Why don't you own a gun?

Why don't you own a gun?

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Because my penis is huge

Impressive, to be able to kill violent home invaders with your penis.

The next wave of BLM riots are coming soon.

You should be ready.

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Girlfriend thinks I'd kill her with it. Probably not incorrect, so I respect her wishes (or so she thinks).

Because I live paycheck to paycheck near Massachusetts.

Just quit my job and moved to somewhere cheaper, so I might be able to afford one in a couple months.

Yep. Why are you worried about violent home invaders though? You live in a trailer park and don't own anything worth stealing except a gun that can be used for violent home invasions in better neighborhoods.

>Why don't you own a gun?
Don't need one. I don't live in "the new world"

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I'm not worried about violent home invaders. I have a gun. Niggers tend to attack the soft targets, the ones who don't arm themselves.

So ya like gettin shanked, ye?

(Edit meme with any European country)

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Why would they come to your trailer park though? Are you worried they'll take the grill you made out of tires?

That's right, no guns here. No way.

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Lost all mine in a tragic croquet accident

niggers love guns and they're the peak of masculinity and success :^)

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So you have guns because you're worried that someone will break in and steal your guns? It's way easier to just have a huge penis, my guy.

bro, black people are the coolest must suave people on the planet and they love guns, you sound like a tiny dick coping white boi

Still not worried about anything, but I am very curious as to why you can't have a civil conversation without projecting your own inadequacies onto others. I mean, you shouldn't have to, what with your huge dick an' all.

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>Still not worried about anything
Lol the first thing you said when I mentioned my huge penis was "but what about violent home invaders?". You're clearly worried about something. Do you know why I'm not worried? Because I have a huge penis. It really puts things in perspective. Like cans of Monster.

I'm really not. You should be, because your Biblical-scale penis won't protect you when you inevitably need protection.

what is that holster? i need one that accommodates a light

because I don't want the burglar to use my own gun on me.

>need protection
Need is subjective. I never use condoms. Mostly because the big ones are expensive.

That's why you shoot the burglar, dummy.

>I never use condoms.
Understandable. A sock works better and is generally more comfortable when all you're doing is masturbating.

Mutts needs to compare it self with other shitholes, because it's so shit.

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Socks are too tight. It's a huge penis.

You can outrun a knife, not a bullet

Just another Sidecar middle of the road enthusiast like me. Get rid of the sig faggot boy

Also, I know you won’t like reading this but your faggot reddit plagues sig sauer queer ass brain considers this reply an, “updoot”

not a pussy bitch who needs to carry a heater to feel capable of winning a fight

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imagine being this much of a bootlicking faggot

do you spend all your money on weapons and PC parts because you have no women to spend it with?

Convicted felon

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registered drug user here. 2A doesnt apply to me. thanks feds.

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>do you spend all your money on weapons and PC parts
No, I also buy anime figurines
>ree spend your money on women!
Nice try semen demon

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Till I burn your punk ass for looking like a retarded incel

on the bright side when you finally decide to end your meaningless existence, you have plenty of options to choose from and plenty of plastic perv toys to watch you do it

lmao youre those nerds that shoot up schoola because youre bullied for being a faggot and liking anime, do us a favor and kill yourself

Lmao. Unironically kill all niggers, archaic hominids do not belong in 2022

Niggers commit more mass shootings on average, the news only covers the school shootings because they’re controversial also there are too many niggers committing shootings to keep track of them all. Kys kys kys

>youre bullied for being a faggot and liking anime
lol I'm a grown man, who is going to "bully" me? Some guy crying about anime on an anime website?
>lmao youre those nerds that shoot up schoola
It has been a very long time since I went to school, but only the cool kids watched anime there. Now, instead everyone does.

I got it taken away, tried to an hero, dad tackled me. Im on a red flag list now until i can convince people i love living, I'm giving them what they want so i can but a shotgun to blow my brains out.

How do you like that M18?

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A knife does the job when my hands aren't enough.

Micro peen activities

>grown man
>plays with dolls and cosplays military weapons

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>plays with dolls
>and cosplays military weapons
Not quite, they're anime girls that are also military weapons. It's one extra level of degeneracy.

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I do, not shit sauer because jewish ceo, drop safety and overpriced magazines

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My dick works

Because I own 3.

You all think you're so tough with your guns. What will you do when I use my katana to slice you into 1000 pieces before you can even think about unholstering? Check mate, losers.

I reached for my wallet, hit the backplate and it blew my leg off so I am a pirate now

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why do stupid fucks put flashlights on them?
way to draw attention to yourself and let everyone raiding your house know where you are

>why do stupid fucks put flashlights on them?
So they can see what they shoot.
>way to draw attention to yourself
The gunshots that follow will do that anyway.

The strobe light worked for Brenton Tarrant, we don't all have NVG and IR lights arent cheap either

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im britbong

i do own a longbow though with a 90kg draw, that thing would pierce anything i need it to

>90kg draw

u 1n dum muthafucka.

brenton shot during daylight. no one thats trained goes into a dark place with only and flashlight and no nvg. the sperg up there would die instantly

the only raiding these faggots are doing is raiding their siblings' panty drawers

Nogunz with dumb opinions. Real life isn't videogames.

now that i think about it, youre probably the same person that just replied to me twice. you literally just proved my point that real live isnt video games, no smart person uses a flashlight

real life is paying your month's pay for a box of ammunition to waste on paper targets then going home and bootlicking on the internet

>no smart person uses a flashlight
>said by user who has never seen a gun in real life
lol retard

I use cheap chink dititals that are surprisingly decent as a placeholder, I know I should have bought a Perst 3 instead of 4 but didnt have the money and am surprised it even showed up

Show me on the doll where the gun owner touched you

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I do own one.
but since I live in a civilized society I do not need one, I only have them because I like them

>I know I should have bought a Perst 3 instead of 4 but didnt have the money and am surprised it even showed up
Since you have the 4 just get a kiji