I think we need to start adressing the elephant in the room

I think we need to start adressing the elephant in the room.

This is Dakota Tyler. She is 18 years old and has done a couple of sex scenes with Exploited College Girls. When guys flock to porn websites because the girls look like this, I think we really need to start talking about why they're really there. It's pretty obvious it's because she looks incredibly underage. She may be 18, but she can probably pass as a 14 year old. The age isn't what matters, it's really the apperance is what attracts guys. They want that youthful look in a girl. But the thing is, any guy who is attracted to this is definitely going to be attracted in girls who are even younger than this. How do you think society should approach this subject? What is acceptable to you or unacceptable?

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Her pussy looks like a 35 year olds. Thats the difference. Stop thinking about children because a female has smaller tits than quadruple Ds. Get out of the basement.


tf i'm not even talking about her pussy. her face looks young too. and her smaller frame really gives her that youthful appearance. that pussy does not look that old though

My wife has tits that size and is 5'0". Quite simply, if you go off of the way someone looks and not how someone acts then you are just watching porn

Nigga, this bitch couldn't pass for 14 if you put her in the shower and slicked her hair back...faggot. Now, my 24yo gf on the other hand .......


This just makes me wonder where the line is drawn. in porn, they make the teens like this take on roles where they pretend to be like naive/dumb grade schoolers. it's like we're saying most men are pedos without actually saying it. And isn't this kind of a fucked up way to live, to know that many men among us are into this, and we are just gonna go about our ways?

nigga, your other hand doesn't count as a 24yo gf.

>When guys flock to porn websites because the girls look like this, I think we
seethe roastie, she looks like an 18 year old because she is an 18 year old and she looks like herself. go clean your fucking bedroom clean up the cat piss and let in some fucking air, it reeks

Thanks for the recommendation gonna cum for her tonight

That line is actresses being 18 years of age you simplistic faggot. Everything after that point is pretend and makebelieve. You know the vast majority of those girls arent step sisters to those guys either, right.

You're fucking lying to yourself if you are really going to say she looks like an 18 year old.

>Your sexual preferences are my business
>Stop liking things I project weird, perverted thoughts onto
>Give me moralistic interpretations of your own personal ideals toward this proposed non-issue

so you're okay with guys fapping to this stuff knowing that they like girls like this because they look like minors

Stfu faggot...at least I have a gf. Go touch grass you tiny dick nigger.

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>You're fucking lying to yourself if you are really going to say she looks like an 18 year old.
she IS an 18 year old you dumb nigger, that means SOME 18 year olds DO LOOK LIKE THAT

This slut doesn't look like a minor retard

Ban sex under 35

dumb as fuck. porn websites are clearly catering to this idea. that's why they make girls dress like children.

As I said, your hand doesn't count as gf. lying sack of shit

yeah, some. but the reason why people are attracted to this is because she looks even younger than her age.

She's a gross buglady that looks nothing like an 18yo. She looks mid 20s faggot. Deal with it.

>What is acceptable to you or unacceptable?
It would be acceptable to me to hang people like you from the neck until dead. You destroyed the fucking world.

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How's nigger cock taste? Because you project like a bitch that sucks it, faggot.

>yeah, some. but the reason why people are attracted to this is because she looks even younger than her age.
does she look like a minor or do some minors look like her?

Dude i see your point and honestly... live your damn life. You can't preoccupy yourself with this shit.

What's wrong....your hrt not working as expected?

Historically, for thousands of years, girls were being married off (by their family) at very young ages, from 12 years old and up. A girl getting her period for the first time used to signify they were ready to be married.

imo, 20-24 year olds are the pinnacle of female figure.

i mean its really not her fault she looks so young.

so... wait, are you a pedo or what?

i don't get it, are you getting upset because you feel i'm attacking your personal interests?

I agree. I mean I might find younger girls attractive, but idk they're too annoying for me to want to pursue them. I've known some women in their 40s/50s that i wouldn't mind plowing too.

>ITT: OP is body shaming women with small tits

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historically men grunted and hooted when confronted with anything they didn't understand
don't turn it into some sort of laudatory behavior shithead

true, it's not her fault. my point is, a lot of guys are into younger girls, whether we admit it or not. that's why teen porn is one of the largest categories out there, and in this category of porn, the actress most of the time portrays a very ditsy, clumsy girl who dresses like a child.

Slut has a potato face of a 25yo and the pussy of a 30yo. How is this slut a resemblance of anything younger than 18? Fucking virgins need to get out and get laid.

No, you're a fucking neckbeard troglodyte that's never even touched a tit. Kys faggot

i see your point but what exactly is "dressing like a child" and how does being clumsy make you seem child-like :?

I know I was going to say the same thing.

coomers are the fucking problem
coomers are why we can't have nice things

>Dakota Tyler
She's cute in this photo, but when I watched her porn vids, they make her look homely and below average.

they will make girls wear big bows on their heads, have colorful backpacks and other kinds of "tween" accessories.

you're so fucking wrong. i've never seen a 25 year old look like this. quit trying to defend and deny your pedo tendencies. if you're a pedo, be proud of yourself.

all i'm saying is that the appeal to younger women is not surprising, one thousand years ago or today. if guys thought young girls were nasty, we wouldn't be having this conversation because teens doing pron would get no play.

>I think we need to start adressing the elephant in the room.
The elephant in the room is your faggot ass going back to twatter or plebbit....nigger.

>I'm a faggot, please rape my face.

Don't have sex with children because it's abuse, they are too young to understand the consequences.

The way you deal with the rest of your problems is your own problem.

I suggest therapy or maybe kys.

Jesus, I swear, every pedophile has this jpeg saved on their Hard drive

what the fuck kind of porn are you watching. I never see this

Looking young and cute is fine. What i hate though is how they try to pass off the idea that the girl is underage by making her wear all these kiddy costumes and adding the most questionable titles. Like "Daddy gives me his big long girthing cock cause i cant pee on my own uwu" bullshit why cant we have one where they actually act their age and dress like normal human beings. I like small petite girls but i dont want them acting like little toddlers wtf i want a human with intelligence not this bullshit

>be me
>first time I've ever seen this photo
Your theory is busted by its own premise.

I'll rape your 8yo daughter in front of you, after I tie your beta cuck faggot ass up to watch.

So don't watch it you insufferable cock sucker. Nobody is making you watch shit. So stfu and stop your bitchboy whining. Fucking grow a pair you bitch.

I'm not sure who's more retarded, you are the people replying to you.

So what you're saying is, that if there are girls under 18 who have bodies that look the same as women 18 and over and you are attracted to the body of one of the OVER 18 women in question, then that makes you a pedo.

Not only is this the dumbest fucking thing I ever heard but it is an admission on your part that what you are concerned about isn't the supposed harmful effects on the underage girl of having sex before 18, but it's all about how the body looks.

Ironically, you find a young, fit, healthy body free of blemishes, varicose veins, cellulite and the ther effects of aging to be the one you should NOT be attracted to and consider people who are to be mentally ill, while at the same time finding nothing perverted or disgusting about someone being attracted to a 300 lb middle aged women with a hairy waffle pussy.

Therefore, there is clearly something wrong with your brain and you should seek help immediately.

I think my problem is that men lie about being into younger women all the time when they clearly are attracted to them. They're so afraid of being shamed for it too when it's just part of our human nature.

you really need to accept that you're into younger girls. stop trying to overdefend yourself.

so you have to pretend i said something, so you can be an idiot. okay buddy.

idk it just appeared on a free porn site and i had to look into it

yeah, when porn starts to do that, that's when it really drives the point home that a large portion of men are actually pedophiles. this is their legal alternative.

I agree with you, I would love a girl that looks like this, but has a maturity of one in their 30s. idk how guys can be attracted to younger minds

so... you're openly a pedo?

and what's the problem with it, faggot? Are you saying it's preferable to have a beat ass gross 30 year old who's pussy is more stretched than an old T shirt?

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>Reddit spacing
Yeah, I'm done with this closeted pedo.

>so... you're openly a pedo?
Not him, but I am.

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>Stop misinterpreting me, I just want your cum in and around my mouth!

Listen here hombre....I'm a hebe/epheb. You do you.

Like what you want, but touch or talk to someone under 18 sexually and you deserve to swing from a rope.

Why are you worried about what other men jerk off to?

Why is 18 your arbitrary marker? According to feminists, it should be 25.

>idk it just appeared on a free porn site and i had to look into it
>Someone forced me to watch something I don't agree with!

18 is 18. you are overthinking it entirely.

If you see a child there then you're the one with the problem user. You assume pretty hard there cochise

So your saying if a 14 year old look like a 18 year old its ok? Gtfo pedo

Well played

young-looking is one thing, but young-acting is another. i'm into young-looking women, but an actual child's brain inside someone is a huge turnoff. the things children do and say kill my boner in an instant.