What are Yea Forums's thoughts about playing on easy mode?

What are Yea Forums's thoughts about playing on easy mode?

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Why does anybody care what someone does with their hobby? Nobody here would tell a normalfag to stop watching football or Marvel movies out of fear for getting their teeth kicked in.


Do what you have fun with, but i think easy mode is for people who are dumber and arent looking for any challenge. Maybe get a new hobby if you need easy mode, having said that i prefer games without difficulty, Day Z is my fav it filters all the shitters.

why do people post characters next to a whiteboard preaching their opinion?

manchildren who want to feel important; nerds taking a "joke" as ideology

Don't care unless they give an opinion or review of the game. You can't say shit unless you played it on normal

>game forces you to play on easy mode to unlock normal mode

i play games on easy mode

i prefer to play on hard mode with invincibility cheats

Reddit meme and reddit issue.
A self-respecting Yea Forumsirgin doesn't play on easy, thread over.

Because that "someone" can very well become the majority if he's loud enough
Example: nearly every hobby that's older than 20 years


At a certain point, when it gets too easy, you're not playing a game anymore

I honestly rather have people do that, then people who just watch Youtube videos and act like they played the game and know what they're talking about.

I'd like to discuss vidya with people who know what they're doing.

let them try. I would beat their ass

I care because when I want to talk about a game, I want to talk to people who have actually played it and experienced all of the mechanics that the game has to offer. People who understand what difficulty is and what parts/builds a good or fun.
You don’t get that from people who play babby mode

I just hate this era of complaining for the sake of complaining. Easy mode has existed more than it has not and games without difficulty choices are even older and both are fine. I despise this "hurr durr make game easier" crying and the counter-movement to it..

Easy mode is usually far too easy. Like, you can't even lose easy. Why even bother playing at that point

Because their opinions should be weighted as such. They didn't beat the game

some game just have shit and tedious gameplay but interesting enough story
but at that point I usually just watch no-comment lets play on utube


I play on easy, and if the game is good enough, I'll naturally want to play on the harder difficulties eventually.

No one 'cares' in the sense that they detect someone playing on easy and go 'AAAAAHHHH I'M GOING INSANE NOOOOOO', but they don't like how people bitch and moan that something be changed because it's 'too hard' or 'inaccessible'. These people bitch and moan hard enough to actually make the devs change the game itself. Games become more braindead and easy to appeal to as many people as they possibly can, but when you try to appeal to everybody, you end up appealing to nobody. You create a sterile, safe game that won't exclude anyone and end up with something no one in particular really wants. Plus the uniformity of the discussion of the game is what makes it fun too.

This. Sometimes if it's a genre I've played a lot I'll start on a harder difficulty


In today's social media world it's easy to propagate bad opinions and in this case videogame posers

It's not okay, videogames are for literal toddlers, if you play toddler games in the baby difficulty then that means you're retarded.

no bro not these sluts again
bro please just let me play video games on easy mode in peace

If you're learning an instrument, you don't start off trying to shred. You start off easy and gradually get into the harder stuff as your skills improve. A good difficulty system should emulate this process.

You've been playing video games for a while now, you're not a beginner.

Only way to efficiently clear your backlog once and for all.

I know an influencer who complained that 12 minutes was too hard so they used a guide only to then further complain the game was too short when they reached the end. Say what you want to about the game but this guy has an audience that he's passing this kind of behavior on to.

If someone doesn’t have the gist of how video games work, they don’t belong on Yea Forums

i'm a schizo when it comes to difficulty because i play shit like nioh but then play persona on the easiest mode
i agree with the picture tho, put me to death

>nerds taking a "joke" as ideology
touhou fans unironically

This only applies if you're classically trained

Only hard games I play are simracers and tekken because they are hard, competetive and balanced (in some way) and they are all about improving my skill. Why the fuck I should learn a new game like dark souls and dump it after 100h because I completed it? I want to learn a games that stay with me for a lifetime

Play on ez if you want

I will just assume you are a retard

Only a beta cares what others think of his choice of difficulty. I'll play easy if I want to, and hard if I choose to. Blow me, faggot.

I always think each to their own but I will say that I really cant understand why you would play games without any Single tiny bit of challenge in the first place.
Why not just read a good book or watch a good movie instead. Game stories cant compete with that

why do people who play on easy mode care so much about someone else opinion?

Bro who the fuck cares what are you my fuckong video game nanny nigger get away from me you seething weirdo

I never play on easy. Easy is meant for people who don't really care for videogames. Like my mom. If you enjoy easy game mode, that's fine. Just dont expect your opinion to hold remotely the same value on the subject of gameplay as other regular players.

ill play on hard cause i enjoy the process of building your character or party to be effective in all circumstances. i wont touch ironman mode cause cause that takes away the trial and error that i enjoy.

Because they know they didn’t even play it but they are trying to convince everyone else otherwise

insecurity. people who play a lot of video games generally have nothing to show for it, as they aren't pro players making money. so they feel like they need to defend themselves for being bad but also spending way too much time playing games

It's like reading the summary of a book or watching a recap of a movie. You get the gist of it but not the real experience

I'd be a beginner in strategy games, because I barely play them. But I'm decent enough at FPS games to skip easy mode on most. Obviously use your own judgement.
I'm just saying there's no point in frustrating yourself if you're not good enough to handle higher difficulties just yet. There should be a gradual skill increase. At least that's what I prefer over forcing myself through hard mode.

I love how the gaming industry has a million issues, and it’s fucking the consumer in a million ways, yet you simpletons here on v are worried that someone who played on easy might have a bad take on Twitter. Forest for the trees, retards.

I learned piano in school this way, isn't this the way everyone is taught?

i like this meme format

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>I'm just saying there's no point in frustrating yourself if you're not good enough to handle higher difficulties just yet.
This is only the case for people bad at video games.

If you're not playing a game to get good at its mechanics and challenges it presents then you may as well just do something else that gives a better dopamine hit, like masturbating, or having sex.

>Nobody here would tell a normalfag to stop watching football or Marvel movies out of fear for getting their teeth kicked in
you must not understand the power of autism

>easy mode is actually normal
>normal mode is actually hard mode
>hard mode is newgame+ and is also hard mode

i play ez mode in games like mass effect cause the combat is usually garbage anyways

State capitalism isn't communism

I play easy mode on some games, I play hard mode on others. It's all about what the game offers, what the difficulty difference does, and what I want out of the game.
All video games are innately pointless activities with no prestige value so there's no reason to get hung up over playing at the highest difficulty. Instead you should play at the best designed difficulty for your tastes, in a way that lets you extract the most fun from the game.

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is state capitalism the same as modern chinese communism then?

Nobody's good at every video game ever.

Easy is fine if the game requires a ton of shitty grinding. However you should play on normal or above until you confirm the bullshit grinding exists, not as your default.

>he plays video games for fun

My polite response, the one I'd say if not anonymous, is "go for it. The ability of games to adapt their experience to the player's abilities and preferences is part of their beauty. Play them however you most enjoy them!".

And I'm actually being mostly genuine in that, but privately, my real feelings are a bit more complicated. I've noticed a substantial and growing number of people who might love the culture of video games, or the storytelling style they usually use, or the communities they form, etc- but who view the actual act of playing them as something best done as quickly and easily as possible, or left to their favourite streamer or youtuber while they sit back and watch.
As this group grew through the 2010s, I noticed AAA games becoming easier and simpler affairs, with a focus on being as accessible as possible. I was worried that games were catering less and less to the people who actually enjoy the moment-to-moment act of playing them.

But recently, and happily, this trend has started to reverse. I think devs and publishers have finally realised that some people want to actually play their games and others just want to participate in a more passive way, and instead of trying to convert the latter group as they had being doing for decades, they might as well optimise the experience for the former and let the watchers just watch as they always wanted in the first place.
See the rising mainstream relevance of Souls games and their imitators like Jedi Fallen Order, and the rise of roguelites and other previously-obscure indie experiences. See also the presence of streamer-optimised modes (removing licensed music etc) in many modern games.

Even Ubisoft seemed to waver on their generic formula in an earnings call in 2019, promising more "differentiated" games in the future. The success of Elden Ring is very promising.

You become good by playing them. Personally I find starting on easier difficulties counterintuitive because when I used to do that I would pick up strategies and habits that would get me killed on higher difficulties.

The lowest common denominator is a subsapient troglodyte that cites it's own limited capacity for emotion as a reason to demand concessions from thinking beings. It is incapable of understanding let alone engaging with complex systems, it only cares about feeding itself meaningless stimuli while vaguely hoping that a pleasure reaction will occur, thus it elects to "play" games on the easy mode. When it "completes" the game, it will discard the media and begin to mindlessly search for meaningless stimuli somewhere else.

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Same can be disingenuously applied to you