Did he sign a Mark contract?

Did he sign a Mark contract?

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He is The Mark Contract, that's why they call him The Undertaker and people sign their death will on him

This. Being a mark of him is also the ultimate sign of being a mark. And beimg carnied by the wrestling court/respect the business/handshake meme like a chump.

What a fucking ugly cancer this bitch ass cunt is.

>Undertaker still making fags seethe

nice headcanon

I don’t know about all that but Carder is fucking ugly

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Lets see how you look when your 50+

He was definitely on a Mark contract.

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Fucking marks

cry LMAO

He worked Vincetty by flirting with AEW

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He signed with Allah brother

worked LMAO

Kek why ya cryin mark?

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According to who?

I'm just playing with you brother. Mark is a bitch ass ugly motherfucking nigger. Ya ding-dong diddly get me?

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