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reddit.com/r/Salvia/comments/ub01fk/these_tiktok_filters_keep_getting_it_pretty_damn/ - I was on floor staring at ceiling, with... this happening.

homosex must be banned

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Cool, closest I was to something like that is when I took some shrooms I grew but only stuff like that happened when I closed my eyes and tried to make it happen
saw it last thread faggot
I'm sorry you're addicted to gay sex

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hah I made yuken straight B)

>usually I'm purple on my laptop
ive never seen you on desktop then

it went good she looks ver nice now

that looks nothing like my experiences and i got to the drooling phase. they were weird af

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I ain't addicted to it!
I've only done super duper small amounts. It's probably way different at strong extract amount.

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But you really enjoy buttstuff~

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who said that?

All the comments about our last time saying shit like (and I'm paraphrasing) "It felt so good imagine how great it would feel if I didn't cum three times that day"

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thanks for explaining!


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wow, faggot. I do think that 100% sober I'll turn into a drooling moaning mess, let alone when not.

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You already kinda did...
I didn't notice any drool but you were not aware of things that went on. I might try and test what I can get away with next time

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pfft no I did not.

that character looks autistic and the artist does too

you can make your own extract, just find whatever solvent is used and reduce into less plant material

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How many times did I check on you then?
so mean

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Salvinorin A is a pain in the fucking ass to work with. One of the worst substances in general.

at least 4 times I recall.

Now, how many did you respond to?

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1 that I recall.

Damn, I don't think you can call your memory that bad anymore

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they got *the look* you know what i mean too

ood nvm then


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it's terrible.

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The just look very submissive
And you just recalled something that has not been brought up that often that wasn't something major
congrats you don't have a bad memory

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It seems like I can just use acetone or ethanol or methanol. Put my leaf in acetone and cover for a few days, then uncover, filter, and dry onto a carrier leaf or more salvia.
I totally do.

Your moans as you play with your butt.

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Nope, now what's the maximum times I kissed you on the lips in a short time period? Before you put your arm on your face to stop me

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no fuckin clue dummy.


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I think it was 3 at one point

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>The just look very submissive
oh no... if you cant see it... that means youre one of them :(

just dry onto more salvia. maybe do a couple washings :). how much do you have to work with

no boop backs!

i remember that gif from a while back someone liked posting it a lot

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Not a whole lot, but enough for at least 1 small batch.

They do look awkward I can see that but think it's just supposed to be submissive. And I'd rather think that than they look autistic

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pic related is submissive without autism
this is autism with submissive on the side
dooo eeeet

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huh, thats cool! and yes boops back!

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It's his first day at work, please be patient

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There's no info on solubility between these solvents, just that... they work as solvents for salvinorin a! Annoying, can't pick the most efficient one.
gonna just use acetone probably, since I've got it available. acetone bath, bring to a simmer, cover, mix & filter, repeat a few times. then put onto a carrier and in a dehydrator.

Whats furmeets? Im not a total faggot and dont have a fur suit or anything like that, i just find g/fur arousing and would love to meet some people who also find the same. Ive been looking at g/fur for a couple years but am so introverted i dont even know where to start. I may look kinda tough and manly on the outside but im a big softie inside, i come from a place where being gay or bi gets you outcast and could even impeed on my job.

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also, damn, now thats a gif!

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my cats are fighting like hell

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this GIF is goals. minus the in public part. except in private at a park, I'd totallyl do that.

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oof, never good
How's you besides that?
You got a lot of goals but don't think we could shake some bookshelves like they're doing

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I like the funny noises they make.

Im mad, im waiting for someone to bring weed, so I feel slightly less mad

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any one have the 'horse hour' (or something like that) comic? cant seem to find it anymore

comic dump tax inc

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thats a very fuggable and snuggable shark you just posted

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flynn ye have a substance problem.
I mean granted pot calling the kettle black.

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he forgot my bbq suace grrrrrrrrrr dum floof

i wouldnt use heat, just give more time
id also vent to atmosphere somewhere safe

yeah i like it a lot :)

yeah as long as you dont get smooshed by book shelf

oh fuck yeah post this little slut

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:3 yuss
I liek his juicy booty

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Ya, they can make some funny sounds
Hope it's not too bad
Least you notice it :)
Don't get him in trouble by talking to the manager, he's a nice boi

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yar, not venting solvents indoors! well technically it will be indoors, but in an unused ventilated garage.
I also have zero intent to change said substances at this point in time, whether that's a negative or not!

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you right I cant control myself, gotta smoke weed everyday, or else I feel like ill drop dead.

yeh they sisters from different mothers, they love each other, the older one gets carried away when playing and thus the fights

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pic related approximately 30 seconds after waz arrives in my town
starting to feel the same.

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y de todas las personas es yuken quiƩn me lo dice

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Post your butt.

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grrrr fine

godspeed. enjoy salvia weirdness. i also got a paradoxical kind of afterglow the day after salvia

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Damn, lets hope it doesn't become a negative then
I don't think it's physically possible for that to happen in 30 seconds
Also would you want me to help so it doesn't get to that point while I'm there?
I mean even if we tell you there's not much else we can do for you

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boy butts are gay snarf, you aren't gay are you?
let's get HPPD boooois

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:b sorry snarfy

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another happy landing
forgot to mention that >pic
looks like a school shooter

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Pretty much what I looked liked in highschool minus the hat

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>didnt press enter to greentext
>day ruined

narh probably not. too much effort required.

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i got the snow and slight burn in

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