Year of Hell Edition

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I demand updates from the Star Trek kit user.

I know this is a parody, but this is still spam.

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How much is gold-pressed Latinum worth?

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per litre?

Unbelievably based. Thank you for your service, Gul.

Per strip, per bar. Whatever.

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Year of hell always makes me laugh. The whole ordeal was because one guy was rude to Janeway. He said this was their territory and to stay out. She said fuck you and went in anyways.
After the reset, he politely advised her to avoid the space and she plots a course around it. What a bitch

Per glass.

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The pleasure is all mine. Together we can fix /trek/.

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Rules Gul > RulesTranny

I think there's too many tripfags now.

Come cheer up my lads
'tis to white people planet we steer

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What happened to /trek/.

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theme yo shit

there's a badge you fucking idiot look harder

I don't think Rules Gul is a typical tripfag.
I'm pretty sure this CGI Pu is playing Dixon Hill on the Holodeck.

soulless garbage

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I respect the effort.

someone licked a frog

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She shouldn't do that.

I think the problem is it has too much soul for you to handle

Too late now

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3Dpu user, you're the George Lucas of Trekpus. Make of that whatever you will.

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A frienly reminder this Thursday is a another all new episode of the hit series Star Trek: Strange New Worlds on Paramount+:

> SNW S01E02 "Children of the Comet" - While on a survey mission, the U.S.S. Enterprise discovers a comet is going to strike an inhabited planet. They try to re-route the comet, only to find that an ancient alien relic buried on the comet’s icy surface is somehow stopping them. As the away team try to unlock the relic’s secrets, Pike and Number One deal with a group of zealots who want to prevent the U.S.S. Enterprise from interfering.

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I'll take it with a pinch of McClunkey and thank you

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>a group of zealots
oh no

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I'll be sure to tune in!
And by that I mean torrent it, skip through and post screenshots

We are not pleased

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Just wait until the Netflix pu is out

this had better be a warp capable planet they are protecting

What's the point in doing this ritual if nobody listens.

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neonoir trek kino
>I think the problem is it has too much soul for you to handle
kino answer

What are you on about? He's getting (You)s a plenty.

Things just got out of hand.

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The Discovery writers have had to learn some hard lessons about star trek but season four is a gamechanger
and I'm really looking forward to seeing how this pans out.

But the rules...

Going forward, Star Trek Discovery is exploring a side of the Federation and the Star Trek universe
that was left largely untouched by earlier iterations. How they face the crisis of the burn
and how they deal with a new order of power in the quadrant is a really exciting premise.

They destroyed...kawaii-John. I cry.poor Booker T .

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Year of Hell should have been a season.

Star Trek: Discovery has a great premise that season one established
and season two expanded on in a meaningful and exciting way. Now that the show has earned its trek-chops,
season five is looking to be even more ambitious and defined in its own right.

>but season four is a gamechanger
Why? How?

Star Trek Discovery is about people. In the end, it's the timeless story of overcoming challenges together.
That's what all of Star trek is about.

Just when I thought he couldn't be more based.

It would be amazing if the entire series got a Season 5 renewal. The Star Trek prequel series doesn’t have
as rich a universe as Star Trek Discovery, so they could always revisit some of the side characters
from the prequel and continue the story.

As long as there is a Season 2 renewal, I’m not going to get worked up over which episode is
going to be cancelled. There are always going to be at least a few episodes that are
cancelled or axed. If an episode is going to be axed, at least it’s going to be a good

And if you think about it, it's kind of like how there are many movies that get
cancelled after they are already in production, only a TV series can continue filming while
another is already being produced.

A groundbreaking show, Star Trek Discovery takes the franchise in a whole new direction that had some fans worried but
now that we have grown to know and love the characters, the statement the show makes is becoming more and more profound.

>yfw you need more fibre in your diet

Who's put a bee in /trek/'s shuttlecraft today?

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Discovery challenges bigotry and sexism in a smart and positive way.

Are you me?

Yes, but, how can they still be the same characters if they are different in such a way? And then there is also the issue that,
as with previous
Now, after a year and four series worth of development, the
show has finished filming and will be premiering later this year. The show is called Star Trek Discovery. This is one of many
changes in the Star Trek universe that has gone down with much confusion, but I will attempt to provide you with the best
information and explanations that I can so that you can make your own decisions. In this article I will cover what
we know about Star Trek Discovery, the changes it will make to the continuity of the Star Trek universe and its significance,
what will the show be about and its characters.

T'was me. I am the author of all of /trek/'s misery. I am...

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The dumbest part about VOY is that the showrunners felt they had to set it in a new quadrant, as though the Alpha Quadrant's been spent and there's nothing more to see there. In reality, One quadrant alone would contain far more worlds and species than one single show could ever hope to portray.

Has there ever been a decent Star Trek game? Name fucking one


I was going to list several of them, but the number is actually quite high. As far as the quality of a given game, there are few out there that even come close to the quality of TNG. Star Trek: Elite Force was not too far off, but it was certainly not an entirely accurate portrayal of the show, and certainly no where near as good as TNG.

That brings us to the question. If there has never been a truly excellent Star Trek game, does it follow that it has never been attempted? Or can a game be successful even if it is not great? We can, of course, play games that are fun and enjoyable. But some games are so fun and enjoyable that we want to experience more of the game. In other words, some games are worth doing over and over, while others are not.

In Trek news, say it loud:


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Bridge Commander

I'm so tired and worn out by these futile, destructive wars! Both sides are entrenched in an endless grinding fight to be the supreme faction in /trek/ and nobody's willing to concede even a little bit, to find any sort of middle ground. If we can't find a way out of this deadlock, the entire general, the most well
established general on all of Yea Forums might be lost forever.

>general on all of Yea Forums might be lost forever.
how can we get faster into this