcan in the crew

in any case it was a flaw of the cast, and excusing it by in-universe lore conventions makes no sense