Lads! Think about it! What if

Lads! Think about it! What if..
What if DOOM was a grill???

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It'd be a bad direct to video movie that even the game devs want nothing to do with

It would be COOM.

Lads! Think about it! What if..
What if OP was not a cock sucking faggot that made shit threads???

Doomguy was originally going to be a girl called Lorelei Chen.

It would make me diamonds. As long as she was big and buff and didn't talk.

>they don't know about Crash
Fucking zoomers

Based and big buff chicks pilled.

Crash ain't doomguy, nigga.

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Why gender swap Doomguy when we already have Crash though?

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she would be the doom-layer then
instant loss 2koma cyberdemon comic when

So femdoomguy could have hot lesbian sex with crash. Duh.

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seriously guise

is there any game like doom with a girl?



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because Crash is a jobber but Doomguy isn't

I want a girl who looks, sounds, acts, smells, tops and farts like a guy, BUT I ASSURE YOU, I'M DEFINITELY NOT GAY!

genderswapping is lazy as fuck

you aren't

I mean a girl
not a try hard to be a guy type of girl

she cute

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>muscle girl
>maybe a little reverse trap too
god I wish

not sure I care, sperg-kun

If Nintendo made this into a mature game, you could shut the fuck up about Doomgirl.

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Ion Fury, I guess

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Samus would still be a plank of wood regardless.

A realistically fit women is normally a plank of wood so I don't see the issue.

is that the girl from Crash Bandicoot?

Reddit and coomers finally ruined another franchise.

Pull a Samus is a woman reveal and have her fistpump Doomguy at the end, Doomgirl shouldn't be much different from the male counterpart

No, you definitely have the gay.


but what if DOOM was a bunny???

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Then she'd be just like Metroid, who's also a girl

I will now play your game.

no, it's someone's OC that just so happens to look alot like Nina Cortex.

>coomers ruined doom!
you have to be 18 to post here

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Girls gotta have some beef.

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you post like someone who had neglectful parents

I wanna see her get assfucked

I love bellies and hips and tits

Isn't he a polish male? Practically a girl already kek.

Underrated post

is the game decent?

Hey, what if Duuk Nukum was a gurl?

I want to pet her


wouldn't work as well

She would be called Dick Sukem.

Everyone in this thread needs to have sex immediately including myself

Bend over.

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> t. gymlet

>gemma freeman
>mute semi autistic girl who loves guns
>lady chief
>no nonsense female super soldier in cool green armor
>with a weird nude blue male hologram companion
>amazon warrior on mars, kills demons
>lady nukem
>street smart girl with no manners, wants the D but secretly a virgin

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would she still be a womanizer or would she go after men?

No I meant her personality, her character. I can't tell you anything about Samus and the only game I skipped was Other M.

western artists are trash and tomboys are for closet sissies

Shelly is a proof that there's no need to do the whole genderbender thing to make a badass woman character.

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please tell me thats a woman

Decent is a proper way of describing it.

Literal subhumans with no brains.

I find that quite erotic I wish that bottle was my sausage

shelly is bland as fuck

I would disagree.

Honestly, she would probably go after both.

>YASSS queen, can't wait for trannydoom: eternal!!

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>is big gay
Big chungus Keanu Reeves gold

Rule 63 has been around since before the tranny trend you autistic little shit

It's a doom mod that someone thought was worth charging money for to download so decent is a good word.


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>Doesn't know how to reply to a post
>Wojack edit poster
>complaining about oldfags
Found the redditor

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>>Doesn't know how to reply to a post
>>Wojack edit poster
>>complaining about oldfags
>Found the redditor

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more like this desu

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Honestly if you want a good retro shooter that was made nowadays, get Dusk.

Snuggling up in Doomgirl's big cuddly chest!

based DUSKposter

>Snuggling up in Doomgirl's big cuddly chest!

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imagine the handjobs


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Amid Evil is worth trying too

So this is the reality where Doomguy was the one who died in the initial invasion?

Don't you dare say that name around here.

d44m+ really ruined any talk about the franchise honestly. 90% of discussion is about le epic rip and tear and le epic doom comic and brutal doom and look at how badass and brutal and fearless doomguy is >:-) he kills the whole hell and all the demons fear him and look at how aggressive he is he can't go 15 seconds without destroying something around him, be it a a demon or a piece of equipment or his surroundings >:[email protected]
It's sad to see how modern id's fundamental misunderstanding of doom influenced and reshaped that of the modern doom "community", or should I call them tourists who first heard about doom when brutal doom became popular or in 2016.
So much of the atmosphere was coming from a constant feeling of dread as the demonic environment seemed to be crafted just to torture and kill you, enemies were created with the same idea, they were supposed to be frightening and the whole of hell seemed to have a sinister culture, architecture and spirit to it, conveyed through level design, music and texturework. These elements have been completely destroyed as the doomguy was remade to be le epic rip and tear demon killing machine that every meme spewing d44m mongo wants him to be and the demons are his bitches to torture through epic glory kills. In the originals, he got his "badass" status by his sheer deeds throughout the games, not because shitty trailers and cutscenes couldn't stop shoving his brutality, invincibility and utter domination over hell down the players throat at every fucking turn.
I think I'll stick to high profile megawads for doom 2, you and those faggots at modern id are cringe incarnate. Not that they could craft a good levelset to begin with, even with a full 3D engine at their disposal, as shown in d44m, I doubt they teach level design in san francisco game design schools.

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G-Guys please stop

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>she will never break your bed (and pelvis) in a berserk fueled rampage
Why even live?

i can't really take you as the intellectual you're pretending to be when you type like such a fucking spastic.

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I'd play a game as Noi.

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>tfw no big ass baroness gf that you can summon to whoop ass and explode your enemies
High noon drifter is the mod btw

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Nope, it's a guy

You'd have another thing to post 10,000 coom threads about?

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Basilissa a cute

But why is Cacodemon a lesbian?

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>That ED that imitated OG Wolfenstein/Doom
It's official, Japs are getting into FPS

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