My name is julia and my bf’s dog fucks me. posting here so he can read what you think about it. degrade me, ama, w/e...

my name is julia and my bf’s dog fucks me. posting here so he can read what you think about it. degrade me, ama, w/e, i have to finish the thread.

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bad larp is bad

Welcome. Don't post tits or gtfo, enjoy your stay.

NTA but do post tits please

Prove it

First, post feet, 2nd, does your bf know about it?

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he knows, he watches. he’s reading this thread to see what you guys say to me lol

And yet you haven't posted feet or tits as requested? GTFO!

bumping, i have to lol

bad larp but hot dog

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just some stock photo i was told to use.

i do like hotdogs though

at least post a timestamped picture of his sheath

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You seem like a nice girl. I wish you and your BF good luck in the future!

Julia, if I wanted a gf who fucks dogs, and maybe even horses, how would I go about getting one?

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thank you :)

i really don’t know, i don’t know anyone that does this to. my first few times involved a lot of wine lol

Dogs can't read.

thankfully :p

Who's idea was it as first?

my bf’s idea

My gf just told me she's into this "omegaverse" shit, is that her way of telling me she's down to fuck our dog?

How much convincing did it take, or were you on board right away? What convinced you?

So you're raping your boyfriends dog?
That's mean of you.

Your boyfriend has been filming you and is going to black mail you with it at some point.

tits and timestamp please.

Have you and your boyfriend ever considered just fucking killing yourself? Pathetic trailerpark trash.

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Do you tale the knot? Breed of the dog?

Yo footfag, stop feeling comfortable enough to mention your fetish casually, it comes with a valid amount of shame and you should feel that viscerally all of the time.

i was super hesitant for months. after the covid lockdown we started trying different things and branching out. in the middle of sex he brought it up again and I thought fuck it and we got a dog

yeah it’s not actually that hard to. he’s a German shepard

Y'all went out and got a dog specifically to fuck?

for other reasons to lol but that was one

How much do you enjoy it? Does it make you cum alot? I want my gf to do it because i think its sexy af but shes not sure. Any tips?

You're an amazing girlfriend, he's lucky to have you

it’s actually pretty enjoyable. not the humping part but when he swells up that feels awesome. i can come i also rub myself during it.

tips if you do it? arch your back more than you think and shave all your pubes lol

Post tits with timestamp or GTFO

i think so to!

Thank you user. Does he have a big dick? Have you sucked it yet?

How early in the relationship did he tell you about the kink, and how long from then until you tried it?

If I was a woman I would be curious about the knot and I would probably own a German Shepard. Not up my butt though. I’ve thought about penetrating a pitbull before.

it’s about 7.5” which i think is big. i sucker it a few times but he humps my mouth so it’s not that fun to do

we were together for two years. after he asked it was maybe 4 months before it started

Who puts it in? Do you, your boyfriend or does the dog do it itself?

won't a german shepherd get way too protective over you if he gets to drain his nuts in you on a regular basis? has he tried to challenge your boyfriend for mating rights?

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up the butt hurts, not doing it anymore.

What else was crossed off your list that made you feel like a dog was next?

usually the dog but my bf if he needs help

lol he’s not more protective of me and doesn’t “challenge”’my bf. he does try to mount me whenever i am naked though lol

How many times have you done it so far? is it a regular thing for you now?

nothing really was a catalyst for it, just felt like fuck it should try it



ummmm i don’t even know lol. it is usually once or twice a week now, usually just once but sometimes more.

How does the dog's size compare to your bf?

Ask her user. If she get's weird about it just make out you was joking

Whats your build?

my bf is 5”’and the dog is a little over 7.5”

Who fucks you more?

Do you prefer the size of your bf or the dog?

What do you do when you cunt is all full of dog cum? Clean it out or leave it in?

You're the boards gf now

>I’ve thought about penetrating a pitbull before.
This is how people end up eaten by pitbulls user.

i’m 5’4” and 134.

my bf lol

the dogs lol (sorry babe)

At the most primal level, what goes through your mind when the dog is mounting you and proceeds to rail you? Do you get off to it in a self-degrading way or are you more just into the idea of being taken and bred by a horny beast

Would you consider doing a black guy next?

ive done both. if it’s late at night i just wipe up my thighs and go to bed. if we head out I’ll clean better.


Post tits

Plug yourself and keep his cum inside you

usually how warm it feels and how i can prevent him from stabbing my cervix until he’s done humping

Do you sock the dogs feet or do you let him claw you and leave marks down your back and legs?

Does the humiliation factor play into your enjoyment?

no socks. i get some scratches but they’re honestly not that bad.

The best part is I bet his tip is slammed right up against your cervix while he dumps his load into you. How's your bf feel knowing you cum harder on your dog's cock?