Game acknowledges your equipped items

>Game acknowledges your equipped items

Does a single game do this?

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Corrupted ashbringer
Daedric weapons


Ocarina of Time
Breath of the Wild

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>Emerald thicket boss acknowledges Druid artifact
only instance i can think of

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>Shadow priests and knaifu reacts to void flower at the end of emerald nightmare
Legion was so good but had the misfortune of introducing everything that is currently killing wow

I remember when I played Witcher 3 a cat school witcher made an amusing comment about me wearing cat school armor at the time.

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In monster girl dreams the arch succubus in the first dungeon notices if you are using a collar accessory and will unlock petplay femdom scenes if you pick the right dialogue options. Not my cup of tea but it did surprise me that the game noticed what equipment i was using.

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Persona 3 does for certain equipment.

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Dragons dogma

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Any other WoW examples? I've not played since Legion. I remember in the early days some of the early "legendary weapons" had a quest behind them and were recognized by others. Thunderfury, Surfuras of the early legendaries, Rhok'delar and Benediction/Anathema (Never did thelatter as I never played a priest, but I did play a Hunter and the Rhok'delar quest line was one of the few that reminded me of EverQuest class epic quests. Its a pity this didn't expand until Legion). Later, two of my favorites for my Warrior - Kael'serrar and Quel'dalar, both ancient Elven blades (one from vanilla, one from Lich King . They were always important to my character from a RP perspective so I spent a fucckload of time trying to grind for the drop and/or Battered Hilt . Getting these and having the Eldre'thalas Shen'dralar comment on it was fantastic. I'm told that Medihv's staff also did something similar in Karazhan?

Of ccourse one of the other examples is one of the most famous from vanilla but not one that I sadly had the chance to do myself back in the day - the War of the Shifting Sands items were recognized by other NPCs, and perhaps most unique of all to date and spurring a mystery that wouldn't be dealt with until Legion, Corrupted Ashbringer. The whole "get the drop from Vanilla Naxx, go to the Monastery and all the formerly hostile enemies will KNEEL BEFORE YOU, and drop a line about "but this isn't the proper version, somewhere there must be a way to restore Ashbringer.." which was a total red herring for years " thing was amazing.

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Skyrim guards and NPCs like to remark on your gear and your character based on your actions and higher stats. Sometimes it's a little weird.

While not items specifically (or maybe it is and I just haven't found it), Final Fantasy XIV does this really well with your progression. What classes you've leveled or what quests you've done, what achivements, all sorts of other stuff etc. Its amazing granular but sadly its hard to track as there's no indication you'r seeing a special version of a scene or whatever and why so - it isn't until people talked about their differences that it came out. Yet another FFXIV thing that needs improvement.

On that last note, I fucking love that Blizzard recycled the ashbringer rumors from vanilla into a questline for ashbringer's hidden appearance in legion. I think they blew out their soul making legion

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