ep's been out for hours, why no thread?

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I don’t think more than 10 people are watching this. It’s really boring. Sex with Itsuka anyway.

Because you spelt it wrong, it's Deaimon

fuck. I had it right but then refreshed the catalog to check one last time if there isn't a thread

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everybody dropped this shit

What killed the hype?


I don't get why there seem to be some people who hate this show.
It might be a bit boring but nothing offensive.

why does the 2 hags exist?

I only want to watch the cute loli

the cross dresser

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I don't really get it either. I can understand indifference or being bored with the show but some of the outright hate seems a little uncalled for. I'm still enjoying it though so whatever

5 children with Mitsuru!

Haven't seen any hate for it. Only outright indifference, just totally flew under the radar.

what did they put there to lure lolis into the trap?

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This show is really nice, but fell almost under my radar due to lack of Yea Forumsttention, and I still haven't caught up to the most recent episode.

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Ponytail Itsuka is the cutest she's ever been so far.

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If no itsuka end, then why even bother?

Interesting artstyle cannot overcome terrible pacing.

Itsuka's hairless cunny

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how the hell is this artstyle interesting

adhd isn't real

Oh it's very much real. Electronic media induced ADHD, however, is not real and is just an excuse for terrible parenting.

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RIP Fujio


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>workzoned by a child

i'm still at work. hopefully the thread won't be dead by the time i'm done.

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When will the Nagomu abuse end? He's husband material.

Gotta agree it’s getting tiresome. He’s doing a lot for her and she’s still acting like a brat towards him.

How come she never mentioned her mother before this point? How come they never asked?

My interest tanked the moment the hag turned up. This series is clearly way too safe to have anything interesting happen with Itsuka or the JK, so my guess is the hag will win eventually. Boring.
The show is still fine so I'll keep watching since the manga TL is going to take 10 years to catch up to the raws.

Fuck i search `deaimon` and cant find a thread, so i made a thread and it actually just op mistyped the title

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I don't mind itsuka abusing him, she's obviously just tsundereing. His parents giving him shit because he tried to live his on life, on the other hand, and then people that don't even know him judging him, like itsuka's mother, who is absolute human garbage, is very annoying.

Itsuka could have least attended his race. Tsundereing is one thing but a lack of respect and curtesy is another. Especially after all he’s done for her. Like you said he tried to live his own life while she just shows up, works for a year and becomes the one wanted to inherit the shop. No “Hey let’s run it together like a family.” Instead she’s “No the shop will be mine.” No wonder her mom sucks ass. Itsuka’s just a chip off her block.

she was probably just behind the tree

he's already receiving special treatment, that's enough.

Yeah like that makes it any better. He willingly makes a fool of himself to cheer her on and because of him she gets her 2nd wind and wins. But yeah hide behind a tree and whispering to yourself “I hope you win.” is just as good. Provided she was even there at all. She has enough likable traits that she can have the epiphany her mom didn’t have but it’s overdue at this point.

But in the end she's just a kid with trust issues because of her shit parents, I don't expect her to act like a reasonable adult. it's also been implied she's actually warming up to him. I agree that she's kinda annoying but that is in character and makes sense, on the other hand the rest of the cast acting the same is the author being actually retarded.

desu, he's not doing much parenting at all. maybe it's their way to tell the audience that they don't need to be perfect spies to have kids.

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I get that she has trust issues but the pacing is slow as fuck. Like she should be warming up to him more after all he’s been doing for her. But it’s just spinning its wheels right now. And yeah the adults really suck ass.

the rest of the cast reasonably distrust him cause he's a retarded fuckup slacker


Everybody's still expecting Nagomu to flake out on everything because he's a laid-back slackchad. He hasn't shown them the face when he stops holding back and GETS SERIOUS, ha ha.

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enjoy the cuteness, user.

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cute legs

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She's fast!

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why is he a slacker? they keep treating him like that's the case but I can't think of one thing he's done that proves it.
is leaving your parents house and living by yourself slacking? I don't get it

the power of nut head

Oh no, they got to stop Itsuka from getting cultured enriched!

parents approval

leaving his family business to go play guitar (apparently badly) while your gf takes care of you makes you a slacker. he's basically part-timing even now which is why grandma had to break out the work-harder stick