Joe Biden can now label you a domestic terrorist for spreading disinformation

Joe Biden can now label you a domestic terrorist for spreading disinformation.

As a domestic terrorist, you will lose all of your civil rights and liberties.

The government will make you disappear for wrongthink.

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So don't spread disinformation? What's the issue

who gets to determine what that is? What's to stop a lying narrative from being pushed from the government as truth, and then them forcing you to believe it?

I dont care. Its not the real America anymore.

Like drumpf's bullshit?

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Ironically this post is disinformation.

1930s German level insanity here

….and you have proof from where?

he won't be doing anything. he doesn't know what year it is.

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Deflection skill raised.

You deserve it

Have you Herd the word?

Imagine Trump as the head of DHS wielding this

Are you talking about the Patriot Act? Because you don't know beans about where that authority came from and how much it was misused 20 years ago.

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imagine Trump not stumbling up a gentle ramp or trying to drink a glass of water
>u monster!

> complain about "fake news"
> complain when the government does something about it.

Make your mind up rightoids

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Fuck Joe Biden and don't let him find where you live

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Ok, pretty gay desu

Biden will go down in history as the worst president of all time. But really it isn't his fault completely. He has a degenerative mental disease.

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Good. Cant wait to report somedrumpftards

He won't even go down as the worst president in the last 5 years

you have been reported for disinformation party van inbound

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desu desu user-kun

Right, all time instead. Like his polls.



Typical Byden degeneracy. AGAIN.
Fucking traitors.

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left cant meme

nah Trump is a total faggot already
dipshits like you wail and gnash your teeth but Trump is so far the worst in all time

Cuckservatives lack all sense of self-awareness. They can only parrot back whatever Faux News tells them to be outraged about this week.

The right can't govern

>right, all time instead
If you're the worst president of all time, you're also the worst president in the last 5 years. Brainlet lol.

Nah, Biden worst demnted president of the old age home

Memeing is more important.

nah, all time failure

>no argument

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>NPC dialog

it doesn't matter if it's fake... which is what most news is this day. everyone in this country has the right to push whatever narrative they want to. starting an agency that prohibits that is an extremely dangerous thing and it's in contempt of our very first amendment. hate speech is free speech user, in fact it's what the first amendment was fucking drafted for. you can say whatever you want, no one gets to tell you can't. that's the end of it. there's no ifs, ands or in betweens. the end.

>>no argument

>can't into set theory and ordinals

Esl? Lol

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sounds like you'd run afoul of our anti-crackhead laws

??? Did you vote for trump?

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literally what

settle down shortfat

shhh just open your butthole bb

Nah, that's in China

can't meme



Biden can't even speak publicly and they have to shuffle him out of rooms when it becomes obvious and you think he can govern? Really?

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>being this retarded
Careful user, you might forget to breathe

that's none of your business. it's what's constitutionally correct. it's why we have the constitution. it's why we have this country. who I voted for has absolutely nothing to do with this conversation.

seethe and cope per usual

Nah. Go fuck yourself. Rights correlate to responsibilities. Cry moar

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literally chicken butt

why did he start the war?

He hasn't tried to violently overthrow the goverment over fake conspiracy allegations, so

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I am going to seethe against your anal rim and cope the lining of your rectal orifice with my benis
and you will praise me as your new god

>Disinformation illegal
>FedGov and MSM lie like a motherfucker.
>Report FedGov and MSM to police and also FedGov.
>Government arrests self for being terrorist

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Not that user, not a trump voter, not a republican. Hate speech laws are faggotry and ministries of truth are for third world dictatorships.

To watch Russian conscripts die in Ukrainian ditches. Lol

it's in the constitution, sorry chief. ministry of truth will be shut down by the Supreme Court. mark these words broseph

The head of the disinformation board constantly pushed fake news. She still says Hunter Bidens laptop is Russian disinformation.
I guess she should lock herself up too then.

It does

because trump called shit fake news all the time, said news stations should be shut down who lie about him, and constantly told his supporters to troll, abuse, and harrass anyone who wrote against him

Just checking if youre a huge fucking garbage hypocrite like most other trumpies, guessing thats yes

>I know, I'll post the woja-ACK

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>hate speech is free speech user
I'm fine with less free speech then.

America is practically a third world country. They can't even into democracy anymore.

Derp... take a look at the twitter post. They are admitting that there was no widespread voter fraud in Georgia.

>local police: That fucking stupid nigger is calling again
>give em to Jonesy that boot doesn't know how much this faggot sucks
>The End

I don't click on tweets made by propaganda organizations, sorry

Voted for Bido and I have to admit, the old fuck is horrible.

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the constitution is above Trump. it's above all of us. it doesn't matter what he or anyone else said or even alluded to. the first amendment protects all speech. every bit of it it. fake, real, schizo talk, gobbledy goop, whatever. it doesn't fucking matter. it's what makes this country so goddamn great. it absolutely does not matter who I have ever voted for. constitution was signed into affect August 2nd 1776 and it shall be there until the end.

The USA is undoubtedly worse with Biden than with Trump

They should ban Twitter first. Then TikTok and Facebook

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sperging out about trump in a biden thread
lol fucking autists

that's a violation and inherently un-American. sorry to have to tell you this brother. try Canada or Germany maybe

Nah. It's not. Keep trying

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Neither did the last guy. You give him too much credit. It's cringey how much some people want politicians to feel safe anyway. It's really not in your best interest to give into political pressure, but Jesus Christ dude. Stay away from a voting booth if you really think any of that affected your life more than any of this.

this, without question
Biden is just a spineless weakling

Nobody cares what foreigners think, regardless of political affiliation

He's not even the real Trump anyhow. Everyone got bullshitted by the MSM and the jews

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The constitution is amendable, and you're forgetting things like death threats or leaking government secrets has long been outlawed. American culture sucks, I'd gladly trade less of our trash media for a more european model.

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>political pressure

??? My brother in christ, the insurrection was televised, don't gaslight me

America is a third world country

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>high inflation
>new war with russia
>no increase to minimum wage
>no medicare for all
>no $2000 checks
>controlling what you think and say
>literally senile

As long as you're happy I guess...

Reality does. Just tell the truth instead of spreading bullshit. Its easy bro

Oh wow, the TDS is still alive and well.
>If you don't tow the censorship line, you must be one of "them"

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Spoken like someone who doesn't pay bills and still lives with their parents.

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>high inflation
>no $2000 checks


Now show AIDS per capita

Inciting crime, treason and sedition are unlawful speach acts in America.

Retard ESL

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In many ways Africa is more civilised than America

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I'm not. I'm saying the "Insurrection" was giving in to political pressure. It wasn't even that bad anyway. I really don't get why it bothers you so much that people just got mad. You seemed to be okay with rioters burning shit down for days on end.

>unlawful speech acts

lol look at this retard

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I can't wait until the semoncrats come crawling back to wanting a real president back and Trump tells them helllllllll no

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>It wasn't even that bad anyway.
People died lol.

lol what a crotchety old faggot

>In many ways Africa is more civilised than America

You mean we're just like Russia?

leaking private Intel or threatening to kill a member of the US government or anyone else is a very steep step up from hate speech. it's called espionage/treason and conspiracy to commit murder. you're really reaching here bro. you know you are as well... I can tell you're intelligent but you're a devout lefty so deep down you're at odds with the modern lefties/libs but don't want to back down. I've literally answered this 3 times already. sure, the constitution is amendable, but has it been other than 14 and 25? hasn't even been discussed in like 60 years suggesting 1&2 should be amended would be an instant political death sentence.

Best nonanswer I've ever heard. Your mental gymnastics are top notch.

Trumptards tried and are still trying to burn the damn country down. Fuck buildings, they're insured for damages. The republic isn't.

Did you complain publicly when George W. Bush implemented policies allowing people accused of terrorism to be detained indefinitely without trial?

If not, I hope you feel stupid.

Oh don’t get me started on terrorism you fucking asshole. Jesus Christ.