Family fap thread / share family members you want to fuck

Family fap thread / share family members you want to fuck

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Kik jong20215

Share your fam members you’ve always wanted to but been too scared to

my younger cousin, been craving her like crazy lately

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Wow I can see why

shes amazing, has always driven me wild, gone in her room to find her panties countless times

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Found on my sisters phone

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holy fuck

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I want to tap my sisters uterus

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Goddamn man

edging so hard for her right now, makes me so hard sharing her

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She's got that same effect on me

strip plz

would dick my cousin down hard

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Sister on the left. I've had so many dirty thoughts about her

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she's a real cutie

Not your sister cause she has no siblings but I fucked a girl that looked just like her. When it was rainy out she would call it "baby making weather". Which was odd considering I know for a fact she didn't want kids and was bi lol.

When we did fuck drunk one time we started with a condom and wound up pulling it off. By the end she started to say cum inside me. Now I don't want kids either but in the heat of the moment and banging a girl as hot as your sister here I just let dice roll and blow a load deep inside her doggystyle lol her tight little pussy literally gripped my dick enough that I could feel thick loads traveling through my dick. Luckily she didn't get pregnant but I'd be lying if I said the thought didn't turn me on.

Oh yeah

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Ever sniffed her panties?

Moar please!

way too cute

Ever made a move on her?

Every chances I get. Always made me cum in secs.

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If i was her brother I would stroke so much to her everyday


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Fucking hot

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You got kik? I'd love to trib her

I mean I pretty much do

oh fuck she's short too

Yeah she's like 5 ft 1

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she's just my type

sure thing
would love to see that. don't have kik but i can make one. whats your kik? also can do discord if thats possible

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Not originally, but she goes to uni there.

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need to knock her up user

Fuck yeah
no Kik sorry.

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Her face is familiar.

disc than?

She way too fucking cute. Bet she squeals like a squirrel.

You must love hugging your aunt


Believe me, I would if I could

I've posted her a few other times

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Yeah... I want to fuck your sister.

Question for you guys with hot sisters. When your sis makes you horny growing up do you feel any guilt about wanting her or no? Is there a limit to the urge for your sis before you cum or does she turn you on enough that you deep down get an urge to leave a huge load in her fertile pussy? Honest question cause I'm sure a few dudes get post nut guilt but when horny how far does the lust go.


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keep on trying user

Her body is amazing. You must constantly think about her pussy dripping with cum

Might have to pay a bit more attention next time I'm in laverys. Wouldn't mind nutting in that

Oh I will

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Is this Nadine K from Queen's University Belfast? I fucked her once, she had the tightest little pussy

Shit really?

Or you could post your disc and I'll add you?

What else do you know about her?

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Not the other guy, but It took me literally 30 seconds to find her Facebook, especially when you post the bar she frequents that posts them on their FB page

jacobanon#5140 just message me on discord my kik is being unresponsive right now i cant open messages

Yeah man we hooked up after a party. First I fingered her and ate her out, she had this little well-trimmed red bush on top of her pussy that made me super hard. She then rode my dick like a champ and made me cum buckets. Inside the condom unfortunately, but still felt great. 9/10 would fuck again.

I want that insta to get nudes

Don't suppose you've got any proof lol?

Lucky fucker, how do I know you're not making this all up?

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Sorry no disc
All of the time. here is a creepshot

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Doesn't she have a sister? Lex or something?


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