Literally impossible

Literally impossible

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You just need to have faith that you can beat her scientific magic!
I also find that being drunk helps, and don't be afraid to get rush close to her during her boss attacks in order to avoid her crucifix spam
.t first 1cc was PoDD Hard

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Her theme is my favourite

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Go to bed, asshole.

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its 9:15 in bongland, get fucked
talk to me when you can beat her

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Yeah so which character should I play as?
For hard mode. I can't even fathom lunatic yet.

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kana anaberal

Okay, lets try her out.

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It's 11:30

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I did it with Kotohime and Reimu on hard, once with Marisa on Lunatic
Kana is not a bad choice

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uhhh the British Overseas Territories don't count

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wrong bong

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I lost
Didn't even reach Yumemi

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>playing PooPooDD

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Imagine sucking sloppy cum so hard you can't enjoy the best canonical depiction of a danmaku battle

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I died to her AGAIN

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Just keep trying user! You'll get to Yumeni eventually!
It will take much longer to beat her though, even if you can do that reliably

>Imagine sucking sloppy cum
PooPooDD players don't need to imagine LMAO.

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>shitting on the most SOVLful game in the franchise

>actually playing 2hu games
crazy niggas

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Kill yourself

Blow me.

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This is the kind of gameplay I'm interested in, imagine the euphoria after you 1CC pic related.

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They're fun

That's a man right? Very hot if it is.

>soulless traced art looking like generic anime trash
>soulless patterns or rather just random bullet diarrhea
>soulless characters with clear priority of quantity over quality
>soulless forgettable music
>soulless ugly visuals
>soulless story with isekai'd villain
Shartasmagoria of DooDoo

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>quantity over quality
user there's only six new characters
that's literally less than current touhou games, UM had 8

And 4 of them are completely forgettable.

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I love Sanae!

Alice will be playable in Touhou 19

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Even in doujin manga, her only role is sleeping.

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Yumemi is probably the only character where i'd say it's wiser to let her boss roll around, partially because you'll need it to stand a chance, but also because 2 of her 4 patterns are manageable. The machine gun one that's aimed at you even at Max Level doesnt cover that much space, and the crosses that you can just try to stream. Both may set you up for trouble but the issue is the next pattern, not the pattern in itself.

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Yumemi... sexy...

Chiyuri is actually a pretty steep hill to climb.

Proto-Sumireko... p..pretty sexy...

Boomer Sumireko

Boomer Sumireko


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Sekibanki is a boy


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How does this yokai look like the average Japanese woman? Do you think the villagers are playing along with her kayfabe or is she taking the piss?

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He is literally me!

Post head.

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Confidence is the key.

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did 9/11

That is unfortunate.

Alice killing americans!

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I draw futahu

I call you based

wtf I love Alice now?!

She's a real jerk

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>"fags" in the thread

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why did you put fags in "" ?
are you offended by that word?

you know what, those people ironically acting like fags in the thread might as well be homos in the real world

I masturbated to boyhus and male cosplayers dressed as 2hus having sex. Does this make me unironic fag?

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but there are only futastraights in this thread