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Is that a Beretta APX? I plan on buying one soon

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I'm not sure user. I'm not too good with cars lol

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> What do you wanna do?


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yeah I definitely have the coof again

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Didn't you get kicked out

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We tried. And failed.

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there's one thing I hate about being left handed tho
right handed people get all the cool shit
I want this fucking thing in either that red or green, but the only lefty multiscale 8 string like that is the boring as shit black and white one
why fucking bother making a left handed lineup if you're not going to give us the cool colors?

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good shit
couldn't help myself but noodle around to that

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lol yea that's my friend always said too, and I never understood why more manufacturers don't just make both for every model they pump out. I feel like they lose a lot of money that way bc there are def a lot of lefties out there.

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idk either, Schecter has a lot of left handed models in the $400-800 range, but for some reason they just don't bother with any of the expensive ones, just intermediate
I don't want to trade my only left handed guitar in for a right handed one just because I like how it looks but have to go back to being right handed, but whatever
if only I could afford a $3500 Kiesel because the guitar I designed on their website a few times looks fucking sick

I'll play with your noodle

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thats gay!

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but I don't have tiddies like you :P

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This one is really cute

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you like edgy bois huh?

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mmm maybe
speaking of i finally get my meds yesterday

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oh nice, took them long enough, damn
do you feel better today?

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>guitar I designed
that's pretty cool. got a pic of it?

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been pretty hormonal but feeling better ye
i had a bunch of weirdly vivid dreams and i can't tell if i was just having a night like that or if its the new pills

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I'll have to redo it since I guess it didn't save, shouldn't take long

that's good to hear, I'm glad you're feeling better
is that good or bad?
I love having vivid dreams

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it was a really weird mix of stuff, there was 3 distinct separate ones 2 of them was mostly about a friend from highschool with one being weirdly lewd and the last i had to beat someone over the head with a bar cause they were tryign to hit erin or something

it was very weird

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>draw a trannime girl
>paint her skin with silly colors
>give her retarded disney animal face
>stupid paw fetish cringe
>a simple tail
>and impossible digititrade feet

Why are zoophiles like this? lmao it's like your paraphilia's coming from a conveyor belt

Hahaha no, sorry. I thought it was a flat girl :(

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post nut must have hit ya p hard xD

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>post nut must have hit ya p hard xD
Oh yes, I forgot the r*ddit ERP part of it all too.

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lewd dreams are always fun
that does sound weird, but that's better than boring imo

it's still a girl if you can't see their penis

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i don't wanna keep dreaming about eating out a friend i haven't talked to in like 2 years

i guess at least there was one with erin in, i've had a few now and i've never really had dreams with partners in before

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so this is what my guitar would look like, like an arctic night
the burled maple in that color looks like ice, looks sick
it's *only* $3000, not 3500

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Hahaha, fair enough.

Just curious, are you the artist?

Seems like all y'all know eachother here. I just kind of stumbled in.

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and apparently I'm not the only one with that idea because looking up "burled maple guitar" brings up an image from Kiesel's FB with literally the EXACT same setup
props to the motherfucker who spent all that money to do exactly what I wanted, that shit is sick

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better do it irl then :P
I mean I can definitely see how a hormone change would make that happen, it makes sense

nah I just like their art, bats are one of my favorite animals
I've never been able to choose a fursona, but it would either be a sexy tiger girl or a bat boy, so Wolven fits that pretty well
he cute :3

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i won't lie i wish i did years ago but i have erin now, not really something i could do or want to

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oh wait, that's aqua burst
I want night burst, has more purple
but damn, I never would have thought someone would have done something so similar, that is an expensive and beautiful guitar

I know, I'm just playing with you :P
hot dream tho

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it kinda fucks with my head honestly

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in what way?

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i guess theres not much sense in what goes on in dreams but when it brings up stuff like that it just feels so weird, i don't wanna think about being with other people and its more annoying when almost every time its something i haven't actually done so i just get stuck with a want at the back of my mind for a while after
that probably made no sense but idk how to word it properly

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waaow what a beauty ! That is cool af.

uhg I thought I already sent this. heard some thumping in the forest behind my place so I had to go on patrol with ma doggy lel.

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I get what you mean, it feels bad that you're dreaming about someone else when you're in a relationship already, then you start wanting it and it makes you feel worse
but don't feel bad about it, we all have urges and desires, it's okay to dream and think about stuff, it's not like you're cheating on anyone
it might be worth talking about with Erin tho if it makes you feel bad, I doubt she'll mind at all and it might help to talk about it

yeah maybe if I can afford a $3k guitar one day I'll have one like that, but I don't even have a good $1k one yet lol

did you died?

eat my ass gay boy

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Say anything is kind cringe but this is one of their good songs.


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i'm going to see her again tomorrow so i'll have her to distract me from it

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You'd like that, incel

i should have got out like an hour ago reee

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>one day
haha I feel that, I miss being able to buy anything I want. But if things work out for me this next week I'll have my old job back and be able to spend lavishly again.
lol, no dying. The sound of my rifle usually sends em back into the woods when they get too close to my property.

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another good say anything song


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talk with her about it, tell her how you feel
I think openness and honesty is the key to a healthy relationship

I chose to be alone
life's simpler that way, plus I like not spending money

cute girl
I shouldn't like smoker girls as much as I do

best of luck to you!
yeah that'll do it :P