One Piece

>Chapter 1049 The World we should Aspire to Cover: >“How?! The book at the research faculty start burning and the two brothers are freed!”

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Literally nothing happens: the chapter

>Luffy: Aaahhhhhh!!
>Kaido: You’ve come a long way!! You’ve done well to have fight against me for this long!! However… There’s no way you could change the world!!

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>Vodka people: That’s amazinggg!! Kaido is the strongest soldier…and he’s only ten!! Kaido: that’s not enough battles…!! >「46 years ago, at Vodka Kingdom」
>Vodka People: our country can’t afford to stop participating in wars…we have to win and gather enough money for the heavenly tribute…or else we will lose our human rights in this world
>Kaido: why does everyone obey those “celestial dragon” guys?!
>Vodka people: Kaido that’s enough
>Vodka King: you’re being drafted, go serve as a marine soldier
>Kaido: why do I have to become government’s “dog”?!
>The king: you’re too much for our country to handle
>Marine: once you hand over Kaido, this country shall be granted the right to participate in the reverie starting…
>Kaido: I’m not your political tool!!!

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>Marine: Kaido has escaped!!!
>Wanted KAIDOU Bounty 70 million berries
>Marine: Kaido has been taken into custody!! He ran away again?! It seems that he’ll be caught whenever he’s hungry!! Does he think our prison ships are dining halls?!!!
>「44 years ago, at pirates Island “Fullalead”」
>Pirates: who is he?! He’s crazy strong!! And He’s only 15?!
>Whitebeard: hey you damn kid, have you ever considered becoming a pirate?! “Rocks” has been wanting to meet you…what do you say?
>Pirates: Kaido has joined the Rocks Pirates!! Aren’t they freaking invincible now?!!
>Big Mom: Kaido this is big! Come immediately!! We’re going to “God Valley”!!

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Pirates: Rocks Pirates has been broke apart?!! That’s a joke right?!! There’s no way, with all those monsters together!! It seems that a marine soldier called Garp took them down!! It must be internal conflicts, the concept of team work doesn’t exist in those guys’ brains…
>Big Mom: where did he go?! Kaido!! Are you kidding me that bastard!!
>Kurozumi Higurashi: it’s been 10 years since that incident… Kaido, you are the “embodiment of force” Kyokyokyokyo Brute force has been the solution…to all kinds of problems that occurred throughout human history… And that’s no surprise, because humans are “animals”!! Survival of the fittest!! That’s how nature is!!
> Kaido: Indeed, you’re completely correct!!
>Higurashi: the remnants of Rocks will be taking the stage soon..!! A world where weapon is reason… And I have a great deal for you… Kyokyokyokyo

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>Kaido: There are people who are born into nobility!! People in power who take peace for granted!! Let us drag them down onto battlefield!!
>Pirates: yeahhhhhh!!!
> Kaido: that is what equality and freedom means!! Only in “War” is a person’s value defined!!!
> Kaido: I don’t know from where, but Yamato has brought up the name Joy Boy…
>King: !
>Kaido: “Opening the border of this nation”…looks like Oden’s wish was a preparation for Joy Boy… If it’s the same person as who you’re waiting for..then King, I know who Joy Boy is
>King: ..? Who is it?

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Forgot image

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Is this a reference to current Russian war (special operations)?

>Momo: Luffy is going to win!!! He will win!!
>Yamato: Do it Momonosuke!!
>Momo: come out flame clouds!! Do as I say!!
>「Inside the Skull Dome」
> Kid pirates: wahhh!! Kya!! Kid: huh?

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>Samurai: what is that sound?!
>Raizo: save everyone, water of Zou!!
>Brook: Ms.Robi…bohgouhbohgouh >Nami: water?!

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Luffy vs Kaido is done, and Kaido is basically defeated but I expect a Krieg-like where he comes back as desperate and delusional half-dead mess trying to destroy the capital. This is when Oda introduces Adult Mom who still strike down Kaido in front of Wano citizen.

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>Sanji: OSome chan!! Where did these waters come from?!
>Franky: watch out you guys! Don’t be taken by the stream!
> Denjiro: you..have done well…withstanding it for so long For all these years..!! Lady Hiyori!!

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Luffy punched Kaido really really hard this chapter that resulted in his victory.

Vodka = ウォッカ (Wokka)
Kaido laugh: ウォロロロ (Worororo)
Kaido DF: ウオウオ (Uo Uo)

>Samurais and Pirates: ahhh isn’t the island falling?!
>Yamato: the flame clouds has disappeared!! It’s over!!
>Momo: Onigashima is..!! Going to fall!!
>Kaido: Tell me Strawhat!! What kind of world would you be able to make?!
>Luffy: ..!! I…

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I wouldn't even mind that but Momonosuke has no advanced haki

>Momo: come flame clouds!!!
>Luffy: where my friends..!!! huff huff.. Can eat to their heart’s content!! That’s the…

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Damn, Oda is really pushing osome and that mouse

Are they gonna be relevant?

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Osome > Viola >>> Pudding

>Luffy: world I want!!!

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>eyeballs going white
It's over Kaidobros.....

>Past Kaido: King, I know who… Joy boy is
>King: who is it?
>Kaido: the guy who can defeat me in the future!!
>King: If so…then it’s unlikely that he will appear
Break next week.

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Why is nakama power a good thing when it's Oda doing it?

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Sanji will fuck 'em all on top of Black Maria.

Kaido's backstory and origin is super generic


Pudding is the best

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No villain backstory will top Doflamingo's
Oda wasted such an intricate plot reveal on a jobber

>Kaido fucked a granny and made Yamato
Damn maybe Yamato does have the most tragic backstory of any SH KEK

>Oden’s flashback was 15 chapters long
>Kaidou’s, the arc’s main antagonist, was only 4 pages
Fucking defend this shit.

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We know what she'll look like when she hits the wall at least

Admit it. He was a better father than 99% of OP fathers.

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Now that the dust has settled 7 years after his introduction what do we think of his arc?

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Oden was a strong japanese samurai
Kaido is some brown pirate no one cares about, obviously Oda wants his people to have more screentime

>What happens to Kaido?

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Man young Big Mom was hot as fuck. Shame she turned into some giant obese granny. What a waste.

Kaidou is the most boring villain Oda came up with. Could literally be a movie original villain.

>in a 1 on 1, Kaido will win

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Like this time?

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I guess that's why Kaido had no problem putting explosive cuffs on her; he literally does not give a shit about her, if she's going to defy him, since he's already murdered her mom.

Trash that overstayed its welcome, Oda is just milking this series dry, you can easily tell he is running out of ideas

He gets to re-discover his gmilf fetish with big meme

>streusen grooms big mom and eventually gives mom her first sons
>higurashi gives kaidou a country and a daughter
What did Oda mean by this

You would've bitched no matter how he got defeated. I'm just surprised you aren't saying Kaido jobbed.


Legend vs reality

Oda nerfed his size

The most interesting thing here is that Kaido is accelerating AFTER getting hit. And it's shown very explicitly.
Most ridiculous power stuff

don't these people have walls?!

The raid will fail.

Fortunately enough it wasnt a 1v1.

How long was Wano in total? I lost count

only if she has a bad ending, even if she doesn't join she will have a happy life from now on so that wont happen.

Not if he's standing two meters from them.

Kaido jobbed to make gear 5 look good

How beautiful was granny a hundred years ago?

Oden was the main antagonist, look at the sheer amount of characters he managed to assassinate
Not even Akainu was that efficient

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based failchad

Fuck you guys, Kaido was great.

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Doesn't matter Kaido fucked her while granny

Boy it'd be funny if the granny was an unintentional red herring.