Why are games so god damn frustrating?

why are games so god damn frustrating?

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die pedo

cunny feet... *licks*

why do you want that pedo (child in greek) to die?

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Why are Yea Forumsermin like this

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unironically kill yourself

why are gamers like this?

He wants the pedophile (pedophile in english) to die, commonly abbreviated as pedo.

built for headpats

It's just fun this way.
Talking about serious stuff is pointless since Yea Forums is not well versed in these topics and it just ends up in screaming matches based off of feelings.
Somebody would say something is good but only explain why based on feelings.

>lust provoking image
user what the fuck

this, but during sex

this board is collapsing

unironically what the fuck is wrong with you guys
it's literally just an innocent stock photo, there's millions of these on shutterstock and adobe stock, you literally just have to type "child girl bare feet" or some shit like that

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>you literally just have to type "child girl bare feet" or some shit like that
...and instantly be put on a list

Why is the camera focusing on the feet so much?

w-will i get in trouble for doing that?

there's no fucking way this photo wasn't taken by a cunnychad

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trannies can't be chads

i don't get what the issue is, it's just a kid.
you can google a million and more on google, if the issue is feet, kids have feet.
A kid existing isn't sexual
Feet aren't sexual.
It's not even a sexual thing that needs to be hidden.
Most people who aren't into perverse stuff think the same, probably even find it funny or gross.

Porn has rotten your brain

it appeals to the male audience

imagine you going to work in a company and this is your boss...

>fat pink man holding up picture

you're so naive, why is there so much focus on the feet? there's no way this shit is innocent

>die pedo

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there are legitimate use cases
like an article on common foot injuries in children, for example

Very cute. Wish my daughter will look like that


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>forced twitter meme
go back

the focus...

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What kind of shithole do you live in where you get put on a list for looking at stock images?

the anglosphere

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>forced twitter meme
>go back

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what's wrong with gamers?

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Why are Yea Forums mods allergic to pics of little girls? You can find pics like this one on fucking Google Images, that means there's nothing wrong with them.

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why is cunny feet so kino?

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At least we have memes.

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>Why are Yea Forums mods allergic to pics of little girls?
Internalized pedophobia.

ok tranny

>enters thread to tell pedos to die
>sees pics
>dick gets hard
w-what does this mean? please no...

Don't worry guys, OP is not a fed

small, soft, supple, not beat up by years of uncomfortable footwear


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I will never understand the appeal of underdeveloped vagina.

Good morning sirs

it's a tranny thing user

theres nothing to understand from sick fucks who want to fuck children

Vaginas are way better before puberty ruins them though. Even normal men would prefer a bald puffy cunny over hairy meat flaps.

The thought of licking roastie is sickening
The thought of licking cunny is hot

small, tight, pristine condition, what's not to like?

found the trannies

where are her socks and shoes?
working barefoot isn't very professional

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mods are sleeping, please be patient.

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she's there to provide stress relief to the men of the company


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no one even attempted to answer OP's question

mods, please sticky the thread

Nani the fuck. This better be a PSA for kids or some shit.

der pedo*

Who invited the nigger?


tempted to fill out a "suspicious activity" form on the FBI website because I'm 100% certain OP and others posting actual little girls ITT have CP on their drive

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What a sexy kid.


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Mods do something about this thread thx

Also ban all pedos

of course it is, dumdum

I unironically got banned for a post like that, but the thread still achieved

Take that as you will

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Don't worry you silly billy, the FBI already know about this thread because feds created it.

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>it's still up

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It absolutely baffles me that Yea Forums gets cunny threads and cheese pizza more then any other board.

uhhhh... m-mods??

Cunny chads rise up
Yea Forums has always been and will always be a cunny safe haven

>actual little girls
Found the ironic.

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