How come videogames dont have such profound and meaningful dialogue?

how come videogames dont have such profound and meaningful dialogue?

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Are these movie scripts made by an AI? they seem full of shitty "memorable" lines that are just kind of cringe

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but they do

The fuck is that even supposed to mean? Childbirth is magic?

Play some good games and avoid the woke marvel garbage.

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this can't be real


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Does strange not call her a crazy bitch after this?

he says something I cannot repeat because we are on a blue board... damn it, raimi...

She says this after it literally reveals she's currently insane


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that whole sequence where wanda murders everybody was pure raimi-kino

after watching that short film that got made as a joke using an ai script it's hard not to believe that studios just have an ai create a script and then the writers clean it up

>that short film that got made as a joke using an ai script
Sauce? Seems worth a laugh if it was taken seriously.


Narrative designers (women) do it

clean this up a bit and you have a modern movie/tv show


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Wait, is that Charles?



>ma'am, I graduated and practised neurochirurg-
>"shut up and kneel before the divine feminine"

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Yes. He jobs to the scarlet witch even though he's a telepathic god and shouldn't lose mind battles.

Did you forget that he gets dusted by that one bitch from the old X-men movies?

except Wanda is even more batshit broken because of her powers

What? Mothers yank the souls from their bliss and trap them in prisons of meat and bone and pain where they slowly corrode until nothing is left. That's the point, right?

If she wanted kids, why didn't she just get dicked?
If she only wanted the robo dick, all she needed to do was find the new White Vision they revived on the TV show.

based wanda, fuck off patrick, stay dead this time

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>watch marvel disney movie
>mc get‘s cucked by a black guy
>ethopian character destroys one of the strongest books
I really laughed

Rate this casting


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Reed: Oh shit, he just removed the mouth of the most powerful guy in the room and blasted his brains without any movement, I better stretch and try to grab her.

>men get explicitly gruesome deaths
>women die without clearly showing it
what did they mean by this?

The characters could be muted and you'd get the same experience, the actors and camera work is just too good

>man gets turned into delicious spaghetti
>woman gets fucking bisected

>wanda kills captain britain
>wanda kills captain marvel
Marvel really needs to get their fucking powerlevels right. How is it possible that she doesn‘t completely conquered earth and one hit thanos?

Truly the smartest man that has ever lived.


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Because it wasn't in the script, stupid.

She's way stronger compared to how she was in Endgame, in the TV show she learned how to better control her powers by learning actual magic and then she read some evil magic book that boosted her powers even more.

>If she wanted kids, why didn't she just get dicked?
She didn't want "kids", she wanted the kids she lost.
No this isn't an invitation to sperg at me or assume I mean anything more than what I literally said.

Shame that this casting is a one off and they might get someone else for the actual Fantastic Four movie.

This is from that new Dr strange movie, right? This a 'what if' scenario?

>Train for 2 months
>Become a god
What's this, dragonball super?

>cut in half by the waist
>crushed by a big stone statue
>not clearly showing it

Did you who the writer was?

No, they don't. Anymore than you are able to consciously pump blood through your veins and arteries.

It was a lame sentiment meant to exaggerate and pronounce 'muh divine feminine' matriarchal vibe. Normies will eat that shit up and call it profound or deep. But in actuality it makes no sense for obvious reasons which I hope to God I don't have to explain later ITT

So yes then?

A third attempt at a Fantastic 4 film sounds really pathetic.

It's an alternate Earth characters.

She could have done this easily during thanos. Nah man the power levels are completly fucked. Infinity war proved that
>captain marvel oneshots punished thanks
>captain marvel oneshots entire spaceship fleets
>thor nearly kills 4 stone thanos
>ironman and goof balls nearly kill 3 stone thanos
>2 year old younger no stone thanos goes 1vs1 against captain america, thor, captain marvel and iron man

>one hit thanos?

She was, in endgame. She was trashing him by herself. Kinda the whole point of him having to call artillery fire to just stop her.

WandaVision shows how her powers have only gotten stronger, with her getting the darkhold at the end of it.

They are currently working on an MCU Fantastic Four movie, their current director just resigned though.

>campy dialogue delivered by fun campy villain
why are niggas losing their mind over this?

she went crazy in the movie

I would have too.

It's like this like sits EXACTLY in the middle point between cringe-stupid and emotional-profound. I just can't make up my mind.

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I thought they confirmed he would return in the future?

Yes I'm sure gorey deaths on screen like having your brain blown up and getting slowly/painfully disintegrated are the same as getting sliced through the body while you're extremely blurry in the background or have a statue fall on you which doesn't even show blood. Retarded soicucks.

All the emotional dialogue and scenes in this movie were as if made to take you out of the narrative. Even the music for those clashed badly.

you have never heard "The miracle of childbirth". Or how pregnancy is often considered "magical"

Its just a simple joke.


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This sucks almost as much as that scene from ghosts of Mars where ice cube shows up with chromed submachine guns.

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I think the implication is Blackbolt tried screaming and wound up popping his own brains.

Why do people pay to watch this crap?

People work in Hollywood when they fail as an author, and people work in video games when they fail in Hollywood.

>woman smug in a movie
>hurr durr how bad politics fucking disney
>anime girl smug
>waifu, love you, let me sniff her farts bros

And despite the scenes with both her and Carol thrashing him, they still went ahead and added a retarded "grrll powah" scene.

So the ramming women take to the vag doesn't do it?

She's crazy

sorry you didn't get a boner because the women didn't die gruesomely enough, incel.

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nah. it was embarrassing dogshit designed to give midwits and retards the "sam raimi feelz" and reminded actual human beings how far sam raimi has fallen off as a filmmaker

Are you serious?
It means she doesn't care how they were made, she still made them and they were still her children.
Like a lot of the time I forget this board is actually full of autists.

>She was trashing him by herself.
but why didn't she just make his brain or heart explode?

>captain america struggles in fights with winter soldier
>captain america easily beats spiderman
>spiderman easily beats winter soldier
It's not even worth thinking about "powerlevels". They just write whatever they want to write.

Indeed, he probably thought he'd be able to break through and hit her.

Add the music that was playing at that moment and it's extra cringe.

It is absolutely normal and commonplace for pregnancy and childbirth to be described as miraculous. Only Yea Forums niggas are confused at this line for some reason lmao

Path of least resistance would have been his sealed mouth but I guess magic or something.

It's because it's funny and something a 13 year old girl would say.

>moving goalposts
I accept your concession, cuck.

>their current director just resigned though
Doesn't matter, movies don't need a director everything is already decided by feige and his lackeys.

The deaths themselves are laughably lame, but I really like the horror touches from Raimi.

At least you can say Bucky was holding back, after the mind control wore off, in his fight with Spider-man.

>why are we filming my scenes first, Sam?
>where's that young Jackman fellow? He's going to be a big star someday, boy has talent.
>Anyone know where Sir Ian is? I can't find his room.

She didn't know how. not at that point. She is demonstrably more knowledgably and stronger by MoM

Hate this faggot so much

Do you even know who the character is?

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I'm not going to read any of your previous posts, but nice try.

you can't get to kill women gruesomely in hollywood yet.

>movie about super heroes
>rated for teens
>that something only a teenage girl would say
>movie says something only target audience would say
Just a little bit more thinking bro and you are almost there

That doesn't make much sense though, he's supposed to be immune to his own powers, or he would hurt the insides of his throat/mouth every time he uses his powers.
Also if the sound waves can't be channeled through his mouth, his nose is open and the nose is connected to the throat, it would look really silly though.

That was a good line because it twists the ‘childbirth is magical’ thing that can be commonplace in women, and makes her just seem insane. Works perfectly as intended in context.

I fucking love it. I've been waiting for reality warping wanda since goddamn winter solider.

This movie was everything i wanted for Scarlet Witch movie.

he was propably scared just like Neo when it happened to him

>wants to argue but not read

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>expects people to read trash written by wokists

Have you heard of LGBTQ+? Well I am the 'T' in Trans~. I have a mind that wants to be a boy, yes I am trans and I am proud to be me!
And just in case you were wondering~ yes I'm pretty sure it's not a trend. And though I was always a girl, I have tried it out...
..And I really, really, like being called a 'boy', yeah, sooo...

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Watch Brightburn if you want to see capeshit involving women getting gruesomely killed.

quiet place really fucking showed off his inflated ego and self importance. I can't take him seriously anymore, guy has lost every scrap of charm and humbleness that made him interesting.

Yes. Especially considering Mosbles Chiaki pic.

except girls wouldn't be caught dead watching this superhero nerd shit. Marvel movies are made for soccer moms and 30 year old men with very low testosterone levels.

Didn't he say after Logan he wasn't going to play X anymore? Why did he come back for this crap? Is Picard doing that badly ?

>she read some evil magic book
Necronomicon? Did she say Klaatu Barada Necktie properly first?

Calm down Dwight.

>we will get a trans female lead faster than a real female lead for teenage girl

I would never argue with a retard, I just told you the truth. Take it or leave it. /convo

> Picard doing that badly ?
yes lmfao

Nah, they were good. You're just mad marvelshit is popular

>That dialogue
She's the fucking villain and still they make her say that kind of pandering retarded shit?
Capeshit was always mediocre to ok, but this is just more of the marvel diarrhea

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Bruce Campbell is in the movie

>posting Bendis

it was an easy cameo for someone who may not be alive if they actually bring Xmen into the MCU.

But they are not her children, your Tulpa is not your child, if I write a fictional person it doesn't make them my child.

In other words you're just a little tranny looking to mindlessly rage without reason. Sad!

She went crazy as time went on. While she avenged her dead robot husband, she couldn’t move on and used her magic to rewrite reality for a small town where he’s “alive” and they have two kids

That’s obviously bad and she put a stop to it, while defeating an evil witch, she still wanted that family life.

Even so, SHE STILL CAN’T MOVE ON, so she took a book of evil, let herself be corrupted by the dark magic, and went on a murderous warpath to try access the multiverse (by trying to kill a girl with that superpower) and find one where she can be a mother. The scene above was when she pretended to be an ally of Dr. Strange, but she slipped and he caught her lie.

She would proceed to kill a lot of people as the movie went on

Well she certainly doesn't do much to him outside of casting his mouth shut.
Unlike Reed where he actively pulls a spell to pop his mind.

>Do a few minutes of scenes
>Gets paid a lot of money by Disney
Why not? It's easy money.

If you didn’t watch the movie, you unironically don’t get it. Why is Yea Forums so dumb

Yes, S2 of Picard isn't just insulting it's also complete nonsense and may be the worst trek ever created, which is saying something

my gf is currently 4.5 months pregnant and it is pretty magical how big her tits have gotten up to Gs and her tummy is starting to pop out, I'm in pure heaven

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>This movie was everything i wanted for Scarlet Witch movie.
But she died bro

>noooo it‘s not for them nooo, because I say so!

Cause doesn't Patrick Stewart pretend to have integrity as an actor?

every new usurper character is always a woman or a nigger nowadays

He's going to grow up to destroy the jews.
Praise be.

They make a fucking clump of cells!

Based breeder.

>Children "born" out of torturing a town with the delusions of a magic demigod coping by being a psycho
Yeah pretty much the same as a normal child, huh

>mentally ill niggerfaggot capeshit
>the year of our lord 2011+11

>what are simple facts

It's just kind of sad to see Bruce Campbell be an old man still doing Evil Dead slapstick shit. He was actually a reasonably capable actor. He deserved better than to be a running joke.

No body, No death.

Come on user, you should know that. Yes, its me huffing some extreme copium.

Yea Forums don't play games, don't watch movies, don't read books, don't listen to music, don't do anything but regurgitating contrarian talking point.

Most of the people here have room temperature IQ.

Woman > cripple
Get that white mobility scooter ass out of here

No body

>Are these movie scripts made by an AI?
I mean... it's believable
>(((corpo))) wants to save money, save money by cutting paycheck costs.
>Make advanced pattern recognizing AI and let it loose on your previous works
>Make it do shitty "deep" lines like that, the marks wont care. They'll still buy it.
And before anyone says "Nuh uh we're not there yet!!1!" the fucking chinese had invented a ghost writing AI for medical texts that just spewed out random yet believable thesises

I'd say he is severely nerfed. In the scene he kills Dr.Strange, he talks audible and only causes limited destruction.

If you write a fictional child who comes to life and achieves sapience, someone who you can talk to and touch, someone who you raise as a mother/father, then you'd be a pretty fucking weird person to not feel like that person is your child.

>batchit insane character in a capeshit movie say something in line with how batshit insane she is
>Yea Forums loses its mind

I bet I could get Novel AI to spit out a movie script if I babied it for a few days.

Something Bendis doesn't care about and so I don't care about what he writes.