Blood hunt

seriously its a good BR that actual respects the WoD lore and incorporates them into the game flawlessly

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Can I get that outfit?

I wanna lick that tummy.

leaked future outfit for now its bikini top at level 2 and other stuff i didnt really look at but at the end of the battlepass theres blade skin that looks cool

>after all this years waiting for proper sequel to VTMB
>they turned VTM in a fecking BR
>and anons are shilling it

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>its a good BR

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tranny game

>download game
>have some fun
>get two victories in a row
Seriously what is there to do after winning a couple times in a battle royale, the high of winning will never be as good the first few times.

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>they turned VTM in a fecking BR're telling the truth, aren't you?


I hate most every BR out there, this one's actually bearable
Small map means games tend to be short, good movement means you're not just wondering around waiting for someone to snipe you. Mechanics are pretty good too, especially a fan of the melee gameplay, actually viable for once, if not Overpowered

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>kernel level "anticheat" from china


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no br is bearable
i hope they are paying you for this shit otherwise this is just pathetic as hell

>I hate most every BR out there, this one's actually bearable
And I hate every BR out there because it's all the same shit: NOT FUN

You can hate it all you want, but I've had fun in my time playing

You know they're still making a proper sequel right user?

That’s a man

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Well, enjoy while you can. I bet this will have the same fate as Nosgoth, that one online spin-off from the Legacy of Kain series.
The reality is that normies don't care for vampires that much. You only chance as developer to make a profitable vampire game is make one medium to small budget game that appeal to autistics and degenerates.

oh, it has kernel level anticheat shit? and from china? to think OP's shilling almost worked on me.

user, my computer is 20+ years old, it can't even run Vampire Survivors without chugging

It's gonna be shit.

tried it like 6 months back, felt a bit meh

Tits too small, so no

There is a god.

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Nosgoth was great, still have one of the steam cards. Wish I still had it in my library to show the time played, but it was easily 200 hours.
VtM Bloodhunt, is about similar levels of fun right now

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Yeah, Nosgoth was a good game.
I may give you the benefit of the doubt and check it out Bloodhunt this weekend if I'm bored.

thanks for the laugh OP, have a free bump you rascal

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I want a huge map where I wander around getting spooked at my own shadow and taking shots from some asshole in a treeline on the other side of a field.

Instead all I get is an endless stream of small map constant engagement twitchfests. Pubg was the only one that did it right so far as I was concerned and I can't even play that because the Australian servers are completely fucked

Yea Forums has been rabid about Battle Royales for a long time since games like Fortnite blew up,
Definitely an oversaturated market at this point, I liked what I played of it though, it's not a 100gb download like most of them out there.
Biggest issue is definitely the anti-cheat, Easy Anti-Cheat is shit all around.

can I remove those straps? if so I would

>seriously its a good BR
Unless they heavily revamped it from the last beta -which they didn't- no, it's not.


Not that user but they added an extra life mechanic where some humans have an extra life you can get from feeding on them which makes the game more tolerable if you actually get the life instead of rewarding just pure zerging

So they didn't change the balance.
Or the movement.
Or the horrible map design.
Or the lag/desync
Or the other myriad issues that the last beta had. They just made it where you can get slightly more health so you can stay in the game slightly longer. Great.

Some people like mastering every facet of the game and others just like the gambling aspect of every round. Then there's the people who don't really care, but do care enough to flaunt their ignorance.

what issue with the movement, its the best part of the game to the point i think ur just being negative for the sake of it

>that actual respects the WoD lore
no it fucking doesn't, you fucking shill.
what part of the masquerade includes running around in a battle royale shooter firing fucking AK47S at each other, while being spotted by NPCs gives you a fucking bounty.
it's a fucking PUBG game they tried to shoehorn into the VtM universe for quick bux

Too bad it has a chinkware rootkit "anticheat" that you can't optout from, and I'm not a retarded zoomer who doesn't care who is my personal information is being sold to.

>horrible slide->jump sequenceing
>jump animations are straight out of a 2000s 3rd person shovel ware game, complete with the incredibly floaty fall.
>vamps have different speeds for no real reason other than "immersion"
The wall jumping is pretty neat, but other than that it's awful.

This has to be the most disgusting thing I have ever seen.

>d I'm not a retarded zoomer who doesn't care who is my personal information is being sold to.
He says, while posting on Yea Forums from his mobile or windows device that's hooked up to the internet.
lmao privacy doesn't exist anymore, it's 2022. that shit hasn't existed so long it's old enough to legally drink in the US.

I like it but the stuttering when encountering players makes it fucking unplayable in the current state
Also gimme tips on how to play Saboteur, every other character other than maybe Siren has been boring for me

what is "limiting the flow"?

theres a big difference between letting a rapist in a building and letting him touch your butthole with the tip.
there is zero reason why any game should have ring0 access

that makes no sense, vamps cant get surgery cause they will just regenerate the flesh back. unless the lore for these vamps are diffrent.

Game was too hard for the average pleb

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Shill thread

Negative. They are confirming melee & shotgun nerfs after one week of release to please the zoomer apex/COD lame stream babies.

All the "vampire themed" weapons like the dual crossbows/dual pistols/crossbows don't even get used and now swords/shotguns are gonna be irrelevant.

So everyone can run around and turn it into another generic SMG spray and pray low TTK shit shooter with some vampire theme and extra movement.

White devs refuse to fully commit to something different and will always capitulate to the mouthbreathing general population.

Too bad the average of everything is generic shit.

>Stop talking about video games I don't like
Take a knife to the jugular

It's a man.

kys shill

Oh I never realized that thos game was free so I never bothered. But I did like Nosgoth and there are no 3rd person pvp shooters anywhere to be found so I guess I could at least try it.

The knife schizoid, take the knife.

>shoulders broader than hips
devs need to learn anatomy

Feels way better than it did in the beta but it still has some rough spots. Probably the most forgiving BR on the market. Waiting for the day a Malkavian gets added.

>third person
Get that retarded casual trash out of my board

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Oh Christ is the shill again

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I don't like vampires.

>30k all-time peak
lmao stillborn

The game would be way better if there werent automatic weapons in the game and they actually had balls to commit to the vampire theme. Then maybe as a smaller developer they'd have a bigger population like naraka bladepoint.

It's just a call of duty shit 3rd party sprayfest. Imagine wallbouncing dual crossbow battles where you can actually breathe. Instead you get sprayed in the back every where.

Instead everyone copies their favorite soulless 9-5er TTV faggot that spams whatever goes BRRRR the fastest and turns every game into the same shyt fest.


this happened to every single franchise in the past 10 years, what the fuck did you expected, every single one of them in flames.


I am going to play this game, get this cosmetic, then abandon it entirely

you could play VTMB in third person too but it honestly doesn't matter anyway since this is BR trash that nobody asked for

VTMB isn't a pvp shooter