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xbros... it's over

Bethesda games are garbage.

Elden Ring has GOTY in the bag

grahhh i am bowser... i like to kidnap pricness.... grahhh

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>it’s real
Micropajeets… we just keep losing

is it true Starfield would rather fight BOTW 2 head-on for GOTY instead of Elden Ring? Some rumors leaking out that Phil wants Starfield to have guaranteed GOTY..

post source, getting nothing from google

good, gives me time to finally buy a new gaming laptop
> todd waits 11 years for a cool date
> gets it delayed
fuck you

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But.... 11.11.22......


>everybody praising/thanking them for delaying the game
What in the actual fuck?

Like, really, what legitimate excuse do they actually have? Oh, they didn't even bother giving one. Bethesdafags will still hold the faith, though.

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I guess 12/12/2023?
But yeah, not as cool : (

2022 is looking grim already what the fuck

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Wow. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised considering we’ve seen absolutely zero gameplay. Rip sexy release date.


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Retard, 2.22.22 is a better date. Todd still wins.


wtf is redfall

Starfield confirmed disaster.

It's gonna be BOTW 2 vs Starfield then^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^tweet

Sucks but better this than another 2077.


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They don't need one. The game won't be finished on time, so it's being pushed back. Bethesda has continually released good games that people enjoy. Only mentally ill people who watch fat men pretending to be anime characters are unable to enjoy their games on some level. Enjoy mental illness.

>they don't need to release the game on time

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So Elden Ring is guaranteed to win, right ?

>Retard, 2.22.22 is a better date. Todd still wins.
That date was almost three months ago you absolute brain dead fucking mongrel

Shazam won. The pronoun game is FUCKED


Wow, so it's confirmed to be shit

I'm going to kill myself...


This but completely unironically
Anyone pushing for games to be dumped on the market ASAP in 2022 is a fucking mong

the amount of crunch those bethesda niggas about to get into lmao

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that pushes back TESVI to 2026 at the earliest

It's bethesda, they could delay the game another 10 years to debug and it would still be a broken mess at launch

>Bethesda delayed open world space exploration game that nobody outside of the company really knew anything about
Is anyone actually hyped for it?

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why do they need an excuse? If the game isn't ready to be released don't release it maybe CDPR should of taken notes

It's the new normie mentality post-Covid delay era
>delays means the devs are listening and it's gonna be good
Even tho many games that got delayed, like 2042, Cyberpunk and Halo still came out unfinished or straight up broken

>Don't play nintendy games
>Only Bethesda game I've played is Doom
Not for me.

Bowser.... I kneel

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That's sounds way too fucking early for a Bethsoft release considering the itty bitty bits of info they've been showing for the last few months.
Most Yea Forumstards here predicted both game not being out until 2025

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>Retard, 2.22.22 is a better date.

>Todd still wins.

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Wow, it's real, I assumed it was a shitpost

The game that got delayed like 4 times?

Fuck, there are literally no games for 2022.

botw2 is not a contender tho, its just a genshin with half the content.




I-its because of elden ring, not because bethesda is incompetent guys!

When was the last game Todd released a game that was ready for release?

I told you everyone. The reason we know nothing about is because it's shit as it is.
>that's no normal for Bethesda
No, it isn't. Only Fallout 4 had so little information at this point in time in comparison to release. We know NOTHING about the gameplay of this game and it was going to release in less than 6 months. I am not surprised at all about this. Don't fall for the shill threads that were going on and will come back later.

Devs don’t actually have to justify anything they do anymore. Like rocksteady hasn’t released shit in 7 years and counting but everyone is just like “take the time you need XD” when it is obvious major incompetence is at play and the amount of time doesn’t make a difference

>Wins GOTY by default since every other game was delayed

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What the fuck is redfall

>implying MH isn't gonna have the same future
MH6 was already moved from 2023 to 2024, look at that releasing like shit in 2025

>2.22.22 is a better date
What's today's date, user?

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How can MS/Bethesda fuck up everything constantly? Sony is on a downhill for a while. Nothing on the Horizon after God of War 2. They could have took this holiday easily with those two games.

They're showing gameplay on June 12th. Learn how Bethesda works.

Hahahaha where is user who posts the daily threads

this lmao
first time I'm even hearing of it

This definitely just destroyed hype people had. Also Fallout 76s new shitty PTS for The Pitt has just been taken down because it was broken.

What the fuck is going on over there and why isn't Microsoft doing anything

>He believed Todd

Everything Microsoft touches turns to shit, or in this case, even shittier shit.

That vampire coop shooter made by Arkane

immersive-sim Borderlands from Arkane

Bethesda did not even bothered to delay Fallout 76 so imagine the state of Starfield right now.

Why does anybody give a shit about Starfield when based on what we've seen there's not gonna be any cool alien shit

Because Microsoft is part of the problem, see Perfect Dark. They cannot manage these studios or their major projects.

Yeah, abslute STATE of the vidya industry


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oh its that garbage

They can afford to do it now thanks to papa Phil.

Fucking kill me.

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>made every other release get delayed for "technical difficulties"

Well, at least we are getting Dwarf Fortress this september

anybody that still believes in anything that Todd says after 25 years of constant lies is a retard anyway, a delay won't change their minds at this point

Damn. Elden ring came onto the scene and everyone else just backed off.

>Bethesda has continually released good games that people enjoy

what is fallout 4 & 76 mr. shill-san?

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> and why isn't Microsoft doing anything
Because it's their new strategy. Studios left to their own devices.

Are there even any other good games coming out this year?

so long, straight bowser

Dwarf Fortress and Elin's Inn so far

>Bethesda has continually released good games that people enjoy.
After fixing them with mods.

s-space bros.. not like this..

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>why isn't Microsoft doing anything
muh "we let studios have ther independency"


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No one can manage this shit nowadays anyway.
> all AAA games are either delayed to shit or are just straight up Far Cry clones or are third person cinematic action games with stealth and crafting or some shit
> half of indie devs have gone on Twitter and would rather open a Patreon and post videos for likes than work on the fucking game
> some devs have made a good first game and completely fucked up with making a sequel for some reason
I'm just only playing games that are at least a decade old at this point. Fuck this.

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xbox still has... zero games

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Dang it!!!

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>TES 6 is 2030 at the earliest
>TES 6 is 2030 at the earliest
>TES 6 is 2030 at the earliest
>TES 6 is 2030 at the earliest

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i fucking said it, the frogposter saying "days until starfield" jinxed this fucking game, TWICE.

I like it. No reason to upgrade anything.

>2023 rolls up
>Zelda2, Starfield, SilkSong, Bugsnax 2
The year Gaming WON

So the SeX has no games for 2022 then?

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god of war is next

all big three are delaying this year

nintendo with breath of the wild 2
microsoft with starfield
sony will with god of war

Hopefully capcom still has some good 2022 releases because this year is just as boring as last year without it

I literally said this argument is a fallacy created to shill this game. That is not how Bethesda ever released their games before. We had gameplay shown for Skyrim 12 months before release date. This game was 6 months away. Stop repeating this fallacy of ultimate secrecy months before release.

>Elden Ring fucked Nintendo
>Elden Ring fucked Bethesda

Human excitement no mods.
>Fallout 4
Like all other Beth games, shit until I mod it into a diamond.

Never heard of Redfall but hopefully they are delaying it to remove all the black people.

im unironically mad. also some posters kept saying that it's getting delay despite bethesda never delaying a game, i laughed at them but turns out they are right after all.

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Welp, I guess this year's shitposting will focus on Pokemon and Hogwarts Legacy.

Yeah, the industry is such a fucking joke. If a game isn't yearly rehash like Ubishit clone, it has 5-7 years dev time with reboots in the meantime and 90% chances of turning out so shit or at most medicore that you wonder just what exactly were they fucking doing all those years.

I enjoyed fallout 4. Fallout 76 is basically unplayable, but they've still consistently produced good games.

>The only two Xbox exclusives of the year have got delayed until next year
Microsoft spent BILLIONS yet is still unable to release games.

Fallout 4 was the same way.

inb4 Nintendo delays BotW2 to 2024 because they can't compete

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there's always tv and sports


Delayed game is eventually good vtranner.

which month is the 22th? is it twotwotember?

>183 days until Starfield
Ay lmao

Harry Potter is next. Probably God of war as well. Whats even releasing this year lol

>its real
wew lad

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I fucking hate Microsoft so much it's unreal

It really is the new Ocarina of Time.

just like cyberpunk lol

It has the nintendo logo on the box. That's all it needs to sell millions

Doesn't matter, all the matters is the level of fanboyism behind it. Worked for botw.

They want the GOTY awards obviously

Kerbal Space Program will release this year user, don't worry.

god i hope fromsoft releases a giant dlc in february 2022 just to btfo the industry once more

Is this the first time Todd delayed a game?

I just want everything to end already

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morrowind got delayed for years

I didn't even know starfield had a release date so I don't care.

Can DLCs win GOTY?

this. They make very good templates for games, but the conditions in which they deliver their products is inexcusable

Roru indeed it seems that shill didn't get the memo

that particular shade of yellow
no, the color yellow in general will always be associated with cyberpunk delays

like cyberpunk?

delayed games usually suck. if the developers can't stick to a timetable it usually means there is something fundamentally wrong with the development process. delayed games are usually more buggy than games that release on time.

it never means they just want to make the game even better. AAA devs don't operate like that.

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Let's get real here. Starfield is going to be buggy and shitty even with the delay. But at this point, if it's only as buggy and shitty as the usual Bethesda game, then that's a step up over most of the industry today.
Anyone else who attempts first person RPGs today absolutely shits the bed. I'll take some awkward animations and general jank over completely broken shit like Cyberpunk.

Umm user, we're already past this date.

Niggers and troons killing Vampires

tes6 quite literally never coming out.

neither of these two hunks of plastic have any FUCKING games to play right now

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what are you fucking stupid? why would they need an excuse to delay a game. it’s probably buggy as fuck. you’re the same kind of faggot that lost their mind when cyberpunk was delayed, only to have not been delayed nearly enough.

Morrowind was made FROM SCRATCH in SIX YEARS with no previously established genres and conventions and with no budget, I want to go back holy fuck

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Day goes in the middle, euroshit.

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>because they can't compete
Maybe if this game was actually coming out on a PlayStation system.

another cyberpunk 2077 incoming

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they will just release it on 23.23.2023, no problems

Holy shit, ER has no other challenger this year.

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>literally 0 competition
GOTY and Game Of The Decade

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>Hopefully capcom still has some good 2022 releases because this year is just as boring as last year without it
Sunbreak is next month

Starfield thread
>BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW
Elden Ring thread
>BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW BotW

>rocksteady hasn’t released shit in 7 years and counting
Because their dev cycles are 10 years long now. They started working on rdr2 once gtav was finished, and one assumes they started gta VI after rdr2, so you wouldn't expect to hear anything until this year at the earliest.
They even made a release in the middle of covid saying they wanted to go back to having multiple studios working on smaller games because these massive tent poles require more time and energy than they have.
Think about it, they worked on rdr2 for almost a decade AND STILL HAD CRUNCH!

Add the switch too


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I don't think it delayed because of Elden Ring but more likely from seeing Cyberpunk and thinking they might not get away with as much bugs as they used to.

God Of War Ragnarok Thread
>*Crickets Chirping*

ROCKSTEADY you fucking imbecile, not Rockstar.

Nah Elden Ring cucks are much more annoying than Nintendo drones at the moment

cdcucks are hacks. Also you already lost with ER shazamtranny, fuck off.

This is all true. And we already know Starfield is going to be buggy to some extent just because of the developer..
However, at least it's a real delay. The biggest red flag is games that get one-month delays like Cyberpunk and Battlefield 2042. Something went wrong enough to trigger a delay but if the delay is only one month, it's a clear sign that they're simply moving it from an unfinished game to a slightly less unfinished game.
I'm not pulling out any Shazams personally until we get some footage.

Depends. A delay is fine. But anymore than 2 or the game is delayed for years and yeah something is horribly wrong.

Elden Ring won't win GOTY. It's not an american game or a Nintendo game.

what's the point of building hype if you're just gonna delay it?


>won only because no one else showed up
Yeah, that sure shows it's quality

fuck this industry, im going back to runescape

you can always pick up the outer worlds dlc you never played kekw

Do you understand the meaning of this word?
Also they flail around since FO3.

Even GOW win be better then elden tranny.

Based retard

I was talking about Rocksteady not Rockstar, the Arkham people. Nobody is talking about how these devs who cranked out 3 great games in like 6 years evidently cannot make a game anymore.

Haven't you heard of the freaking pandemic?

Fallout 4 was good fun

but cyberpunk got delayed multiple times and it's still the most broken modern AAA game ever made

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it's winning by default cause there are no other games

Delaying a game is a red flag of poor management.

What the fuck is Redfall?

>makes nintendo delay zelda out of shame
>not quality

To build up rage

>a delayed game is eventually good
it used to be this way when people who made games would actually delay it to fix it, not to just get it at a minimal working level (buggy as shit but not as buggy) so they can release it.

If a game gets delayed once, there's hope. If it's twice, it's pretty much going to be shit.

>Todd failed the 111122 date
It's over

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To be fair, they haven't even shown any trailers or footage of the game and with them being as big as they are fill leaks plus filing copyright claims etc it was bound to be found out early in.

being made by bethesda is a red flag of poor management.

>vampire coop shooter
that made my dick shrivel up

B-but the 11/11/2022 meme release date....

Here's your GOTY for today.

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>you now remember redfall, arkane's l4d clone with vampires and nigress

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>Starfield announced ~2 years ago
>only peep out of Bethesda since has been a pre-rendered CG trailer
Who honestly thought it was actually coming out this year?

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Pretty easy when there are honestly no other games coming gout this year lol. Harry Potter and God of War have delay vibes.

soulless gamepissers in shambles

Has there been a modern AAA game that managed to release on time within the past few years?

Releasing during the midterms would have killed the game with the pronoun crap.
The tide is turning gents

There's seven more months of the year left. People have more time to focus on Elden Ring's flaws while anything released closer to the award season will be treated more favorably.

Another fall from Grace Arkane game making the same mistakes as Deathloop.

STALKER 2 hasn't been delayed yet, right?

>ER was merely okay
>SoP was trash
>BoTW2 and starfield delayed

2022 was shaping up to be a good year...

you mean thats a separate game from the battle royale shit that just came out?

F4 was announced and released in the span of 6 months


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