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>WDC Standings:
LEC: 104 (+18)
VER : 85 (+26)
PER: 66 (+12)
RUS: 59 (+10)
SAI: 53 (+15)

>WCC Standings:
Ferrari: 157 (+33)
Red Bull: 151 (+38)
Mercedes: 95 (+18)
McLaren: 46 (+0)
Alfa Romeo: 31 (+6)

>WEC Standings
HAM: 339.22 (+76.08)
RIC: 255.13 (+46.86)
MSC: 222.45 (+63.53)

>Mick Schumacher races without scoring a single point:
27 (26 starts)

‘Leclerc immediately cracked under pressure from Max’
Mercedes boss affirms long-term F1 commitment
Horner predicts another Abu Dhabi title showdown
Mercedes are ‘now specialists in bouncing’
Aston Martin will bring ‘half a new car’ to Barcelona
It has been more than six years since an American was last on an F1 grid and Lewis Hamilton is keen to find the next one
Prices of various cryptocoins have crashed, may risk a certain coins partnership with Ferrari

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karl WDC

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Lepajeets, what are we redeeming?

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every time.

>It has been more than six years since an American was last on an F1 grid and Lewis Hamilton is keen to find the next one
Excuse me? I thought Lewis was a naturalized American citizen.


My boy just needs more time

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i haven't been this disappointed since shrek 2

Uhh, excuse me friendo but I think you'll find black magic to control air is NOT considered cheating, and this fact HAS been confirmed by independent fact checkers.

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future world champion

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I'm sure he meant Shrek the Third. Shrek 2 wasn't so bad.


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If he was (he somehow isn't), he wouldn't need to search for one

ok lads, what shitcoins should I buy now that the market crashed?

>Prices of various cryptocoins have crashed, may risk a certain coins partnership with Ferrari
What will become of her?

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Shrek 2 was, how you say it here on Yea Forums, quinoa

And don't forget, quite a few of the F1 teams are cryptocoin sponsored, so they may be forced off the F1 cars.

Onlyfans when?

I'm Mick Schumacher and this is Jackass

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she'll move on to the next rich guy she comes across


>What will become of her?
comfort woman for the mechanics

Here's your MD5 filter list
You're very welcome

>what makes you think itll be good for f1
it looks cool
>Economy tanking hard since Russia cut off oil supply
That's just a cute excuse, it was in freefall before the invasion and nobody wanted to admit it.
>Finland about to join NATO
Not really sure why you think that will affect you, it will probably just result in the finns having illegal migrants being used as weapons by russia.
She's Ukrainian so either solider or refugee.

>I'm Mick Schumacher and this is the Orlando Magic, watch as I make my contract for 2023 disappear into thin air


Here's hoping Red Bull and Ferrari got everything upfront, given that the prices of various cryptocoins have crashed.

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this guy is a fucking idiot

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Given even someone like HAAS got the money up front I can't imagine RB and Ferrari didn't.

but hes fast

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post race amx mogs everyone on the grid

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meanwhile in a world where ferrari doesn't fuck up so much

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Races for this feel?

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I thought the Russian hats and Mexican sombreros were super cringe, but then I saw Miami

>8/10 teams have crypto sponsorships
i hope at least they were smart enough to get paid in advance, otherwise we're in for a rich energy tier meltdown kek
>That's just a cute excuse, it was in freefall before the invasion and nobody wanted to admit it.
this, inflation was inevitable and the stock market is inflated to shit, it's a miracle we're not in a 2008 tier crash already but with energy prices going up we're getting closer and closer
>hehe :DDDD

So this is where Albon got the inspiration for the red hair

did they died?

Oh shit true lmao, I lost 150€

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that's really strange to watch peoples living their daily life when the combats are still going

True, but still, given that sponsorships are usually in increments throughout the X amount of years on a contract, it could get extremely messy if Ferrari and RBR both begin to sue Velas and Bybit respectively.

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Let's try to find Amx an appropriate girlfriend instead of a burnt out whuare
I'll start

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Well obviously...

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So now is the time to BUY BUY BUY?


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*enters thread*
good morning, mah niggas

finally some vrooms with ERC today

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have all coins crashed? or are there some that have managed to gain?

Also, the sponsoring companies all make their money by transaction fees; so the consternation will probably make them more money as people keep making transactions

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Chinese media crew in mario-/pol/ so not really normal people but yeah I agree.
Nah they're just """""missing""""" ;v))))))

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how is your time off going rubens

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I miss having a race called the "European GP", they should bring it back desu.

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Her looks balance cute and hot so immensely well, it's insane


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/biz/ idea:
Scandinavian GP

True, although the biggest one would be crypto.com which also sponsors F1 itself, but I guess they can compensate with saudi aramco just recently becoming the worlds richest company.
And given how quickly F1 is growing I can't imagine both frontrunning teams having trouble finding someone who would want to pick up their spots.

F*rrari should have invested in RichCoin™ (RCH)

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>it's real

well, not doing much...
had to spend some time in the admission process of my next cagie and do my taxes (annoying as fuck)
also playing some games (hollow knight and vroom related ones) and trying (and failing) to study some stuff
damn... Suzanne is hot af

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There can only be one.

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at the arctic circle raceway



legalporno like the rest of ukranian women

that's a no from me dawg

You're on crack nigga

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>miami GP hemorrhaging money

I hate buses but if Nige was driving I would tolerate it

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