Just here to let you all know that weed is for fags and niggers...

Just here to let you all know that weed is for fags and niggers. Stoners are the worst kinds of degenerate because they actively try to push their junkie bullshit onto everyone around them. Your parents are ashamed of you, you smell like shit, and yes you’re addicted. It is addicting. You say there are a myriad of health benefits but you’re wrong, and you ignore all the problems it causes. Fuck you dishonest junkies, and fuck weed

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I think you’re great

i could care less about man's law. they are corrupt and skewed by kikes in order to enslave god fearing men.
>god's law above all else.

All stoners should be crucified as a warning to others

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Way to hyperbolize a single argument.

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Try caring about your fellow man ruining his spirit and mind with drugs. That’s more important than any law you miserable faggot

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There’s no hyperbole about it. It’s very straightforward so even a stoner could understand it.

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How is it Genocide if you do it in moderation? Stop saving dumb pictures. Shit hurt my brain.

>False equivalence
>False dilemma

How is the holocaust a “genocide”? Lol

It's extremely hyperbolic. Classic strawman using the shittiest arguments in the shittiest way with perfect replies.

Did you learn those words from /pol/? Lol stop trying to excuse your criminal bullshit druggie

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the holocaust was done in moderation?

try not caring faggot.

Nah, I think you stoners just can’t take an ounce of criticism

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>Did you learn those words from /pol/?
No I learned about logical fallacies in school, Quentin must have skipped that class

Worst post in this entire thread. Cunts like you make OP right about stoners

Oh wait, forgot I was on Yea Forums for a sec. Good troll OP.

You’ll never amount to half of what I am.
>t. Quentin

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Nigga in the picture OP posted it says "Genocide" right above Hitler and Stalin.

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i'm a fag and a nigger then cuz i'm high as dick

i disagree with clear bait OP but you're also a retard if you think "god's law" is not made by man too

All these stoner v perfect man memes also forget that smoking weed dosent do this to any actual stoner. It does that to newbies and dudes who rip dab 24/7

Kill yourself faggot

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>Edgy teenager and pseudo intellectual who engaged in logical fallacies to tout his superiority

>Ignores that 18 states have weed legalized with more on the way

Agreed. I dont touch that faggot shit anymore. Fucks with my sleep. Alcohol is for niggers. That shit fucks with my sleep too. 2 years i quit both. Instead i just mushrooms and acid and molly. Psychedleics are funny because they cure themselves.

>dudes who rip dab 24/7
So a fast growing segment of potheads empowered by “legalization” great some kikes have made it way easier for you to sedate yourself into retardation legally and you cunts are eating it up. Kill me so I don’t have to listen to you retarded drug apologists anymore.

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Man, either youre really angry or stoned and trolling. Im gonna assume the latter of the two.

Genocide, thievery, rape aren't bad because they're illegal/crimes. They're bad because there are victims (i.e a second party). You can't genocide, steal or rape on a deserted island.

You can smoke weed though. Blaze it 420, faggot.

Nigga it wasn't made by men. We acknowledge certain behaviors as "common sense" to our species. We wrote it down for the slow niggas. It's considered from God because its apart of our natural survival instincts.
>Don't kill members of your species
>Don't shit in the water supply
The list grew naturally as the survival needs increased

>argues on grounds of law
>loses as it is legal

Xxx_Str8Edge_xxX 4lyfe

I bet that’s easier for a cunt like you to swallow, have fun with your drugs and pornography

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>We acknowledge certain behaviors as "common sense" to our species. We wrote it down for the slow niggas

i.e not common sense. Common sense is a myth anyway.

Bullshit, society is the victim of your crime. You make the world a shittier place for children, you hedonist fucks are practically molded by Moloch himself. Kill yourselves

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Well why dont you tell me. Instead of posting these 5 minute memes that carry no real point besides filling the "choose file" option.

I'd say the same about you. Except not a hedonist, fascist/totalitarian/moral/christ fag? But everything else applies.

>Not even high
>mentioning Moloch


The memes were sent to us by God


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You space like an idiot lol. Fuck off my Yea Forums

No u

>We wrote it down for the slow niggas
>Common - occurring, found, or done often; prevalent.

> Common sense is a myth anyway.

I got some bad news. Your one of the slow niggas.

Great comeback weed head

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Then that would imply that there's a common law across cultures, and there isn't. I'm 1 of the slow niggas in your imaginary world. But you're a godfag, so your world is imaginary anyway.

I don't even smoke weed, or drink for that matter. But you're basically calling for violence because you're "offended". Weak ass moralfags all up in here.

>Then that would imply that there's a common law across cultures

Nigga we all piss, shit, eat, and sleep in some capacity. The laws are commonly structured around assuring these functions.

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No I think all stoners should be killed because they’re drug addicts. That’s like a basic fact of life that all drug users should be killed. If you need a drug, you’re too weak. Just look at how easy access to drugs is working for the world

>being anti-genocide, anti-thievery and anti-rape
A fucking tranny globohomo anti-russian shill spotted.

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This is Like those Anti-coomer threads, but a bit dumber because at least those threads mock porn culture.

Both of those shouldn’t be allowed, that’s nigger-tier shit. Fuck your for thinking it’s ok kike

Stones are among the worst kind. When you point out they're addicted after recognising they've been smoking it on a daily basis since they were 13 and that they personality revolves around weed, they become defensive and call you an ignorant.

You seem kinda fucked up about weed man. Is it a personal thing? If you can't handle drugs that's on you problem. I work my job, and my wife on a medical weed habit just fine. I know I'm addicted. I don't care.

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You think drugs are addictive as porn and vidya? Think again! I can't handle three hours without coffee sometimes.

>I know I'm addicted. I don't care.
>t. Stoner
God you’re like a caricature, kill yourself

holols deserve to be genocided, raped and looted. you will never be a woman

Nah sounds like you got a chip on your shoulder and want an excuse to chimp out. A genocide should at least be impersonal since it’s about the greater good

Weed will be legal in all but the shittest fly-over states and there is nothing you can do to stop it.
Magic mushrooms caused proto-humans to evolve into humans.
Seethe, faggot.

I smoked every day for about 8 years. You don't have to go to rehab for weed. You just lose your appetite for a couple of days and feel more bored. The boredom makes you want to smoke.

tldr; Don't smoke if you have things to do. Smoke if you don't have things to do. gif related

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I like that this implies poverty is a mental health issue

So you’re saying they rape is ok in moderation?

>harmless crimes are like violent crimes
This was written with retarded boomer hands.

Sorry the modern day has turned you into an amoral loser

>So you’re saying they rape is ok in moderation?
I can't control everyone's personal behavior and I have no lawful authority over anyone. If you want to be a career rapist, then the cops will look for you and put you in prison. I'm going to legally get high in my state and play Xbox either way.

>I'm going to legally get high in my state and play Xbox either way.
Please end your life dude. People like you belong dead. You’re never really alive

Why? Because of your dumb ideas about me? I really feel bad for the amount of hate in your stupid little heart. I work. I contribute to society. And I'm gonna keep smoking weed. If that angers you then again, you have a problem with drugs, not me.

Nope, seethe, bitch. SEETHE.

> People like you belong dead. You’re never really alive

Nigga you need money for weed and Xbox. You literally are burning the weed and the Xbox needs energy, subscription service, and internet. It's not a poor nigga activity.

idk about you OP, but I smoke weed every night after work. i make roughly 2 million bucks a year.

stay mad.

>stealing in moderation
As long as it's under 900

>t. Stoners and their many maladaptive coping mechanisms
Not a single one of you is worth anything. Your job won’t protect you. You bring society down and one day there will be a reckoning.

Death is the only thing worth worshipping these days

I make $6 million a year retard. Post proof of your $2 million pittance that doesn’t exist

Your troll game is weak. This isn't my first time on Yea Forums, and you went with a long winded KYS.

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