/cel/ - Paris Hilton Hasn't Been Relevant In Over A Decade Edition

/cel/ - Paris Hilton Hasn't Been Relevant In Over A Decade Edition

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favorite color?

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Still delivered a decidedly mediocre blowjob made much hotter because she was inexplicably better than most of her other famous colleagues caught sucking.

It's beddybye time for me. Keep the Anya love flowing, Yea Forumsrother.

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Thank you for your service.

You too. I like the dog.

Work soon, but sure.
Sleep well!

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black or white

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I like white... black not too into for some reason

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quién es mas macho? chaddy is más macho!

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¡Claro que si! Grande con su culo

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I wish she was blue all the time

que? moyo Como?

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So desperate to cum right now..but it feels so good to be denied at the same time >.

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Billie certainly strikes me as a cleavy cagemistress

Denying myself for her feels incredible

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The weak should fear the strong

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¿Te gustan los culos de las mujeres? O de los hombres?

Fuck my life would be so good if I was locked up for her ;-;
Exactly. She deserves so much cum but I don't know if I deserve to be one of the lucky ones to give it to her..
I am so weak ;-;

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las niñas. por que? jaja

stop typing like a faggot.

Does anyone have GOOD Sophia Bush??

You first

She makes me weak like no one else

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no we dont have sophia bush but there are plenty of vaginas on the internet so dont beg

¿Niñas que tienen dieciocho años? Espero...

Keep going

ugly ass bitch. she's mentally retarded, yknow. she has tourette's. what a subhuman.

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I don't think there's a single thing on earth I wouldn't do for her

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I met her. but she's only become more banging as she's aged. she's a Victoria Justice type anomaly. btw I need more Nicki from this red carpet

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No. In fact I don't think I've ever seen her posted here.

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>no u xD
go back to nigger

100% I feel the same way. Just so weak for her

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you have never met her. stop larping like youre a 12 year old girl who just saw jared leto on the street.

Oh my God.

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I wish she knew how hard I simp for her. Even just being called a pathetic pervert by her would make my year tbh

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lol con tu trasero de habla espanola 2. dieciseis anons o más soy bueno con. ¿Por que te importa?
that's not gonna work chief

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Oh god yes! Just her acknowledging me would be amazing.

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cope kate

I think I would cum in my pants on the spot tbh

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I definitely would. Just seeing her would make me cum instantly

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Fuck, I'm about to spurt just thinking about her

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Me too! One pic and I start leaking so much for her

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Do you think Billie would let us cum or should we be denied

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I hope she would deny us

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Me too..I'm so desperate to cum right now but the thought of being denied by her, ironically, makes me so much hornier

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