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Whitoid thread.

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gowon peeing


imagine dubu doing this

My wife song hayoung

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>Le highnote meme idol win again
yes I'm a bitter siyeon fag

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no need to be jealous just because race didn't work out for you


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I love my cute mia wife

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Itzy lads, we would choose Squid now over the other members

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holy shit ahahaha

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How is being black and french and "holy shit ahhaha" thing?

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dont reply to me french whore

I always have and always will.

so close yet so far... is this new? will they ever fix their translations?


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What are you gonna do about it... Nothing pussy

the french aren't black

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French are blacks though it's an ex colonial empire, it's not japan or korea

french negress getting uppity

i thought you guys said sinb was busted

KPG convinced us she was an uggo before. prease forgive.


also lazy

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pronkbros why do they keep doing it??

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jihyo big eyes
big booba
little feet

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>is this new?
>will they ever fix their translations?
hopefully not

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That's one cute cake

japan sort of is a colonial empire as well, you don't call their colonials japanese. ever wondered why that is?

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go watch queendom in the show thread fag fuckoff


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lmao that's my iljin

>French are blacks

Giselle looking questionable here without her usual photoshop

explain the appeal of hikaru

hahaha at least this one is correctly translated


what appeal

>sort of
Yeah sort of. France has been raped by every countries surrounding it and raped countries that are still french and speak French to this day, it's not japan

the nukes are falling and you can only post one more thing, what is it?

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they don’t want you there

that doesn't really answer my question


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esl and you're retarded

You don't know shit about france so you don't know how that works

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which thread is this? the miasimps thread?

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>tfw you haven't impregnated henlo

pretty comfy

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Where? Still le "r-retard" when you don't know shit? Kys
Nice map

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would you?

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piggies!!! yes!!

dead thread

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holy based

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wtf stop roasting your own fans

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henlo would be a fun and energetic and doting mother
and her ass hips and thighs would thicken up, i would make sure of it

anyone watching queendom? dayeon and sinB looking good

Haha such banter lads much funny

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>Where? Still le "r-retard" when you don't know shit?
>France has been raped by every countries
esl and you know shit about your country blackamoor.

The previous thread is a watch party, it is still going

we're watching the thing

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>Go to Itzy Cosy House
>Decide to cook an amazing Carbonara and put Ryujins mess to shame
>Hope your cooking will impress Squid enough to help charm her into snuggles that night
>Cook the best fucking carbonara you've ever made
>All the girls are impressed, but one is super impressed, and even brushes your leg under the table during dinner
>Its not Squid though
>For the rest of the night this other girl continues to try and flirt
>Does that stand real close and press her tits against you thing
>You still cast glances at Squid as much as possible
>The other girls starts playfully hip bumping you while doing the dishes
>You try and make eye contact with Squid
>Lots of laughing at you and arm touching from the other girl, so blatant.
>Squid notices this and goes to bed early by herself
>As the night goes the other girl shamelessley flirts with you, making the rest kind of uncomfortable
>The rest all go to bed as well
>Its just you and her, the one you're not that interested in, but she's all over you
>She walks over to you, sits in your lap...

>Lia then whispers in your ear "So, what do you want to do for the night, its just us now"


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oh fuck, so that's why

yes, umji is also looking good lately


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yeah well your face is busted fucking bitch

Well ok i'll take your kpger non french word for it and forget all the history i learned about my own country

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>i want to go home
>please wash yourself befoing goint to our meeting
>he doesn't have an approachable face
what's next?

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these girls are fanpillend



kazuha confirmed an army

do we think ex-it has a good chance of getting first place? or will it be be kekviz?


why is the ugliest bitch saying that?

just a simple mistake senpai, no need to seethe

no one "raped" your country dumbfuck.
france always opened its legs to everyone. because innately french people are cucks.

you forgot about

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>not interested in the second best itzy
ask her why I’m such a retard

that's my gf

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Cuddling while we watch Mr. Bean together.

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Stfu loser go back to fapping or something


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yep L

is this a containment thread for all the bad posters


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Yes, why else would you be here?

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Yoohyeon of DC?

Why are you niggers spamming Henlo the Whore when F9 is not having a CB anytime soon?

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>first twice
>now fromis
why do "purepops" hate their fans?


I find fromis based dont care about the fan hating stuff, at least they have soul

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i want to be raped by iljin so bad

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Cub's mom is hot. Her dad must be a midget

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you're playing with my emotions man

I don't know

this is just chimp hating small browns all over again
don't be ugly, simple as

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her mom is very... masculine looking

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