*dfb pokal edition*

18:30 Bayer Leverkusen - 1. FC Union Berlin
20:45 Eintracht Frankfurt - Werder Bremen

20:00 SC Paderborn - 1. FC Köln

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First for Sandro Wagner Fussballgott

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Game starts in 30 mins. Our girls want the Revanche.

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i want to be in the team too if you know what i mean. and by that i mean my penis


We are here

statt #imteam wär ich lieber #intim mit denen hehe ^^

Germany - DFB Cup
18:30 Bayer Leverkusen - Union Berlin

forgot the pic boys

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Ich liebe Pokal

>Man Utd target Bellingham set to join Dortmund
>Birmingham wonderkid touted for Bundesliga switch
>Birmingham City midfielder Jude Bellingham is on the verge of signing for Borussia Dortmund - according to Bild.

>The two clubs are in advanced talks over a £30 million ($38m) deal for the 16-year-old, who has enjoyed a superb breakout campaign at St Andrew's.

>Manchester United have also been credited with an interest in Bellingham, but he now looks set for a move to Germany.

ohnonono MANUREbros...

this girl looks like she has 0.0% jewish dna

>2k viewers
totally should be on TV

Kein Ton?
>$38m) deal for the 16-year-old
aki is verrückt

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how about her user? She says she would like you to keep watching streambible.org kek

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Why is Doorsoun playing as an Innenverteidigerin? She is a 10.

Other sources say they just have to pay the Ausbildungsentschädigigung.

Jetzt mit Ton. Nice.


Huth mit der Chance.

I almost forget its Pokal again heute.
Hope for Union

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Leverkusen might show something, their ultras boycotted the Leipzig match

Leverkusen: Hradecky - Tah , S. Bender , Tapsoba - Amiri , Aranguiz , Demirbay , Sinkgraven , Havertz , Bailey - Alario
>Union: Gikiewicz - Friedrich , K. Schlotterbeck , Parensen - Ryerson , Andrich , Prömel , C. Lenz , Ingvartsen , Bülter - Ujah



Delet this pic. It will only lure amerifats into our comfy thread.

When will the boomers unroll their protest banners?

>links thread
>still shits up the /bundes/

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bc he's literally the only one posting in there


Another ez win

>last season: Union sticker in the final
>this season: Union in the final

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Is it true that bayern shareholders protested the color blue on their kits more than having a modern slave state as their sleeve sponsor?

tfw no qt Laura gf

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