Obi-Wan series: this is Reva's lightsaber (the black woman)

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is her name supposed to be linked to revan? or are they just blatantly ripping names from EU stuff now

Okay, I don't really give a shit.

disney was ripping off EU stuff since 2015

i am tired of black people

Reva? seriously? hahahaha

This, and I’m tired of pretending I’m not.

why not develop a weapon who shoots lightsabers. would be the next logical thing after double, triple and quadra lightsaber

i third this notion

I am not ashamed to say I liked star wars and I liked some MCU movies.
But I'm tired, I'm fucking tired. It's all that it gets produced nowdays. With all the money Disney has they could be doing a million things, but it's just "what if star wars... but with niggers. Haha just joking.... Unless?"
Fucking do something new, create a franchise, I don't care how shit it is, but at least it will be something new.

I just want a force user to wield a lightsaber with the force and I'm tired of pretending I'm not.
They beat you too it.

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Why why WHY do they keep using these garbage lightsaber designs with the circles/half-circles? It makes no practical sense to have on a saberstaff and it looks fucking GAY.

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I don't know how people can still be enthusiastic about star wars.

So what do you think happens first; she turns good or dies helping obi wan?

Wait wait wait. What about this guys.

A lightsaber, that shoots lightsabers, that then EXPLODE into MORE lightsabers which then themselves EXPLODE!

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That is all inquisitor lightsabers, not just darth sheboonus'

the hilt is shaped like a slice of watermelon. Just saying.

What the fuck is the point of a weapon like this? Bypassing lightsaber defense? Normal guns already do that and they're canon.

That's fucking reatrded.

>Bypassing lightsaber defense?

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This is worse than the worst of EU.

>le badass grandma sniper
Why has this become a trope in recent years?

Because its kino

>it gets worse

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this is so fucking retarded. why would you make a gun that loads an entire fucking lightsaber as ammunition, knowing that they aren't uniform in design in any way. how do you know you have one that will fit? why not just use uniformly cut kyber crystals? that's the part of the lightsaber that makes it fucking work anyways
it doubles as a helicopter

because they needed a counterbalance for the badass grandpa sniper

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Thanks, I hate it.

>>noooooo my magic space opera doesn't make any sense!!!

>The EU was goo-

Stop right there

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can it at least follow the logic of its own universe?

>The EU was goo-

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I prefer Refa

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>monke named reva
It's actually pretty poetic

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Sun Crusher is kino. What's your problem with it fag? Its not even that irrational.

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It is inspired by Revan which obviously means this brave black woman is going to defeat Obi-wan but change her mind before killing him, allowing him to escape and sacrificing herself to Vader. Genius, unprecedented, groundbreaking, ceiling-shattering storytelling! Bravo Disney!


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>During the first year of the Galactic Empire's reign, Jocasta Nu wielded one such rifle against Darth Vader.
>look up who Jocasta Nu was
>it was the fucking librarian
why are they like this

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she can't dje because she has to get her own show
Obi-Wan is just a vehicle for her origin story

It's the extremely dramatic score they played in the actual episode as they made their ridiculous escape that always gets me.

>The old bitch from the library that shows up on screen for precisely 8 seconds gets a whole backstory, survives order 66, and duels Vader.

Star Wars is the dumbest shit.

>If logic does not appear in our canon, then it does not exist.

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Grace Jones is the only black woman for SW lets start a petition

Leaks say Obi-Wan will fail to protect Luke and she finds him and they have a showdown at the homestead. Then out of the goodness of her heart she spares Luke's life because she was taken from her family as a kid to become an Inquisitor. She goes back to Vader who kills her when she doesn't reveal the location.

Child Luke forgets being threatened by a laser sword at his house as he grows older as well as the debt he a white male has to a stunningly brave Black woman for sparing his life and making the entire OT possible.

He's going to be a nigger, isn't he?

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Sounds retarded enough to be true.

My guess is they'll make him a mystery meat mutt on the whiter side and claim that it's faithful to canon.

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though it'd be funny if it was a white guy with a mullet


I'd be less pissed if he was a spic.
but is the only Revan that'd make me happy.
should cast Keanu.

Revan is becoming canon again, there's a KotOR remake on the works.

Why does it look like some kind of 80's home technology?

>The nuCanon is bette-

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Like they care if its faithful to canon. There are plenty of white characters being completely swapped with black actors and they don't even try to justify the change.