What would you do if you came into possession of one?

What would you do if you came into possession of one?

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write santa claus to find out if he's real

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but how would you get conformation of his death?

The name of my assembly language professor

lots of major politicians, CEOs, bankers, and pretty much the entire WEF would drop dead within 5 minutes

He'd have to wait until Christmas morning, retard

Wipe my anus with its content.

sign it

if he really did die that'd suck...~

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But if you kill him then you become Santa Claus

You can write their death. So he could die in front of you and you'd be ready to record it or have proof

Black friday would get even worse, stupid. Like how dumb do you have to be to not know that? Chinese people would be dying left and right from being overworked, duh

Ex wife and her ENTIRE white trash family. God, I hate them.

just like how i became tony hawk and have maintained the disguise since 2002~

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Haven't you seen the movie The Santa Clause? Tim Allen killed Santa, and then he became Santa

write my name in it

haven't you seen tony hawk? i am him.
dear timmy, i don't give a shit about you wanting a new sister. here's a onahole for christmas.

love yotsantuba~

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Major world leaders except the USA, to make everyone think it was us
Everyone who works for the FBI and ATF
Most, if not all awful rappers
BLM organizers
Nikocado Avocado
Dr. Fauci

Watch the chaos


Swap it with some place's guest book, starting a creepy urban legend of a cursed lodge or museum

anyone who uses it will see the shinigami who owns it. The owner will probably have to be in on it, and make sure they die way after they come stay there.

Every middle eastern "prince" who got rich selling out his countrymen to foreign oil thiefs

Just so many politicians and monarchs

Tony Stewart

Bill Maher

Everyone who works at any cable "news" network from ceo down to copy editor

Andy dick

Nick Saban

Good start

Gdmn chill out tyler


I’ve got a few people in mind.

Unlikely of course. But man I hope you are who I wish you were.


would kill every millionare and oligarc
and politician i hate until only those who i like are left

I would make the queen give back the falklands and gibraltar and then murder random people on the street until she gets caught. She cant go jail so wouldbe funny to see what they do. ten kill every monarc

kill all other dudes and every ugly woman on earth

you absorb his powers from his cold, lifeless body to become Santa Claus.

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I'd write my name but i would add that i died gangraped by underage girls

I would just the name Sam so every single Sam dies in the whole world.

Also Tyler Tippets cause fuck him

hey, what's wrong with Sam? i think he's pretty cool.

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I make one exception for that Sam. But the rest deserve death.

thats not how the death note works. if whats written is impossible/depends on other people you would just die

search google for most common black baby names 2022

I'd scribble nigger over and over again on ever page..

set up a killer for hire page on the darknet and collect ETH, even if raided could never be convicted since all victims would die in accidents and i'd have complete alibi from hanging around in police station lobbies while I write.

You need a face and a name. Just a name is useless

Hey anons, post your face and names. I want to test something...

Patrick Bateman

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This guy FUCKS!!!

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>also this!!!
Just add trannie fren!

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Sorry, but I'm not gonna write your name in there Mr Bateman. How about Paul Allen?

Does it work on horses? Because the Kentucky derby is coming up.....

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Probably set it on fire and throw the ashes to sea so nobody gets hurt by some stupid book that is designed to kill people.

I'm writing your name in there

i use it to doodle sonic the hedgehog

Came here for this

I think I would go crazier than light Yagami getting rid of niggers

when you because santa, your name is in the book, so you die. since you wrote it, you become santa claus. you are trapped forever in a screaming ying-yang of undeath

Create a better world. Comb databases for serial murderers and swing the heavy arm of karma by making themselves smash their own heads in. Self-castrate sexual abusers and cause a heart attack as backup if the blood loss doesn't kill them first. Make corrupt politicians carve their sins into their chests before publicly hanging themselves naked.

>Invest in several companies
>Kill CEOs and board members of rival companies
>Also have board members vote to buy out companies I've invested in for more than I've paid per share
>Kill people I hate in car accidents or drug overdoses
>Then I'd start killing off child molesters, the mentally handicapped, and people society are better off without

>the mentally handicapped
So does that include yourself?

I'd unironically burn it before using it. I don't trust myself with that power, let alone anybody fucking else.

What are you going to write?

user DIE


barack obama would be my number one. wanna see how biden thinks with his head cut off.

I name Gaia
So long fuckers

Fucking takakda

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So... Paul Allen is who Jean wants to write in the Death Note. Paul Allen is fine.

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