Waifu pain

Waifu pain

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She's mine, hands off.

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*grabs her by the cunny*

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raccoon gf

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Didn't hold down B

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Damn and I thought that was just a myth

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Bros what's the punishment for having more than one waifu



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game freak pushing blatant lies. they are trying to control the masses. Holding B works, Mew is under the truck, a kid died listening to lavender town.
"verification not required"

still cute?

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If waifu is in pain it is our holiest sworn duty to comfort her and share her burden. How do (You) comfort your waifu?
Cock and ball torture

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Waifu spain

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waifu smug

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but the i is silent

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No, the A is.

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Are we in pain bois?

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Real pain hours
Scream in agony on that like button if you awake

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I remember talking to a fucked up pedophilic tulpamancer with a chara waifu. Is that you, schizo user?

I sleep
>gotta piss

This conversation shall not be productive.

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No, but I could make you be in pain

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Oops you gave him attention
Shouldn'ta done that

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Nah it's just trolling, it's not a real conversation.

Did I stutter? It was a text post, so I don't recall stuttering.

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Yes lol

Don't worry, I grew out of my SJW phase. I read koomer's story recently and I wonder if you think you'll grow out of it eventually

Ah yes I see that you said "SJW" and "grow out of it".
I am sure to emotionally react.
Tell me more.

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He's a celebrity here too? I know him from from consuming entire threads on /vg/ years back

Mom I did it again.

If you want to be.

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He's not a celebrity. Everyone here ignores him

Mooom get the camera
D-d-d-dang you c-c-caught me
Lol he was on vg years ago? That's news. We don't have celebrities here user, we have lolcows.

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Which is fine by me. Keeps things civil.

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>We don't have celebrities here user, we have lolcows.
Yeah pretty much.

post other cat


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thank you

I don't think it's up to me

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No problem pinky

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Ouch, that's not so good.

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rate and hate

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Who is this cute little lesbian and how tight is her pussy?

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you again

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got a number one victory royale


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Is she drinking a banana juice box?

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Excellent taste, you picked your waifu well.

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I got a number one best wife.

Juice box sipping.

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tupakan palovammoja

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Ah shit here we go again.

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no u


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