Built for BBC

Built for BBC

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Only niggers can enter this basic white bitch.

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She's gonna get railed

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I love imagining hard throbbing nigger cock stretching her pussy to its limits.

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You guys STILL do built for BBC threads on here?? Give it a rest, you've been doing them since 2016.
2016 called and wants its thread topic back...

Nikki doesnt like black guys

who is?

Bet she'll love feeling his tip hitting deep in her womb

Oh you know this slut would be screaming in pleasure. Begging the nigger to breed her.

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Nikki woods

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bricked up


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Hope he makes her scream get lungs out

stop posting her in bbc threads she is innocent


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LOL keep telling yourself that. She's a snowbunny and proud.

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no she is pure and only likes white guys

That happens when he goes into her ass.

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Her face and body is really beautiful. Any guy would be lying if they said they wouldn't be turned on at the thought of making her pregnant

Which slut is best built for bbc

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Perfect for a black man

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white shirt, then black shirt

this qt was posted here, and i think she has been blacked

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nice BBC bait body

Get her nearly blackout drunk so need to play and games and then take her to her bedroom. Take off her clothes and suck on her tits and smell her perfume. Wrap my tongue around her pussy and hard as fuck and slide right in her. Keep fucking her deep and making her moan and want more. When I need to cum whisper in ear I'm going fill her up with my cum and then pin her arms behind and pressed deep into her sucking her firm tits as I shoot load after load in her. Leave her there knowing shes filled with my seed. If shes bred shes hot so win win

You think? She 100% has lol

That's so hot. What if she was your step daughter?

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be gentle she doesnt deserve that

Fuckkk why are these threads so sissifying??

I would do anything for my cute girl

Do whatever she wants

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Did they fuck her?

I would!
All i wat is make her happy

They did

What was the pic?

She's still not going to acknowledge your existence but she WILL accept your money and gifts

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No post here

yea but i will never gift her anything
only if she was my gf

More of right?

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Born to Breed

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She would still be hot. Doesn't change anything. In the moment fucking her I would be too horny to think about her being my step daughter. If I need to cum it is what it is. She'd deny it but feel turned on when looking into her eyes and she feels my thick cock fill her with hot seed. Knowing her I'm her step dad and knowing I wanted her so bad that she has my seed deep in her

Stop obsessing over niggers. This is now a thread dedicated to my waifu.

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that bitch is obese. She'd roll over in bed and suffocate you.

She is not remotely obese. She has big tits and a slim waist. Image related.

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That's not even a girl. That's a drawing...

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She's a girl, a monster girl. Better than a coal burning whore.

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That is A bunch of pixels

nice white body

Like I said, better than a coal burning cheating whore. Nice numbers btw.

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This piece of meat

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Does the bride need some bbc?

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gangbang her on the wedding night

Nothing better than a bride taking some fat bbc.

>she wakes up in the hospital
>she immediately becomes aware of a throbbing painful sensation from her groin
>Her head hurts. her throat hurts. she tries to speak but nothing comes out. Her voice is gone.
>as she looks over she sees the IV attached to her arm.. Then it hits her
>Millions of years of her ancestors breeding white babies hadnt prepared her for this experience. To give birth to such a large ape.
>She knows her life will never be the same. Her vagina will never be the same.
>Sensations of pain and regret immediately flood her. Its overwhelming.
>The nurse walks in with her new black baby and congratulates her.
>She begins sobbing.
>"aww you must be so happy" says the nurse
>She lays her head back on the pillow and thinks back to that night with the black bull
>Shes been BLACKED

Thanks for listening to my TED talk.

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Think she's been nigged?

You're all fucking nigger loving faggots.

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yeah those curves are insane

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