When will they learn?

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fuck the knights

fug the knihkts

what you wanna fuck the knights? lol fag

gonna play some NHL '20, lads. which teams should play today

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Imagine tanking before you even make a run at the cup.

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I stopped caring about /hoc/ because people just spam the same dumb things over and over and never actually discuss things.

>a game with no good guys
grim but shall

fuck the hockey

don't let the wild bootyblast you on the way out

what would you like to discuss? your concessions?

right in their tight boipussies
are you a knight? if so bend over will ya

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MN tourney stream

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reluctant shall

it's class A quarterfinals today
(small schools)

>better turnout than literally any florida panthers game
don't you people have jobs?

>what are PTO days

get to work wagie

Mankato East vs St Cloud Cathedral 11am
Monticello vs Hermantown 1pm
Hutchinson vs Warroad 6pm
Delano vs Mahtomedi 8pm

I work on the night shift

>reee that they are neets
>reee that they are wagies
mental illness

hockey hair time

>at jokes

ah you were just "pretending" to be retarded

Is it their upper management that causes theirs woes or is it bad luck?

reminder they're the only team to ever outright lose to a backup goalie

they're run by shareholders who only care about money

>bantzing with the minnesota lads
>leaf can't help but interject and sperg out
seek help

yes you already mentioned how you were only pretending to be retarded
no need to repeat yourself

sorry I forgot /hoc/ is super serious business to you losers