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ily yunky

gong minji gf?

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baaaased. clc lives on

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220512 Kim Minju’s Contract With Urban Works To Expire Soon As She Also Receiving Many Love Calls From Other Acting Agencies As Well

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even billlie is doing better than cherry bullet

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kpop women feet smell like piss

i don't know if it's really the dububros that like black men or if it's just some falseflaggers...

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wow she's beautiful

that's seungSuA's fuckproject

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CCC x kpg alcohol party

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I can't stop watching lesserafim webms and fancams.

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just lesbians on a date, nothing to see here


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back then you either get an attractive girl or you get a girl who can sing
now you can get both

what nigga

tablet idol.

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>i don't know what that is supposed to mean but, we're talking about what companies look for when picking young people to turn into idols
they look for visuals but they look for vocal ability and dancing ability as well, if you can't sing or dance then you can just look pretty, if you can't look pretty then but can sing or dance then you can visit dr kim

that's what clc was for me
joking joking relax fans i'm happy that they still hang out together

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twice feet smell like dog shit

wow she's beautiful

Who is this?


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>o no oppa it definitely won't fit you'll split me in half
>insert bbc anyway

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too soon

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yunjin was worth waiting for, every damn second.

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i'm going to marry chaehyun

minji more like pissi
kariwiga or wintagwiga

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sana from twice.



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sorry :\

>user not remembering when kpop groups used to have a sole visual member who couldn't sing or dance but are in the middle of the routines to look pretty

clc debuted on march 19 2015, 7 years ago
they would be dead even without cube now
but we wanted a goodbye song
those who aren't buried properly won't get sent into the afterlife

>watching old music video fancams
>theres fanchants

why does it sound so weird

sohee and nu-nana at the same time

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the biggest idol groups are girlcrush and gaypop so i'm not sure if porn would really affect it that much, idols are more about parasocial relationships than pure sexual gratification at least for any paying audience rather than casual kfappers

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tank is so lucky bros

i'm the opposite, i see new performances or even year old performances and not hearing fanchants feels weird

begging for sex

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Eunwoo always being half a beat behind really puts into perspective how much visuals matter to a company


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are you really a dububro?

post CLC sex rat

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>crowds shouting and asking for cringy aegyo
we lost so much

its going to be weird seeing idols age and just look like normal ahjummas

sex with every girl posted in this thread (no exceptions)

i wonder what dubu will look like in 20 years

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90% of jav is bottom of the barrel uggos

you sob
fuck tank!

queendom in 30 minutes bros :D

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seunghee did that

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we hate her

i got some

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my wife my wife my wife my wife my wife

any Boa-nuna bros?

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yejibros we can't stop eating gluttony is our sin

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wjsn won. (No spoilers)

sex with your wife and her wide hips

please more webms of idols tying up their hair.

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don't use woohee for roastie posting, loser

leaks arent out yet


yeah at being flops


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I love Jeon Basedeon

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shut the fuck up retard

my wife

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kys you weak sisters

would you guys rather it be winteredwigger or Kariwiga ?

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I love my cute mia wife

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noooooooooooooooooo they have 500 gorillion spotify streams they arent flops nooooooo

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post albums and ig replies, incellito

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Yea always love Boa

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that is one exquisite wony

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If you love her so much then teach her proper english so that she doesn't sound like an absolute clown whenever she forces it into their songs.

$50M just from spotify ez


Thanks. I knew she was hot but g.damn!

oversizedbros ww@

they still have them. it's always been a thing

Everglow mog your faves

you can barely see her body and 90% of her face is covered? this is what it takes to make sana attractive i guess


henlo looks undersized here

is henlo in a relationsheep?

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Is this the thread?

is she exquisite now you fucking shit fucker? exquitiste like a tbone steak u gosh damn piece of shit. eat that steak meat shes got a few ounces left consumer it

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we went over this yesterday, it's 2.5 million at most, probably less, and that's over three years, even sica's shitty fashion brand makes more than that kek

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sheepcuckies we're leaving...

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Why do you screenshot your own post?

everglow probably break even on spotify

tbone? brother she is 0% fat turkey, nothing left on those bones

henlo eating hen lol

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i love loona

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nah its just dubu and the dubros

with an oversized sheep…

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So le true

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Ur just jealous lol

the photo that ended gfriend

damn, i dont know why this turns me on so much. fucking hell.

how does it make you feel to know we live in a world where the bad guys won?

it's the action women do before giving a serious blowjob

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>Tfw want to post about gaypop but kpg doesnt want to have a sensible convo about it


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I love sowon so much its unreal

i get it but i also don't know why

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ahhh yes!!!

gimme gimme now
15 minutes

listen you little fuckin fucker ur gonna eat that little meat hole you fucking elemntary shaped bunker cart Coupling

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if it's not big bang don't bother


post her ass

she took it down so buddies wouldn't get jealous

if chartchad can post about charts with retards for hours you can definitely find people to discuss gaypop with

queendombros wya


this shit really pisses me off. this music video really shows how entitled and self-centered yoinger women are.

yejibros we're such horndogs we could unironically jizz to this

post more skelly

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>ticket x 1

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liar, kpg has zero sowon posters


dis new

How hard is yves going to hump the stage?

Send the queendom link please


are /pol/ tourists still on this my heckin epic nazis trip?
we need brown kpops back again ASAP
jihyo heal us

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first for last episode was the worst shit

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ur gonna eat her butter hole arent you . with extra fraggles brunsun you Restored Bicycle Ferric with only one Horse Raddish Bonnet You little cream munch.

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yes brother

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itzy’s music might be shit,

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>Japan finally sees how much money Korea is making on idols
>Finally tries to to expand music industry but it's too late
>Music has not evolved and has been the same for years
>Visually aged, concepts and outfits look exactly the same

i only click links that are 10 times linked

can't wait to see my wife chaehyun on queendom

>leave for 2 years
>check back in
>niggas still seething
jesus christ, its over, Twice won, move on


someone give me a quick recap of the last episode i'm not caught up

Cells interlinked

linked an average of 5 times, not clicking