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How much money do you consider to be “rich” or “wealthy?”

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How many millions?

Seems important.

Back in the 1960's and 70's, being a "millionaire" was "rich". Then, in the 80's 90's and early 2000's, it was upped to "billionaire". Nowadays, it's anyone's game.

About 3. Take it or leave it.

49.657 million.

7 figures per year. the answer would have been 6 figures a few years ago but Brandon made sure he ruined the economy for all time ever. chik fil a pays almost the same money as law enforcement in my city
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Man, it all pays $18//hour, why try

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Five digits is well off.
Six digits is wealthy.
Million or more is rich.

~49.6 million USD

About $49.6 mil

Shaquille O'Neal is rich. But the guy who signs his checks, is wealthy.
-Chris Rock.

Around 49.6 million is my estimate.

to be considered rich like 15 million probaby

Over 9000

>Five digits is well off.
Where, Guatemala?

bout tree fiddy

49.6 million, roughly.

Assuming 30 years of age,
>$235k per year is the top 1% income
>$970k net worth including home equity is the top 1% net worth

If you can live comfortably without ever working again.

You live in a shit place. Cops make $60k base in my city and often gross near $100k due to overtime, which they lap up.

It doesn't matter how much money you have total; what matters is how much you have coming in each month. Or perhaps what matters is how much money you need to spend each month so IMO wealth is having the independence of owning land, growing food and producing your own energy. Wealth is being independent of "the system" as much as possible. I figure it would cost at least 2 or 3 million dollars to establish yourself, not to mention the rest of your life maintaining the empire.

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Well, hell. Guess I'm in the 1% for a 30 year old... Too bad I'm 51, and staring down the barrel of a loaded capital R...

if you can afford to give yourself a little over 200k a year without ever working again.

Yep it's surprisingly easy to hit if you're reasonably doing well. 0.1% is a real steep cliff though.

I missed the age. To be fair, $970k NW is still 86th percentile for 50-55.

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Last month it was a LOT better at least on paper, Turns out bug resistant stonks aren't necessarily war resistant

That would require ~$5.9 million

Like 50-100 million

1 million is just mid term rental+food money at this point

50mil+ and they still feed their dog..... this

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Elon Musk's war

He closed the Internet and attacked our whole species with skynet, u guys...

...Our whole species.........................

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4 million or so a year was where i would get worried a little bit, as then its selling something important like a soul or something special. but ive since realized that a soul is worth much more than that (so im glad i did take a break). now i dont know. most people would say that owning some land and a house would make you rich - but if youre there, then you are probably alone and eventually will become old
here are some things i would want before calling myself rich
>things to store
this is something like jeff bezos, who everyone says is rich. hes not rich because hes in space, but thatll eventually be the norm probably
hes rich because he owns amazon dot com and can buy literally any cold storage/warehouse and hold the stock, to sell so little each year for hundreds, maybe thousands, of years, to eventually make his money back. i think that makes his extremely rich (having all of the niche things and not just normal things)
>storage of things to not sell
for example, a 2 pence coin is worth more made than it is valued at. it costs more to make
i think my thing would be to have storage for (something like) 2 pence coins and to not have to worry about space. just to keep them there. enough storage to have it pay for itself and the space to not worry about all the 2 pence-s i have
things like metal or whatever to store, but also use as building materials to make fucked up weirdo houses that nobody but my things live in. this for tax reasons
i think the one goal i have in life other than "to multiply" by having sex is to buy back my families estate which they can still do with what they want but the fucking danish own it or something. thats valued at x0 times the 4 million amount of money per year (which isnt even rich)

and also with things i saw like them having out in a corner down some road next to a field a bunch of scrap metal just wasting away. it was all rusty and stuff
i think they did this for some generation down the line

When you live paycheck to paycheck having thousands in savings sounds damn good.

In my experience like 30k is "rich" to most people

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When you live paycheck to paycheck it's probably because you're buying frivolous crap like a Netflix subscription, cigarettes, fast food, alcohol, weed, cocaine, Nike shoes and Xboxes

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its how you spend it
$30k might be a lot if you dont need a lot, and like spending that money on something like a wife or family, or your kids. if they appreciate it then i guess thats rich
if you do the same (need only 5k or so and spend 25k on others) for charity, then youre probably not very rich in the same way you are, in the above

i think 30 is a bit extreme. say 70, 80 90k or so and you could easily argue that this is rich if you are someone that wants to move to thailand or africa or something
i know youre basically a saint with money and are the sweetest person there is (with how you spend it), if youre who i think you are

30k isnt a lot of money though. you cant learn a lot with that
maybe 70/80/90 if you want a normie life. or if you have that (and want a normie life) after you spend a bunch of money losing it to learn things by doing. i guess thats rich?

I really wish someone could smack the stupid out of your head.
How anyone gets that disassociated from the state of reality I will likely never know.

49.6 mill

Most people make around 23k a year so .. 30k is at least two years of savings to them

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Not that user, why do you think you live paycheck to paycheck?

Median US yearly income is like $55k

You disagree that the stuff I mentioned are unnecessary expenses?

Median is like 30k, dude, plus two decillionaires

Learn to read statistics. Take a class

this is in america?
its such a rip-off from these dubai hotels

hang on though im going to change my answer

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Median is like 30k, dude, plus two to four decillionaires

Learn to read statistics fag. Take a class

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>"You are so stupid that I don't even feel I need to explain why"

Why does Yea Forums constantly do this

i class being "rich" or "wealthy" having a home and everything you need there but still going out a couple times a week to go and shit in the toilet of some mall place, but not giving a care about it. honestly it makes me feel like a king

It's because he can't, yet he still has to let you know that he's superior to you.

Depends on where you live.

>Median is like 30k, dude
>plus two to four decillionaires
Ok tardo spardo

I agree that they are. If one feels they are impoverished they should probably stay away from that kind of thing excluding a rare treat.

Okay, so, the real average then, not in fantasyland

Average and median aren't the same. That's the joke.

The world has an abundance of idiots. The majority of which are hostile and eager to waste your time.
Seems the most sensible kind of response to me.

Maybe people are stupid because no one tells them why they're stupid

What, you mean scientists?

being rich is being able to store things for so long that it costs a lot to store it, the cost of doing so (and preserving the things) lowering the profits of the things you store to $0 but it not mattering at all. and all of this not being so much money to you, so you can keep spending it on the things that add to that pile
or being so wealthy you can pay off any fines for fucking up, and to not care for, any laws you break with the most fun things being locked behind these costs of doing the things. all of this and everything else, where its all learning (which costs money), the things that dont end up needing you to cover the costs and being a failure (learning) being you covering what it is before hitting the "break-even point" and having that source of profits

Sorry, no.

>muh sealions

I'd say minimum is probably about 10 million

Money is an abstraction OP. There is no amount where you are considered rich. It is completely relative and subjective value. A man who makes a million or more per year takes on a life style befitting of that. The "pay off" is that you are looked at as a success or that you might feel successful because that was what you were taught. But it's an endless pit, a pyramid with no end.

Money was created as a means of control by people who know what real wealth is, and that is power. Lords used to fight over land and resources, not money. No one with a brain gives a care about money. So the truly wealthy are the old families who still own land and resources, the ones who control the game and hand out the piece of paper with numbers on it that you are dumb enough to spend your life going after.

>A man who makes a million or more per year takes on a life style befitting of that.
Except for people who don't succumb to lifestyle inflation.

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I think the magic number is 3 million. Any more and you're just being greedy

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