Zoomers consider the PS3 retro

>zoomers consider the PS3 retro

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>americans consider themselves white

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Zoomers are right. We're further away from the PS3 than the PS3 is the SNES.

Epic background

the foremost reason i don't use my PS3 often is i'm afraid it will kill itself. the second reason is there's nearly no games i want to play on it, most have better ports to other platforms. i appreciate the effort in the OP image.

Based HENchad

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and they're right, old man. when ps3 came out, psx was beginning to be "retro", and psx was ~6 years old when that happened. ps3 is now 16 years old and you can legally fuck it in most civilized countries as long as you receive consent

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>he has enough money to upgrade his ps3 since his mom stopped buying him stuff at 18

I'm 34 and I'm realizing that even the 360 is entering the retro realm, the PS3 is just a piece of shit, as much as I loved GT6 and Drakengard 3

In my mind I still think of the ps3 as "new" because I didn't have one when it was current. But the other part of me recognizes that it really is retro at this point.

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For me it twas warhawk and killzone 2, but it didn't hold a candle to the PS2 nostalgia wise let alone the PS1.

>ps3 came out, psx was beginning to be "retro", and psx was ~6 years old when that happened
the ps1 came out in 1994, retard

There are 120 million Europeans in America, get the fuck over it.

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What term do you want to use to separate it then? Just saying the Generation instead of a keyword that was mainly used to describe time? Will Old Retro become Vintage/Antique while older contemporary games become the new retro?

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12 years then, point still stands. guess first playstation wasn't relevant/present around me until 2000 or so, third world countries are like that sometimes

i have a lovely valkyria chronicles theme on my ps3 and a persona 5 theme on my vita.
fucking mad that the switch never ended up getting proper themes

no shit its retro you stupid faggot it came out 16 years ago. the ps3 is as old as the game boy was when the ps3 came out

antique is like 100+ year old. vintage something like 25-30?
retro has nothing to do with age really. you can go to store and buy new retro thing. it's just style that was a thing at some point and hipsters will call it retro and make it whatever. is like "wow look at my retro shoes that i just bought from super market. it's so fucking retro maan"

The PS360 gen will never be retro because every AAA game today is still mechanically a PS360 game

Gaming has literally not changed, at all, since these motherfuckers came out, while you can viscerally identify "a SNES game," "a PS2 game," "a Sega Saturn game," etc.

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It came out in November 2006
That's 15 and a half years.
It's retro.

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retro is an aesthetic first and foremost. something like shovel knight was specifically created with a retro aesthetic in mind
on the other hand something like mgs2 was created with realism in mind and will never look retro imho

it is bullshit that 5 years in or whatever no themes
but maybe there is hope as they started putting custom icons in

take a typicall PS5 game, compare it to a typical PS3 game, and you'll realise that they are rather quite similar in how they were made, and how we play them, other than the visual.
GTA5, 2 of the PS5 launch title were PS3 games

I make sure to carry a cyanide pill with me too just in case I need to kill myself. You should try it.

That's why Skyrim, Demon's Souls, Mass Effect, Bioshock, GTAV and BamHam got rereleased for new generations with virtually no changes whatsoever

Zoomers get nostalgic over fortnite.

>tfw the PS3 was released 16 years ago

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You can get nostalgic over anything, the time frame doesn't mean much.

i'm nostalgic for lilo and stitch psx of all fucking things.
was it good? no. but i was a kid.

If you look at console release dates in a linear timeframe then it kinda makes sense but that idea really doesn't hold up. Technology evolution is never linear, so pretending it is is retarded. As everything technological, the evolution is actually logarithmic.

It is incredibly clear to everyone that the difference between the games being devleoped during the SNES era are wildly different than games developed during the PS3 era. However, the difference in terms of game design and development between the PS3 and current PS5 is almost negligible. The biggest differences that have happened to the industry are more ideological and how they are monetized and not so much technological. Sure you push more polygons and higher resolutions but the games are essentially the same, so much so that there were games that were released on PS3 and PS4 and were playable on PS5. This alone is completley unthinkable on previous generations.

Until new disruptive technology comes along that truly pushes gaming forward in a meaningful way or the way games are designed changes radically, you can't really look at games that are basically the same as modern games as retro. You can, but you'd be wrong.

dead rising is the last retro game

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The PS3 is around five or six years old. The PS4 came out the year before last.

I have my PS3 in my bedroom for blurays and old games, sometimes YouTube, anyway I had to go through a whole 40 minute update last night along with verifying my account on my phone and disagreeing to data collection that they very eagerly said I needed to consent to but you just unclick the check boxes
It was perfectly fine as it was, why would they make me do that shit on their old ass console they don't even fully support anymore?


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that gen was the death of gaming
before that console gaming was still good and not considered a joke and insult
I will NEVER consider that garbage retro

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Unless ps3 is 20+ years old then we can consider it as retro console you dumb zoomer fr fr no cap.
I really hate that pink hair faggot anime character that you zoomer always post in this damned website

Kys zoomer

Nah mate they're Americans

Yeah, can't wait to discuss such classic retro games like GTA IV and V and Call of Duty Modern Warfare, WaW, MW2, BO, MW3, Black Ops II and so on on /vr/
The future is now old man. Gaming has radically changed since the PS3 era, do you really play Far Cry 3 and think "yeah, this feels like modern far cry"??? Are you mad???

>Technology evolution is never linear, so pretending it is is retarded. As everything technological, the evolution is actually logarithmic.
This isn't really true. For the most part everything was accelerating when it came to technology. Certainly on large scale. We went from centuries where nothing happened to time wherein in span of decades you went from planedls and steam machines to rockets and digital computers. What I think really happened is that there's no insensitive for innovation in last few decades. You can make the same game, package it a bit differently and it still will sell. I think just finance in general stalled technology in nearly every sector. There's no point in inventing cures in medicine if you can sell someone drugs for prolonged periods of time. The incentive just isn't there.

I remember people calling diablo 2 retro years before 3 came out. I didn't think of D1 as retro at the time, feels old man.

>do you really play Far Cry 3 and think "yeah, this feels like modern far cry"???

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No we don't
stop making my generation look retarded

Yes, when new tech appear it explodes at first, but then it fizzles out. Just look at tablets and mobile phones, we keep pumping up the numbers but they have been pretty stagnated in terms of capabilities for a while. The evoltuion in that area is all software by now and the new models barely iterate on their predecessors.

The same is happening in videogames. We have the hardware, but the way they are made and sold barely needs it, the design of the games themselves is pretty stagnant because the new consoles don't offer anything incredible that couldn't be done before.

We need new disruptive technology to force games forward. Stuff like VR or more advanced AI.

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If I can emulate it, it's retro.

My retro darling, the Switch...


The PS3 is the same age now as the SNES was in 2006, and nobody argued that the SNES wasn't retro even back then.

He's reminiscing because his old friends are going to come for the retro game night, right? That's why he's got his old PS2 out.

The Series X can emulate Xbox One games
Does that make the One retro?

Graphical jumps are just smaller and smaller
There are people saying some games from 2012 still hold up well today
There is no way that in 2012 people were saying that about 2002 games

Because the SNES was retro the day the PS1 and Saturn came out, there was an entirely new definition of what a "video game" was.

Just like what happened to the NES when the SNES and Genesis came out

Just like what has not fucking happened, at all, in the last 16 years

yeah…he even got them dunkaroos and everything

In comparison to the Series X? Yes.