Bought the trilogy for 10 bucks, is it really that bad?

Bought the trilogy for 10 bucks, is it really that bad?

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No it's the best final fantasy since 8

XIII is pretty awful unless you're fine with super linear games with no customization whatsoever. XIII-2 is more of the same with a monster-capture tacked on. LR is unironically great though

No. I had a good time with XIII despite all the sperging about muh hallways

One of the best FFs user

Starts with the best and only gets worse.
Have fun dealing with RNG bullshit in XIII-2
Don't even bothe with LR unless you enjoy torture.

Don't listen to anyone calling it linear or bad combat or whatever. Game is fun. The intro is HORRIBLE so you do have to get through that. Once you get to the junkyard you're in the clear though. Combat is super fun if you use it properly to reset ATB.

If you play without using Ravager the challenge involved will make you forget any narrative failures.

It’s pretty solid gameplaywise but the story and voice acting is extremely cringe and gay. If someone watches you play this game they’re gonna think you’re a complete faggot

You're delusional if you think the game isn't linear. You can like it just fine, but it is, in fact, insanely linear

ah yes, the fabled duality of man

Honestly they’re all pretty excellent, my favorite FF games easily. They have a lot of flair and really solid storytelling. Whether or not you like the story is different though

Much better than XV

blah blah

Nope, It really isn't as bad as people say.
I personally picked it up for dirt cheap in the early 2010s, despite having heard all sorts of shit about it.

The BEGINNING really didn't even try to prove all the bad claims about it wrong, but luckily, to my own surprise as well, the more I played, the more entertaining and hooking it became. It's not GOTYAY or best JRPG ever in any sense, but it's FAR from the "worst crap ever" -category. A solid 7/10 experience IMO.

The sequels fixed, expanded and improved many things, especially pacing and gameplay. Up to you whether you like the direction they went with the plot and cast, but they're not hideous either. FF13-2 was simply fun, easily 8/10 at least, and made the OG feel like a tutorial and "chapter 1" of something bigger. However, it was the LR which I found to be a complete blast, and easily my 2014's GOTY.

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Yes. It is.


Do not let these idiots try to convince you LR is good. It's a fucking abomination.

what didn't you like about it?

Wow, what a superb argument.
Fuck off.

they are worth playing with good soundtracks
didn't enjoy lr much, dropped it

Yea. It's about as riveting has having to listen to you niggers drone on about how linear ff13 is then recommend ffx as the best ff or pretending the overworld map of other ff games somehow make them the pinnacle of open world design when in reality you just walk to the closest white dot on the map.

>Yea Forums is one person
I thought you'd have more insight than that, retard. X is also extremely linear. The old games aren't "open world". Both X and (most) the older games offer at least more customization options in the early hours to offset any linearity as opposed to how long it takes in XIII

Every single thing the game has to offer outside of the battle system and a random dude playing guitar in the street.

They're ALL linear you mongoloid. My point is you're a fucking idiot for using "linear" as an argument for why ff13 is bad when there are many other valid reasons. You think taking an airship to the next white dot on the map means more options but its not.

You has a better flow in XIII than in XIII-2. It's like a SMT game where you debuff buff and then attack phase. XIII-2 you can beat without staggering or buffing debuffing and that ruins it desu. The fact staggering is harder to do too is a disappointment.

>RNG bullshit in XIII-2
What RNG bullshit? Farming?
All the games had super tedious farming if you want to do the hardest post game stuff.

The white dots on the map aren't linear is my point. Still limited, but the dungeons in XIII are literally hallways. That's the linearity I complain about. Map design, not game structure

XIII is a fantastic story, and it broke the nostalgia barrier to beat X as my favorite story. It's got solid combat that's actually engaging and at times pretty challenging. It's linear yea but people who talk about nonlinearity in FF games are drooling retards.

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imagine the smell.

story is aight, visually its great. gameplay is completely linear for the first 2/3, like rail shooter kind of linearity, so it gets boring quite fast.

Yes, i bought it on sale in 2014 and am still mad I fell for it

Not the greatest but not the worst

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>7 above 4
>12 that low
>10 that low
fucking cringe

13 is alright, but has good music, cutscenes, and a fun world(even if linear), it's enjoyable. 13-2 is the best of the series, it's more open world, the monster catching system is fun, but you only really have 2 characters other than your monster... Still really fun and easy to pour hours into. 13-3 is the weakest.

>You has

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lightning returns has a steep learning curve though

It has niggers in it, that's enough to never look at it

and yet are written as actual people, /pol/

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The black guy is great

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Because i don't stop myself from consuming media just because it has a black guy in it?

Yes you sick freak

that's not an am*rican nigger, it's a black guy designed and written by japanese people.

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don't bother arguing with the /pol/tard.

He sees a black person and chimps out.

>actually write black character well
>no one (but /pol/schizos) has a problem with it
Almost like the west wouldn't have this issue if they were better writers

It's literally why the game is unplayable for White people


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I'm saying the black character in this game is good and well written, as opposed to others

The mere existence of the ape is enough to make White people vomit on sight and throw it in the garbage.


You aren't white

I am Swedish

>It's literally why the game is unplayable for me

fixed it for ya. I'm white and I liked Shaz's story

Nice cope, only shitskins bought that game

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>swede opens his mouth for anything other than BMC


this game has made me lose any interest in a new FF game in the series since its release; that's how bad it was.

Only the first one is utter trash, 2 is pretty safe and good, and LR has lots of stuff you either like or hate. I super liked the setting,gameplay and story of LR but it's not for everyone.