Finally finished Elden ring…

Finally finished Elden ring…

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what the fuck

dsp's couch


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what the fuck happened there

Please don't tell me the brown stuff is what i think it is

how could parents do that to their own child

Is that a morbidly obese person's aftermath after they finally removed it from the couch?

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nuh yeh

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i need someone to mspaint me her position on that couch because I'm having a hard time

Scat fetishists unironically need to die gruesomely, preferably in public and by medieval style executions. Iron maiden, cast iron bull, etc.

at least hitler tried to domesticate them

Watch YouTuber "Disturbian"s most recent video

>Her body had big red blotches. Lacey’s buttocks were eaten away from at least 12 years in the same position. Her excrement was over most of her body including her hair and even in her ears.

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she was sitting with her legs folded underneath her.

My fucking god, I'm out. This was way more than I signed up for.

>Lacey was sunken into the sofa up to her shoulders, slumped on her left side with her right arm across her bony body by her neck

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Happened in Louisiana retard

UK site reporting on US news, shit happened in Louisiana

Why do we need a grrand jury or a jury for cases like this. So clear cut on what occured that the only issue is how long of a sentence to give

>mother was a local politician
>father worked for a charity
>respected members of the community

Semi-paralyzed autistic person with parents too bothered to properly take care of her. Article says she likely had not moved from that spot in 2 years. They let her just sit in her shit and piss and just gave her food without cleaning up after her until she died from rotting away very slowly.

So wait, she was cleaning the couch then what, sat on it without making sure that the couch was fully clean from the cleaning products?

what happened, was she fucking chained to the couch for 12 years or what? how do you keep someone sitting in the same position on the same sofa for 12 years with them never moving? that's beyond torture

no user, the parents cleaned the sofa around their daughter

in a town called slaughter, in the deep south. you can't convince me that this isn't real life harvester

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Autistic recluse girl dies from neglect and her parents just left her body sitting on the couch for 12 years while they still lived in the home

>in the small town of slaughter
damn, I've been there, it's a quaint little place for somewhere with such a metal name

My wife showed me this article last night crazy shit

>this okay but euthanasia is somehow too much for normalfags

maybe that abortion thing isn't a bad idea

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we must defend their liberty and rights

I can’t find a source that mentions it, but the original article that I read back when this first broke said that she had a rare condition that left her fully paralyzed, able only to move her eyes

what you mean like stephen hawking?

>/pol/ anons see shit like this
>and still think abortion is an absolute no-no no matter the people involved

Now that Ive laid out my truthful but also inflammatory bait, I shall leave the thread like a mastermind.

the autopsy doctor confirmed that the victim having locked-in syndrome is a common myth. she simply had severe autism.

No she was just autistic mega neet and her parents failed her, much like chrischan

But this took place in Murica aka the home of degeneracy.

what did they do to you personally? Not like they hurt anyone really.

what liberty could a sack of meat that shits under itself have. Sometimes it just feels like the morals in this world are all completely twisted and rotten

Then hire a fucking helper to take care of them. They both posted a 300,000 dollar bond so they either had the money or were approved for a bond loan. I can't understand shit like this

Or maybe we should have universal healthcare and the social systems to help people like this

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>we should protect autistic people
>by implementing eugenics?

No that would be communism

How could she possibly live a life of anything but suffering?

A woman in canada was euthanised because she couldnt afford to move

It is a slippery slope

sounds like fake news. post articles.

Their daughter would have qualified for some kind of assistance program. I doubt they ever bothered to look into it.

You left out this all happened in their living room. They lived with that smell for over a decade and didn't think it was a big enough problem.

Autistic people are capable of enjoying life like anyone else under the right care

What's universal healthcare gonna do here? The issue isn't that she didn't receive treatment due to money, the issue is that her parents left her paralyzed in a sofa to rot for years.

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That wouldn't have changed anything, her parents let her down, not the government.

It was voluntary but still pretty fucked up and speaks more about the housing issue than euthanasia

And another one

Youre so fucking dumb holy shit

Not 2 years, user, 12.
She was stuck on that fucking couch for 12 years.

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What was she supposed to do, just buy a house? lmao

Nobody thinks this is okay, moron.

What the fuck is wrong with some people....

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Are you for fucking real?
Your solution to this problem would be "just kill her ahead of time"?

If that's the case, why didn't they just send her to a care home?

>12 years

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She shouldn't have been allowed to commit suicide under those circumstances for sure but if she was really committed to dying after not finding a better house she would have done it herself and then someone would have had to clean it up.

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I'm pretty sure autism can't be detected until you're like 2 or 3 years old minimum
I mean think about it, how could you possibly identify autism in the womb? Who would want to?

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They should've just jumped in the train lines, it's more humane that way

Imagine the smell

No she should kill herself and lets drop suicide prevention and mental health care programs while we're at it to reduce government spending youre such a genius user

>her buttocks were eaten away from at least 12 years in the same position.

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>multiple chemical sensitivity
>Blinded clinical trials show that people with MCS react as often and as strongly to placebos as they do to chemical stimuli; the existence and severity of symptoms is seemingly related to perception that a chemical stimulus is present
sounds like they're fucking insane maplesuckers desperate for an excuse to die, this sounds on par with people who freak out about MSG

Ah I was scared people weren't making the decision themselves. they were evaluated by professional I guess its kinda weird but people kill themselves all the time

Obviously she was just supposed to pull herself up by the bootstraps and keep begging for money at street corners

The story and pictures are fake.