What defines a great vidya ass?

Should the shape be round as an apple, or slightly saggy pear shaped?

Should the size be small or big?

Should the ass jiggle, or be firm?

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All things in moderation.
Round, but taut. Large, but with a slight springiness.
It should look inviting, but not all-consuming. Make me want to bury my face in there.

It sounds like you want everything. That's not possible, user.

posting in a sybb thread

I know what I like, and I like what I want

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You can't have a big butt that is small.
You can't have an apple bottom that sags a bit.
You can't have a firm butt that jiggles.

Shape. Size comes with shape. Not in the grotesque way of bloating it, just to have a nice shape it will have to have goo proportions, depth and so on.

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And what is the greatest shape? Apple or pear?

in real life i'd say firm but in vidya it has to be the jiggle physics taking precedent

Doesn't matter as long as it's well balanced and in harmony with the rest of the body.

Assuming an aesthetic shape is maintained, there is no ass too large.

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That doesn't make sense. First you say shape is most important, and now it's most important that the size is well balanced compared to the rest of her body?

Why would you want something else from vidya?

The point is there is too big and there's too small, too hard and too soft.

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To me it's mostly about the artsyle. Taimanins' proportions may look a bit exaggerated compared to other popular choices but it still looks nice to me.

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dude needs to start doing more than glute bridges and squats lol

Deluxe + Season Pass 2 will get you everything user.
Natsu is annoying but which would you pick?
Should backstory and plot be compared separately or together?

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>miranda me2
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>halo 4 cortana
>any female spartan halo 5
>half of sfv roster
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True. But you have to choose a spectrum.

Ill get the chart

I don't see why there shouldn't be a huge selection of asses
Depending on the character they should be more toned or less toned bigger or smaller.

They shouldn't be flat, some SC females have flat asses

Ass communicates character. Cammy's buns are steel, with enough bounce for maximum mobility, while Mika has more mass, befitting a wrestler.

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I'm white, so just enough ass to grab a handful and then massive milkers as missionary is the best position.

Pic related is the ideal woman. Anyone that disagrees is not white, therefore I don't care about their opinion (low IQ).

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If you have buns of steel, your ass doesn't bounce. And as far as I know, Cammy's ass doesn't bounce.

Mika's does, however.

I think this is something we can all agree on.

Thank you, looking forward to it.


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But thats a woman

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If the shape is right it will be the right size by default.

>You can't have a firm butt that jiggles.
if you relax the glute it's going to be soft and jiggly, not unlike a fat ass.
therefore firm asses can be firm AND soft.

small asses can't be anything except bony.

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But what is "right" shape? Apple or pear?

It doesn't matter. If it's right it's right, apple or pear.


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It's not going to be soft. Relaxed muscle can jiggle, however. But it's not soft.

Also, a firm ass could only jiggle if the woman doesn't move and gets her ass slapped, or if she jumps up and down.

I'm pretty sure none of that applies to any vidya woman who has ass jiggle.

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I'm sorry, but you haven't thought this through enough. Come back when you have.

Peak female performance

But it's really simple. Shape is what matters, and if it's right it's right.

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large size is a must

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You can't measure "right", it's just a subjective value. Therefore, you need to think this through more carefully.

What stage of brainworms is this?

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It should be veiled and a mystery.
Tge intrigue and speculation is the fun part.
Outright showing it in spandex just ruins it and makes the character whorish.

Very nice, thank you user. Out of those, I would say apple is the best one.

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Donk or hourglass for me

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You can't have both, user.
Either the ass has an apple shape, or it sags a bit and therefore gets a pear shape.

Same thing with jiggle. You can't have a firm butt that jiggles (unless spanked when the girl is relaxed).

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