Let's do it b get in here

Let's do it b get in here

Kik: lastime63

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Add kumapower_1

18yo 4'8" hs senior twins

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I’ll catfish sluts you know and send you what I get.

Add disc dangreg86#1311

Or Snapchat alwayssummer144

Also sharing my gf/sis/ catfished sluts

Bump If anybody has more of her at all, please add my Kik

>My Kik is anonyuser456

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code doesnt work

Discord (Kik broke)- snow#5299

Into- rape , race play , breeding , creepshots , Bbw , milf , goth , hentai and basically anything else

Dm me please :D

Caitlyngurl1 from USF in Tampa and her brother cameronlevi12 from a group I'm in. Fuck them both. Over it.

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Her pic.

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Sharing my thicc latina wife one last night for tribs
Send asl and dick pic

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Been edging help me out and send anything

Kik- TheNewAlt

Apparently the Kik bug was caused because of investigation into accounts for obvious things. So if your kik is bugged sorry but you’re fucked.

19m bi twink gooner. Send censored porn, tease, or non nudes 18+


Exposing slampig exes for extremely degrading chat or fucked up wwyd. Got several. Pics and vids. No vanilla pic collectors. Serious degraders and sadists only. Kik whore_abuser

Showing off my unaware chubby gf. US only. Kik: I_Have_A_Chubby_Gf

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Bump still going add me

kik: merc7613

26 m USA

I enjoy hearing about gay group experiences from guys who experimented and got pretty dirty with a bunch of buds growing up, especially during sleepovers, campouts, scouts, school trips etc.

If this describes you, you’re 18+ and are down to chat about the fun you had then feel free to message me anytime. Even if you consider yourself straight I won’t judge. Include your ASL when you message.

If you only want to talk about a rape/molestation experience then don’t bother, I’m only interested in hearing about consensual experiences.

Sharing My girlfriend Julia
Kik Fredrikj8805

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She's a good pigslut

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Add me and we can hack your girls, wife, friend’s Snapchat


Mega trade

trading slut gf, love amateur group stuff or sluts choking on cock. show me your girl. bi here if anyone cares. kik kayandjas

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Send your stolen or friends gf


Exposed My slut rdgz91

Send me girls you know (gf/wife/friends/family). Will keep it private between us unless you want her saved and shared. Bonus for including their socials


Lol says who

Moar of her?

What bug?

Already nutted but bored. Hoping to torture soft cock for femanon. Weird the better. Bstemp3000

They’re just trolling to freak out all the no-limits people. Law enforcement investigates kik accounts all the time on case-by-case bases, that would never trigger global service issues. A variety of bugs have been impacting lots of kik users over the past few days, you can see a lot of people complaining on Twitter.

Just someone being a faggot on /b who'd of guessed


I want to see your pregnant wife / GF / ex, because pregnant women are beautiful.
Bonus points for nudes.

Discord: JaidenAlt#5346
Jerking to anything I get sent, nolim

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Still exposing these pigs for nasty chat. Good content.

Bump still here add me

wanting to show off my fiance. Tell me what you think and what you would do. I'm bi too so if you wanna show me your cock or talk about using me thats cool too.


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If anyone has any Nordic sluts (Denmark/Sweden/Finland etc) send them to me

Kik- ghdksobs


Looking for anything to make me cum
Hairy, panties, pee, feet, chubby, skinny, old, teen, big tits, small tits,
mom, sister, daughter, wife, girlfriend,
Keep it legal please

Exposing my unaware gf. I can't stop sharing her. Made a group for people to share at once.

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Still here

need to cum before bed, send me anythinggggg
like tight sluts and solo female ass play stuff but send anythinggggg

sharing sis, sis friend and bbw gf nudes, plus social sluts pics


Roleplay - you are a college friend/coworker of my asian gf. You reach out as a friend we just catch up. We tlak about my gf who i think is an innocent loving gf but you slowly reveal she is a gook slut who has a secret past with bwc/bbc.

Love raceplay, gangbang. Can provide non-nudes only

looking for dogs

user left lmao we making a no rules group now get in

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sharing meaty pussy

Bump add meeee

Any more pics of her?

Looking for cock and jerk tribs of my girlfriends feet and soles.

If you love feet, add beyondreason69 on Kik and please be ready to trib

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Nice! Also what's the story, why over them both?

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looking for someone to make me goon for them! love being fed and sending stroke vids. will stroke to whatever you send me but very in to captions, furry, hentai cunny, and femboys

Kik: chubbyforeskinguy
Send me your dick pics!

I’m about to sleep, but before I do I wanna cum, I’ll cum to the first image sent to me

Wickr- johndoe2435

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23 m small cock

I wanna be bullied and humiliated for having a tiny dick. I'm 6ft 3 and I try and keep smooth.

Even better if you catfish me only to laugh at my little bulge.

Kik woskful


New no rules group get in bois

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Trading hentai send whatever

Inv titnipl

Post whatever ignore the group name

Kik not working, anyone want to chat in Snapchat? src_1987 would love to chat with military guys

inv troublez.104

Looking for any femanons that have weird and/or fucked up fetishes that they want to talk about.
If you're a guy, lets talk about the people you live with that you want to fuck but shouldnt.

Looking for cock and jerk tribs of my girlfriends feet and soles.

If you love feet, add beyondreason69 on Kik and be ready to trib

Very horny anything goes spam my dm please
Kik gone_mad23

Hentai trading

Kik: google4568

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Idk I googled kik yesterday when it was shut down and all I saw were daily articles of Kik related arrests. That whole app is a trap, even if you do nothing wrong. Crazy that y’all are still on it

Looking for BBW lovers to chat with about my BBW exs for a bit

I'm interested in BBWs/milfs/older women/latinas/black chicks/pawgs/gfs/wives/friends/anything good just keep it 18+

Kik is user_underground


Still not asleep