Should Peter bang Miles' mom?

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Makes sense. Vigilantes are already bulls to the cuck cops in cape franchises. Might as well make the analogy more painfully obvious.

how? Don't they live in different realities?

Sure, why not.

Yes. Give Miles a reason to disparage the name.


Peter should destroy every vagina in his general vicinity yes

He should install Gwen too.

But only because Miles is banging Gwen and now MJ

The Amazing Spider-Milf

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oh my god

Not since 2014, no.

>Should Peter bang Miles' mom?

Where's Miles' Dad?

He died on 9/11 next to Pete Davidson's dad.

Well in the original timeline, he bailed on Miles when he found out the truth, after his wife, Miles' mother, was killed. He just straight up abandoned his underaged son. So, as ordained by his creator, he's kind of a shitty dad.

Wait for the retcon where we find out Aaron Davis is really Miles’s dad

Yes, since she's a nurse Peter will be able to get reliable treatment for any injuries he gets on the job and get his ball drained all at one place. Plus what better to handle the unstoppable force of super powered Spider-Cock than the immovable object of fat Latina ass?

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Rio is for Miles.

She's ugly

Rio is for O'Hara.

>"I'm here to bone your Mom, kid!"

you made me smirk

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Make a lil Latino sib for Miles, all for it.

She can even do a bit of modeling if the urge strikes
Even nude files.catbox.moe/xnqdfh.png

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Is there a swimsuit issue of Miles’ comic when his family goes on vacation?

>Actually thought Spider-Rio was a fun little What If? pitch
>It just devolved into what if I-um Peter fucked Rio a whole bunch

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If there is a Spider-Women people will want to see Peter fuck her, it's just how it is.

Spider-Verse only came out in 2019 user

Sounds like you’re just a self inserting loser like all these spider crack shippers are.

They are around the same age canonly.

December 2018

Are they? Miles is like 17 now isn't he?
Pete's like 29 now.

user, you retard--that has nothing to do with what other-user just informed you.

Peter notoriously fucks a lot of women, user. Not everything is "le ebil self-inserter boogeyman!1!"

Rio had Miles at 17, so she’s 34 now.

Honestly the idea of a middle age woman getting spider powers and forms a motherly (and later romantic) relationship with a later teen Peter sounds fun.

Could have did that with Julia Carpenter though.

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Sounds false.

He already did. What do you think is Miles real origin

Yeah but her being Hispanic makes it hotter.

What does?

This basically.

The entire post. Where did you get that information?

Peter being a more experienced hero and teaching Spider-Mami the ropes is a pretty unique dynamic

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He had to get powers somehow...

Honestly a sidekick whose older then the main hero is a fun idea.

Stargirl and STRIPE


But STRIPE still servers as a mentor to Stargirl, despite being a "sidekick", I want to see a situation where a teenage hero is teaching a grown adult how to be a hero.

That was kind of Spiderman in his early years.

Would make more sense for Miles' power origin than his nonexistent 616 origin

Why isn’t Rio being kidnapped as much as Aunt May was in Peter’s original comics?

Hmm. I would prefer Peter, and Kane, and possibly silk in a 4 way. Replace silk with ben if you want to go airtight.

Bitches STILL love spider man.

This is also shocking acceptable.

>He's got radioactive...fluid.

Okay, what about Star Spangled Kid and Stripey, back when Pat was sidekick to another kid

>black artist
Why are they all footfags?

Because it's bad writing

I think you're thinking of a different artist, Frans Mensink is white.


IDK. the way this guy draws her reminds me of the chick from the last kids on earth show

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Why the FUCK would you say that before Star-Spangled Kid and Stripesy--the thing that it's a legacy of???