Celeb hips

celeb hips

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Post the ones that remind you of you and your mom.

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I only average about 4 hours a sleep a night on any night to feel rested but pretty much always unfortunately. I'm manic depressive so I'm amped for days and my medicine to level me out keeps me more on the manic side than the depressive side (thank God) but a very chill manic. I'm rambling now but yeah, always

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i'll take a couple more please and thank you
having a little eye snack before i go back to bed hehe
hope you're okay

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yeah im good. ty

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I'm glad you're doing better

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>.< oh fuck

can i ask why you stay awake at night?

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cuz he misses me duh

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I'm sorry but I don't want to post anything person of myself in the threads anymore. thanks for asking though

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Depression and self-resentment.

Can I have lood thoughts about Babs

>I don't want to post anything person of myself in the threads

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I'm glad you're doing better

100% understandable. I just hope you're getting the sleep you need is all.

Back to sleep for me, thank you for the snack!
Sweet dreams, I'll be thinking of you.

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what he meant was its because he misses me. he doesn't post person stuff anymore

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Why? lol

yw. sleep well

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Why are you always bullying him? It's not fair. He's just a sweet boy

Good she always gets me worked up

I'm glad you're doing better even though it seems like you're actually getting worse

Can you post something person?

if you guys want me to read the things you tell me then you have to post pics because I have fappy mode on

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he bullies me if anything lol
dubs checked!

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Stroking harder for her now user feels so good

Post something person

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Why are you pretending to be me?
At least get the filenames right, Northy.

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tell me more

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no, everybody knows that you are a massive faggot

oh anonnnnn keep goin

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At least post Elsa or Sara so I can bust a nut

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Do you have any fond memories of going on picnics with your mom?

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kill yourself

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I wish that was me between those lips

So I can ask your mom myself?

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Can I finish plz

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explode in your fist

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More of her pls

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Troy cloooooosed his eyyyyyes
Only for a moment, and his mom was gone

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fucking love bonnie

who the fuck are these people?

Good afternoon (It's the middle of the night)

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She looks like an ant from Ant's Life the animated movie for kids

Come back later. Troy's having an episode.

what 'celeb' is this?

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You're mixing up two different movies. Also, Troy is a kid. He's a sweet baby boy.

I don't think i am

Happy hannukah (it's May)

Be gone Jew

she really needs to keep that makeup on. yikes

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