The Hunger Games Commandments;

The Hunger Games Commandments;

>No Dupes
>No Groups
>The previous host may be afforded a spot if they don't make roster
>First 24 are in
>Hold any swaps till Roster Check
>Please hold samefags till requested.

All are welcome to the Lord's Games.
We're gonna do crimes.

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Max Payne

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Nutella Girl
>afk a bit, please swap if you need room

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Murderin’ Floch

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Mae Borowski

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Roxy Glamcock

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Carl Brutananadilewski

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They call me Rigs because I live dirty. I don’t wash none. And when I get hungry, I eat my own snot. I been wearin’ these clothes since winter. I don’t even take my dick out my pants to piss most times, unless it’s in some cunt’s face. Or all over a cocksucker like you. What I usually do is park the truck in the sun with the light comin’ in and piss my pants up somethin’ terrible. Yeah, boy, all that nice hot stuff, running down my leg, and squirmin’ my ass around in it…I got worms, boy – had ’em ever since I was a kid. But I won’t get rid of ’em cause I like the way they make my asshole itch. I gotta drink a lot of beer and eat a lot of pizza pies and French fried potatoes to keep a gut like this and all them little fuckers fed. I got a hairy ass and it sure cakes up crusty. But I just don’t believe in wipin’ when I got a freaky little son of a bitch like you to eat it out for me. Now, how do you like that?

Nobu silver

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Loony Glamcock
>Power still out, semi afk

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Suffer Eternity

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Doc Ock

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Please, take care~

Aelgroth and Malugblum

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Ariel Winter

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Read the op.

Donald Trump

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pic must include just one character

Fag it up. It's late and I'm fucking tired. Transparents appreciated.


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>frisk same

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Vladimir Putin

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I will~

That'll do. Hold please.



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*Dripped out Vladimir Putin

It would be better if you split them next time.

Omg shut the fuck up...

Be nice

-no user

yeah they're so fucking annoying
like we get you're in love but can you just shut the fuck up


Sorry for the delay. AC decided to do the fucky slide thing. We like?

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Ready for Roxy and Loony!

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Yes. Also please accept this for reasons that will be immediately apparent when you compare it with the other one.

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Or what?
Stfu fag
they keep writing this shit and it's pissing off

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Seethe harder

Stfu fag

Let's get Loony and the greatest person in the universe!~

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>they keep writing this shit and it's pissing off
A compelling case persuasively put, user.

No u


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How does it feel to know that some homo-random loves you and your family doesn't?


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Rigs btw

Tell us how you feel, user

Nobu-bu nobu nobu!

There is some nice attire for an undercover cop, Elvina

Turret/Kenny just fuck off already.


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I hardly know what to say. Last time it was me on the receiving end of this punishment.

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Sorry Stefan. I have a fetish where I like to watch people drown. Don’t blame me, blame the people who made me.

>and it’s pissing off
Who’s Off?

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>ingrid already murdering people

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I can see that it hurt ahahahahaha

Anyone got a bangbros password?

Lock and load. Let's roll, Bonnie :3

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Rock n' Roll!

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post what you fapped to this week

One job Roxxy.
Same to you, El.
We're not starting off too hot.

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who hurt you

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Ah fuck used the wrong weapon for this code.

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What DIDN’T I fap to, would be a better question.

Nobu no-bu nobu nobu-bu bu nobu nobu?

Me? Nobody. But I can see that I touched a tender point. Does your family hate you? I'm not surprised.

Please Miss Ingrid

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This’ll be an easy fight.

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>Carl behaves lewdly
You know, Father, I've learned something today. In terms of the embarrassment we cause each other I'd say we must be about even.

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I thought we were a team, GlamOck!
Roxy meant to do that

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Probably because some asshole replaced the coke with sugar.
I fapped to thought of you getting put through a paper shredder

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Woah, me too!

>projection: the post

I put it to you, Emmy: what kind of heist would it be without at least one member of the gang wearing a striped shirt and a cloth cap? We also need an enormous sack with a dollar sign painted on it.

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I can see it still hurts ahahahahahah

Nobu-no nobu-bu bu no?

Ock is now an interior designer.
Floch doing Floch things.
Emmy's a rat. That programming is fucked.
Me either Carl. Me either.

Is there a wrong one?


Oh boy. Cat fight.

And this?

Atta girl. Get it. I brought the opium from the last game.

You're villains...

I'm to lazy to look.

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Let Rigs starve for (You)s and enjoy the game.

Uh…well…these are professionals…uh…

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Those parts won't go to waste.

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Goddamnit, Kirby. You were supposed to chop ME up! Now how will I get off?!

I'm with user on this one. the two furries should learn to shut the fuck up about their love thing

In that situation, yes I had a knife which isn't the best option right there.
Love exists with me and Loo~

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I'll take 'em both, if you don't mind

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nobu no nobu-bu bu no Nobu Nobu, bu no-bu bu nobu?

>I'm with *myself
>What is hiding posts?
fucking newfags i swear

"It" will never learn

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Nobu, that's just amazing. I withdraw all my previous remarks.
The Mona Lisa's small and easily carried off. You could easily get the thing under your jacket, Otto.

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>nobu no nobu-bu bu no Nobu Nobu, bu no-bu bu nobu

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RIchard has a wolf so this seems fitting.
Fuck you, Doc.
Chara deserves a medal even if she's a mute same.
Aside from the perv, this is perfect.
Launch lowers her game.



How nice is this?

Butterfly knives are totally bad ass.

No no.

Oh. We back on the fat jokes?

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The love is closer than you think~

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Probably the worst ava tbh

I’m a supervillain, dawg.
Yeah but that dining room set looks nicer.

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yeah there's just no way more than one person hates them doing it

I should be the one feeding to animals. This is retarded.

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Nobu no-bu bu nobu nobu?

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All that it needs to be said.
With you~

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i just fuckin hate children, y'know?

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That's how things are being done, JC. Without any collateral damage. Smooth and clean.

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Sorry. I just wanted to see what your insides looked like, Donnie. Can’t blame a boy for being curious.

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Need a nobu wojak edit

I am already satisfied. Furry has no family and has a crush on homo-random AHAHAHAHAHAHA

How do you like it?

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