Ggg/ - Gawr Gura General B edition Number 3

ggg/ - Gawr Gura General B edition Number 3
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She left Joel Daek for Martin Yliperttula.
Martin is He hasn't streamed in 5 months. He last used twitter 5 months ago.
He drives a 1997 Volvo V90. Gura spend 12 days fucking him or so they say.

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oh god not again just let it get pruned
look she just said in this video when I fly but stopped herself saying fly and changed it to anything so proof she did fly out some place.

That's not her.

Prove it.

Nope. Onus is on you to prove it, which you can't.

she was going to say fly, so seem like she did use the money we give her to see Martin Yliperttula in Stockholm like the guy posted, wonder if he give her good dick/

That's me

her family's house.

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were are the photos.

The photos Joel took of me have been deleted. I paid him $20k

The photos you are asking for are out there I have seen them, They will leak tonight.

No they won't, I paid him to delete them. Nice try, chum.

No they are not deleted ether trust me gura, care to share what you did the 12 days? it will scare you if you found out what I really had? I will hold off 20min of posting anything if you can post us an updated photo of you, no it does not have to be nude.
no i'm not joking or bluffing.

I went to your school

share them, i dare you. you'll never catch me. i may not have found a house yet, but you'll never find my new apartment, stinky

Tick tick gura its up to you. He did send them to others just giving you the heads up.

top kek

Its not like you can do anything to me if I do, and I'm not trying to catch you, and yes I will, you think everyone you know and work and some of your family is trust worthy?

Damn I never thought I’d see Dox RP.

pbtpbtpbtpbtpbt don make me laugh there, mister. you are not the king of the seas here. my cat and i are just fine on our own with our millions that my shrimp friends donate to me.

I would love to have you in voice chat when I do, Just the sound of you breaking down knowing that everyone has seen you in that way. I also have some info that you shared about cover the kind that they will toss you out for, wonder if I should email them 1st? then leak the photos?

you don't have Millions last I checked it was $500,000 or less.

No balls you will not doing it, hell if I was you I would hold the cover leak over her head just so you can get her to post the nudes her self.

wrong and wrong bucko imma stream this week and you cant stop me

really just some pathetic shit

That is a good ideal

You know I did record the voice chat's in discord so I have some stuff that cover would fire you for so I think I will send that to them over that, unless you want to post what you have. I also have screen shots of things Ican also send them, cover does not care how big you are and you know it, if I do it you are as good as gone.

Guys she how she is not replying back? she is scared, she knows what I have, Samantha 1 new pic face with tits you do that you keep your job, Try me I will show cover, You know i'm not bluffing

he took them of you? so you did meet the guy in public.

send them here, bucko! im drunkkk i dare you to send them all here ahhahas

15min before I start sending.
It's up to you.
You know what I have

Your not her, if your drunk do it your self.

gura do you really have a kid? its been posted.

you said 20 minutes ago 20 minuts ago an now you say 15 boy oh boy im soooo scared whoop di doo

see guys she is in panic mode right now thinking of what to do.

tell you what post something only gura would know she did not say on stream she did, if you do that then I will hold off a little bit more. and its not been 20min yet. but close.

What kind of weird fucking larp thread is this

2324 Walnut Blvd, Walnut Creek, CA 94597 not your place but you know who's it is

Try me post the new updated pic of your face with titis.

I had to ask you dare him? what can you do he is Anonymous.

No way you just did that shit.

you really are not joking, I just googled that and she is listed, don't know if she is there anymore but the others are. is that her mom?

Is this the only photo of her? Are there any more? Google and yandex shows nothing else.

Only ones that people know of as of now I don't think they have found anymore of her.

its the newest one from 2018 that was used when she did voice acting for a game but the maker of the game died and so did the game.

>meme queen streamer turns out to be BPD-tier narcissist engaging in high school run-on drama
utterly stereotypical

Post the new face pick with tits or I send what I have of cover.

silly goose, im the real gura

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and If found this way to funny good one.

this is actually funny

If I send it, they will not let you stream any this week or next and it would shock me if they keep you on the job, everything you worked hard for gone.

bruh that's not anyone even close to her that's just some random address with a similar last name lmao dude's just doxing random ass people for the lulz now

What's with these threads and why is the same person replying to himself on so many different devices?

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dude you are not kidding it adds up to what you posted in the other thread about her.

okay im done rp'ing you can drop that "you aren't gunnu blah blah blah" took me forever to learn how to make that pic this whole time distracting you

lets say you are right what if he is doing random shit before he really does or he is making her think he does not have anything before he sends.

Shut the fuck up and stop replying to yourself retard

God this is annoying

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so she did fly to EU why did she have to lie.

making her think? how is this guy making her think? this bitch is asleep how would she know what's going on in this thread

im not replying to myself im actually just as retarded as this guy larping as a doxer

we all saw this in the other thread that's not her lel

Yes its not her, but she does have nudes that is going to be leaked by that guy, also I'm Larping as well.

But just a heads up she will not be streaming the rest of this week and most of not all of next week so just letting you know.

How do you know?

If you want to be honest he’s probably just using this larp as a subtle way of doxxbaiting actual info by means of narrowing it down because he’s to retarded to figure the info that’s already out there. Basically he just wants to be spoonfed without admitting he doesn’t know.

i'll believe it when i see it