Why does Finland want to get invaded by russia?

Why does Finland want to get invaded by russia?


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If the Ukrainian people can hold the Russians the fins will crush them easily

Calm down Ivan, you guys are way too busy losing this war to start another

The Finnish people don't have a military. At least Ukraine was building up theirs for years because they knew what would happen

Russia will probably nuke them then

Russia should be nuked.

Too bad Finland and Sweden just signed a mutual defense pact with the US

No they didn't dumb fuck. Russians should have it easy, they're just incompetent.

Russia doesn't need to invade Finland, only shell some remote target in Finland to fuck up the NATO application process. You can't join when there is conflict on your soil.

>The Finnish people don't have a military
I'm sorry, are you retarded?

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They aren't there to destroy Ukrainians, they're there to liberate ethnic Russians.

>Finnish people don't have a military.
They literally have the largest military in Europe.

That they put there in the first place. Wow.

Probably not in their best interest to start a war on another front given how Ukraine is sucking up their resources. Also, unlike the Ukrainians, Finland has been ready for a war with Russia for decades

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Facts here are that finland is not a target, some of its officials are overstepping their lines, they can get in trouble for that (russia assassinates ambassadors all the time...its basically a meme for them.) That being said finland can be a subbie for nato if it wants to, no one cares because they are small. They don't even exist technically. But do not be an ambassador.

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>liberate ethnic Russians

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>russia assassinates ambassadors
yeah, they are the ONLY nation that does that.

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Oh no it's ghost of kyev

They don't, that's why they are going to join NATO.

>The Finnish people don't have a military
Are you retarded?

Why didn't the Ukraine join Nato? Were they retarded? Or didn't they just not want niggers?

>less than 250,000 soldiers

So basically Australia

Lol good luck being the invading force in either of those countries

Finland is a cucked country. 10% immigrants.

Russia wouldn't have a need to invade that shithole, it would be no use to them. The more likely scenario is Russia will drop a few bombs on them or even a small nuke to prove a point.

They were trying to, that's why Putin attacked (allegedly). The original idea was to have Ukraine be a neutral buffer state, which is why they gave away their nuclear weaponry.

Russia didn't "need" to invade ukraines, but here we are

i "liberate ethnic russians" every time i use the toilet

I thought it'd be a 5 second thing.
>I want to join nato

Billions in aid?

>shell finland
>get shelled back
>now forced to invade to destroy munitions
not that it matters, US and probably UK has already guaranteed they will provide a security pact to finland until the process is finalised

Fortunately, no. You have to apply, they evaluate you, then there's a second round, then you may join under some prerequisites. One such prerequisite is not being in a conflict at that point.

Most of Finland was fine with being outside of NATO until some tactical genious thought it was wise to start losing pointless wars of agression at random.Funny how that works out.

NATO and friends will continue to get bolder and bolder about calling Russia's bluffs. It should be expected. Russia has already proven how weak they are.

That's silly.

>Why does Finland want to get invaded by russia?

lmao, it's more like "why is Russia trying to get every country on the planet to destroy them"


Why don't these poor ethnic Russians just move to Russia if they feel so oppressed in Ukraine?

Because it encourages Russia to attack countries.

I mean, fuck it. At this point, Putin's war dick is looking so limp that why wouldn't you announce that simply to make him look like even more of a faggot?

What? How?

Retrieve all United States aid and comfort from Ukraine. Stop your war at Russia. If you are a regime, and if you supply aid and comfort in Ukraine then you war Russia. If you are a regime, and if you war Russia then you are not justice warriors. If you retrieve all United States aid, and comfort, from Ukraine then you forfeit war at Russia. You are a regime. Forfeit war at Russia. Retrieve all United States aid, and comfort, from Ukraine. If you are not a regime then publicly declare free for all in both law and also order. If you do not publicly declare free for all in both law, and also order, then expect commensurate justice application within the United States. Rebellion.
I may even rebel against United States regime. United States time slip years off committments. Government employees see masses using wrong dates, and government employees cooperate the wrong date. In time slips, jailed, imprisoned, and probationed endure extra punishment and correction. Punished and corrected are not brought back to court for resentencing nor time served reassement. Release jailed, imprisoned, and probationed at America. I am on probation. Respect me. In time slips, millions dollars disappear out of bank deposits and charity donations. Terrors, tragedies, and failures entail United States is regime or else United States lacks credibility in justice. United States is a regime, and United States lacks just war at Russia.
If you continue assuming United States is not a regime then United States must publicly declare both law, and also order, impossible in our too chaotic world. If both law, and also order, are impossible in our too chaotic world then justice requires strength. Russia is obviously, logically, absolved in exclusive question to Eastern Ukraine for joining Russian Federation.

You will never be a chad soldier in the Ukrainian military

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Russia attacked Ukraine for wanting to join nato.
Now Ukraine cannot join nato.
Win for Russia.

Yes. And? The rule makes sure NATO isn't dragged into an offensive war, because it's a defense alliance. If Ukraine had joined directly during conflict, NATO would have had to help, resulting in WW3.

What the fuck?

Nah, Russians would have just pulled out and then we'd have an ally who hated the enemy.

would be over in a month, no country with half a brain would join Russia and US has had anti-ballistic capabilities for decades now, so the only one getting nuked is russia

you dont really understand how international diplomacy works do you user

I'll protect Finland.

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Anti-ballistic sure, but anti-hypersonic?

>what is the carmat 2 missile
>Russia would just stop warmongering if they'd lose
Like the current conflict, hm?

>ethnic russian
no such thing exists anymore, uncle stalin helped a lot

>Why does Finland want to get invaded by russia?
Someone's got to do it, right?
How else can you guarantee the global hegemony of the US, without exposing them as the global bully?

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I don't think anyone's worried about that anymore.

>US has had anti-ballistic capabilities for decades now

That's more for rogue states like North Korea. We don't have nearly enough to stop what Russia could throw at us. MAD is still in effect.

If by "they" you mean Katherine the Great who founded the Russian cities long before any thought of an "Ukraine" as a sovereign nation was even a thing, then, yes: "they" put those Russians there first.

> I'm totally OK with ethnic cleansing, as long as daddy Biden tells me it's OK.

There was no ethnic cleansing you dummy. There was no conflict there at all before Russia invaded Crimea back in 2014. Russia started all of this shit.

>boohoo I have to learn the native language of my country
>cultural integration is GENOCIDE
fuck off back to redit where your kind is welcomed, russia's invasion has proven why multiculturalism will never work when every culture is grounds for a casus belli