Drawthread: Afro Circus Edition

Drawthread: Afro Circus Edition

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I love fujo lee

Mimes > Clowns


Dexter Laboratory says otherwise, and PowerPuff Girls too

I like beans

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I disagree

i tried drawing a soyjak

bad idea

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Very bad idea.

lmfao i love this, this is great

Heh, boobi.

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Now she isn’t flat, nice

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i love her more and am having sex with her as i write this

Yeah I noticed it was a bit fucked so fixed it

Still better than mine

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Soyjak before soyjakdotparty raped him is more fun to look at than NPC stuff because NPC stuff feel gay, but Black Wojaks are the worst because they were literally made as a propaganda.

I request Soyjak as a Venom's host

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I kneel, my lord.

The Pillar Rats

How does this even happen?

i made a new jak but i think this ones worse

The original German term, Rattenkönig, was calqued into English as rat king, and into French as roi des rats. The term was not originally used in reference to actual rats, but for persons who lived off others. Conrad Gesner in Historia animalium (1551–58) stated: "Some would have it that the rat waxes mighty in its old age and is fed by its young: this is called the rat king." Martin Luther stated: "finally, there is the Pope, the king of rats right at the top." Later, the term referred to a king sitting on a throne of knotted tails.[1]

An alternative theory states that the name in French was rouet de rats (or a spinning wheel of rats, the knotted tails being wheel spokes), with the term transforming over time into roi des rats,[1] because formerly French oi was pronounced [we] or similar; nowadays it is pronounced [wa].

>Historically, this phenomenon is particularly associated with Germany.

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forgot pitcher

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i wanna kiss and snuggle with bb

Gay cat

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That was quick, thanks for the colours!

stop being gay


requesting these two kissing sweetly please

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requesting this slut getting fuck

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ok im going crazy trying to get this right. left or right in terms of color

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dude relax, it's not that different. Focus on color harmonies

Left is good.
Right is meh.

Join the hall of glory with me.

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Still Better than what soyjakdotparty does nowadays

he is beautiful

Can you draw POSTAL Dude variant of him?


pass: orange

current board:



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You can’t draw or color

Both look shit, stop coloring

Tai would be upset at this

/r/ lewds of this little boy pls

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requesting him shitting himself


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Requesting the Venezuelan dog girl riding everybody's favorite goth shota's cock while she flips off the viewer
Please include the dog girl saying "¡Jodete jalabolas, no ves que papi me esta preñando!"

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Requesting spread cunnies/invisible penetration. Loli or cub (just no horses please).

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Hey, its Cece the Pedo!

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draw the dog girl NTR



i asked a question i dont know if you saw...

new i have made a bad feels guy

FUCK not again

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why is this so hot

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i like my frens

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I like yo ass.

Doubt it

That’s not hot.
THIS is hot.

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just the idea of a loser girl being a shota slut is hot

Tats gay
My frens wouldn't doubt me, you are not my fren

they're both hot

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Nah man your both wrong.

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ok am sleepy. kindred requester here's a sketch.

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I still don't have access to account..

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>My frens wouldn't doubt me, you are not my fren
Guess I’m not anymore, and you aren’t mine either

Cute goat

goodnight man nice sketch

i see... i hope things are well for you...

now get out

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I knew that was sloppy. Damn missed my chance.

Thanks for the delivery! She looks lovely

>Tats gay

Did I stutter?

Ok you win.

Is tenten requester/lee here?




wakey wakey!~

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Ok so what’s the lore behind this guy?

Lee is lurking yes...
and is conflicted on what to think about people horny posting about fujo lee..

Here I am

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Together at last

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