/ggg/ - Gawr Gura General B edition Number 2

/ggg/ - Gawr Gura General B edition Number 2
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She left Joel Daek for Martin Yliperttula.
Martin is He hasn't streamed in 5 months. He last used twitter 5 months ago.
He drives a 1997 Volvo V90. Gura spend 12 days fucking him or so they say.

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Gura from 2018 if you have anything newer post it.

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>or so they say
The voices in your head?

Is this just the same info from the last one? just a lot of shit posting and here say.

>coal burning ewhore with a avatar

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any real info on the kind of person she is IRL? someone can give us something new at the most.

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No one is going to post anything since they did not have it to start with.

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To be completely fair, she could still be with Jay AKA Joel.
If they really broke up, then I don't understand why she added him to her Switch's friends list considering she got her Switch after she joined Hololive.
It's also weird he hasn't streamed since the ring fit incident happened. She may of very well have visited him and not the Swede during her break, but I'm sure she visited someone.

Amelia Watson getting dicked by her ex boyfriend 24/7 is worse

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Not her but someone posted it and it was funny since the girl kind looks like her, also how does her familys house help us here? we want to know privet info like what she does off stream were did she go the 12 days what other photos are out there or someone has privet they can post.

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what proof though? that is what I don't understand just someone thinks she did is all.

>buys over $250 worth of makeup.
>says she wants to finally learn how to use it correctly
>disappears for 2 weaks "house hunting" while not even making a single member's post.
>"nothing happened" and I don't want to talk about it.

Theres no way she spent 12 entire days doing nothing but house hunting. If you know her at all, you'd understand how bored and unbearable that would be for her.
She went somewhere. Possibly traveled.

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this has nothing to do with this

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Kek I learned something new today.

How do you know they're still together? She's even moved several times recently.

she did travel she told us in the members stream she would be staying at a hotal, but that is it, nothing new just people saying they think she did this and bringing up past people she did online gaming with.

oh nyo did the indian shitmonkey poo on his hands again

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Sorry, I meant travel internationally. I was there for the member's stream.

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No proof besides people thinks she did and thinking someone did something does not make it so. There is no real proof and if there was people are to scared to post it. she must be a demon in real life lmfao

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So the guy posting in guras live chat was full of shit? no real info and she did not do anything the 12 days she was off.

As is usually the case with people like that, yes. The only thing he's right about is that she knows Barbie, but that's ancient info and not really a secret.

yes, as full of shit as an indian residential street

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Yep ancient info nothing new, new stuff would be is she fat or not? is she flat chested, is her name Samantha Howard 24 years old from California San Fracisco bay area

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Stop we don't care about you people and gura don't like you ether.

The last part about her name and state and city are true since she talks about Taco bell drone delivery and that is the only place that can get taco bell drone delivery.

There is no fucking proof of where she was you stupid pajeet chink and all you faggots on /ggg/.
But if you think she was telling the truth about being gone for 12 days and couldn't even bother to make a single member's post, then you are a shit-eating retard.
Seriously. It doesn't take someone 12 fucking days to go "house hunting". She said that "nothing" happened and there were no stories to tell. Over 12 fucking days? Are you kidding me? I'm a fucking autist that spends most of my day in my room and even I have stories to tell after 12 days.
She's lying through her fucking teeth and if you can't see that, then you're beyond hope. You will always be used by others and never find happiness.

indians shit in the middle of the street, wipe the shit with their bare hands, don't wash their hands, and then eat with their shit-covered hands. this is why indians reek of shit.

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She fucks niggers
I hope someone burns it down or robs it

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>considering she got her Switch after she joined Hololive
But she told us she played animal crossing when it came out. You can also find a tweet from Senzawa where she says that she's playing Taiko no Tatsujin. You don't make any sense.

this is so boring, this bitch is boring, like all the hololive bitches except the nigger and the german whore

We have no idea if she's even ever met any of the people she's dated online.
For all we know she could still be a virgin, though that's probably unlikely.

we are asking for proof on what she really did, Did she spend time with her kid? did she spend 12 full days having sex or did she go to another Country? did she need 12 days to masturbate non stop? I don't think she spend 12 days fucking someone non stop but something did go on and She is anti vax so no way she left the USA right?

that was not only on the switch dude and that come out way before it did on switch.

indians are literally subhuman. they are incapable of civilization.

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>except the second and third most boring

you're fuming since you don't have good shit on her even here where you can post whatever you want, she's not "house hunting" because she already lives rent free in your head. Give it a rest user.

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Nope but she did do something in the 12 days so there is something that has gone on and I think we should really be told because she is not telling the truth, Hell if she would just post it here people would think it was shit posting so nothing would have to be told on stream.

no one has shit on her besides the photos from 2018 and before.

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How do you even know she's anti vax?

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what? the german whore has a video of her cosplaying Asuka and getting humped by a fat ugly bastard and the other one is an alcoholic retard. They are by fat the only ones entertaining

she hented at it in stream and all that, and belives in all kinds of government cover ups.

The voices in his head told him so.

Are you suggesting she changed her username from senz to Gura on her switch?
Because she either got a new one to stream with when she joined Hololive or she deleted/renamed her old account to Gura.
Her old account didn't show up whenever she tried to enter a game.

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You do know she could've spent a week looking for houses and then decided to just chill a few extra days.
If she wanted an actual break she would've just taken one.


>with her kid
What the fuck are you talking about?
You're mixing her up for ironmouse again.

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