Hunger Games Thread

Hunger Games Thread

First 24, no samefags until asked

The code is Medieval

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>also forgot to say GG Loona & TFH JC

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Carl Brutananadilewski

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Powering down Emmy

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Roxy Glamcock

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>dubs and you skip him

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Nutella Girl

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Loony Glamcock

Especially cuz you're on it~

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Shusty Rackleford

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Sword Kirby

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Dr Detroit

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Donald Trump

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Sure sure.


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Samsung Sam

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Nice 8head.

Alberto Barbosa

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Super Stalin

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4 sames please


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Nico Robin

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>frisk same

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>captcha exceptions

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Hand Banana

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It seems we all had the same issue.

My mood

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It's been doing that a lot lately, i've noticed

Oh, fuck, Yea Forums has been acting up a lot lately
>Sam/Homu poster


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So did Yea Forums die for a moment there or was that just me?

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Nah man it was all of us

Captcha shit the bed

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New moot is a fucking tard. Not you. We good. Until we die.

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looks good

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We're in for a long game so lets get started.

god damn it moot

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Let's get Loony and Roxy!

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Captcha fuckery site-wide

>We're in for a long game

Doesn't die in the BB. Am I actually sad about this?

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Shusty tries to kill a child. You monster.
Cmon Nut, what did the horse do?
The pink menace eliminates the red menace.
Jesus says NO to boobs.
Okay Emmy, settle down.
Oh god 3 horny events make it stop
Fae is lost in Narnia.

How much does a Loony and Roxy cost?
Feel free to go to bed at anytime,
good screenshot man

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the titans attacked. I have nothing of value to add.

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Based JC for eliminating the worst GET of the year

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Homu noooooo!

I do wish I had my own halberd. That would be hilarious.

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I can't read this slide but I'm assuming Elvina killed Roxy
More like I beat her to death with a bat :3

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I do you a favor and you say this?


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Loona doesn't stand a chance against a hardened veteran such as him.
Carl isn't afraid of anything. Except maybe dogs.
Detroit has some eagle eyes.
Emmy can't kill a kid. I think.
Shusty the merciless claims another life.
Sam needs to buy the fancy new Google Glasses.
A bit out of character for Kirby but whatever.

uhhhh yeah man "titans"
it could have been so good....
homu yessss
Yes thats exactly what happened
I just don't want you staying up super late just because of my silly little game

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I agree. I don't kill rabbits unless they attack me first.

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Oh shit plot twist

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Carl actually says the word "libcuck" in this video and it feels really weird to me.

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What, like with his flipper?

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How can I go to sleep when all these assholes are outside my house? Make up your mind.

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This guy is afraid of women.
Is Fae smart or paranoid? You decide.
Shusty looks for more souls to reap.
JC...come it....
Carl shoots at the shadow people. Take your pills man.
Loona gives no fucks anymore.

Sure sure
eren yeager was actually circumcised the whole time
Carl has been on /pol/ it seems
Guess we gotta kill them all!

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Aren't you satisfied?

I hate this so much.

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Reiner was the one who impregnated Historia.
No. I only get aroused by 3 women here.

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You can do it, hon~

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Dr. Detroit worked for Elvina, clearly
With you I can do anything~

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Of course fire wouldn't kill me. I have a sword.

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A bunch of grown men break down an innocent girl's Barbie house.
Floch just go nude. Do NOT post the abs pic
Loona swears her allegiance to the Apple overlords.
Good guy Elvina.
Bad guy Nutella.
The ugly Kirby.

He won't get away next time!
good fanfiction, keep it up. add more tentacles
Shes next....

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I don't like pizza