This is Nikki Bella. Say something nice about her

This is Nikki Bella. Say something nice about her.

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that is supposed to be a baby bump?

fucking yikes

I barfed.
Pregnant women need to be quarantined in barns.

Pregnant bellies on washboard abs look really unsettling.

Put a shirt on whore, your instathotting days are over.

It is babby

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>Good News: Attention whore slag spends years desperately wanting to get pregnant so she's gonna spend the whole time taking nude pics of her "baby bump"
>Bad News: We're only getting nudes from her while her body goes fun house mirror on her.

Maybe we'll get lucky and get a before and after shot of her tits when the milk triples their size.

>pregnant at 36



>36 year old Bella
>Some random dancing simp
Imagine the IQ

Baby gonna drink silicone

imagine being rich because you're a whore

Queen of strong style

I hope it's a stillborn.

I'm curious how she had her implants put in? We've seen a nip slip and those no scarring around the nipples. And I don't see a scar on her underboobs.


They put them in through the armpit now



Sometimes. I don't know if it's a more expensive procedure, or only works for some implants/types of boobs. But most girls still seem to get the underboob method, followed by the nipples being cut off and reattached.


Any pitfags wanna weigh in here? Does Nikki have breast implant scars in her armpits?

When done well like Nikki's the scar is disguised as just another fold in the armpit and is hardly visible

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