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How do you do my fellow zoophiles?

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lol xD

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Anyone else still playin infinite?

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never played it and never will because it's fucking garbage
one of the biggest failures of the game industry I have ever seen

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you mean fortnight?

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You haven't seen much then

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Elden Ring game of the fucking decade
git gud scrublords

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Ok weeb

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Fuck jannies

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you're right, I haven't because I don't play games
but for what was obviously and enormous budget, jesus christ it hurts
I was a huge Halo fanboy growing up

I only use magic and big dick weapons
I eat Moonveil users for breakfast, and rain stars of death upon Rivers of Blood losers- I mean users
katanas are fucking gay

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i used to be good
i cant get inspired these days

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That game fag

Are u a true zoo

DOT recommend a dog...

Dog killer and rapist Dash

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Damn, that's a lot of weeb talk champ


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I bought a $10,000 gaming PC to play msdos games

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god I fucking love suffering
and the greatest reward is shitting on scrubs with their fucking weeb swords with my ungodly frost battlemage build from hell
never seen anyone else do something like mine and holy shit is it disgusting, just thinking about it makes me want to wreck noobs who think katanas are cool

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How can you fap to that borderline feral shit nigga go jerk off at a zoo or somethin bruh

taste. 10/10

rope schizo before I post trans rights miss dixie

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>tfw no 8' wolf husbando who's dumb as shit but gives the best dick
why live

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Why are gae

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/gfur/ is this way, homo

I'm very bored
also sleep deprived

no fuk u

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ay bro I no ur parents h8 u but dis be da wrong thread mang


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>taste. 10/10
Danke>Are u a true zoo
No. I did put peanut butter on my dick once though. Emphasis on once. Rip pup, she was a good one
Fiesta fight is good fun user. Infinite multiplayer is better than reaches, or rather it would be if it had all the modes and maps that reach had.

Im about finished withchu

this way bro

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Get a guy to deep dick you to sleep

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i will FUCK you

well I thought about using my BD toy but it's too late
so I'm gonna do that tomorrow instead

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I'm not the gay nigger, retard.

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suck my DICK

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still not tired yet? :P

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Leave fagit. Or stay. Just don't post dicks

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ayeee ima save dees

u wanna throw down mang?? ima put yo doglovin ass in the ground u feel mee

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so tired that my only choice is shitposting to keep me awake until I can get to bed at a time that I'll sleep more than 2 hours

okay sorry

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Do it, cube. Beat his honkey ass

unless you got a fucking dragon my retard bf will chew you up

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I tink you need someone to forcecuddle you to sleep :3

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I do actually

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go put somthin up yo butt then u crazy foo

go straight we get 3 holes while u homos onli get 2 LOL! #homosexualityisadowngrade

im getting my brothas in here he ain't lastin long on r turf

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Anyone still playin MCC?

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sometimes it's all you need :3

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don't tell me what to do fag
I'll do it tomorrow

no play Elden Ring you scrub

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i am

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good night E man

gooooooonighty! :3

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someon1 gonna put u in the dirt bro foreel

might be tommorow or when you go shoppin at superstore

ima put a bomb in yo mixed veggies

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sleep tite

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my bf will bend you over and FUCK you

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i mean frost magic spells

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Big gay

ayy dat from elden rang

u a scuffed lookin wolf dick mofo aren't u

u proll got raped by a pitbull growin up now u want a taste fomore, when I see u ima let chompy off da chain and u can go ahead and indulge .... I ain't stichin u up after

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