Ylyl thread let's go

Ylyl thread let's go

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Super edgy faggot

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such monker

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This thread sucks. I'm gonna dump lets fucking go.

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Just a heads up, I save all of these when I'm high, so I have no idea if they will be funny.

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The fabled moose knuckle.

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How about you just don't

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Please tell me this isn't a joke

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>making up a fake bunch of facebook bullshit when the original picture tells a half dozen hilarious stories all at once

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Never bothered to look into it, but I can still assure you it's fake.

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kids wanking to goat bussy don't have time or energy to shoot anyone
checkmate gopfags

Calm down tranny, I didn't make any of these.

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Upvote, but since I don't know what MLG stands for, can I just have a raise and/or promotion?

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>1.44 MB image too small to view

Fuck the image size limit

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prune your collection for quality
have some pride in your image dumping

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This ain’t even funny if true

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haha + you dont have to prune shit these are good

>I posted it another thread, mom

I'm not opposed to that, but what exactly is your contention? Were those posts completely faked?

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