Cali thread

cali thread

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Burn bitch.

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I'd never be able to get past that ridiculously large eye.

any ucla or irvine or?


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Was recognized last night. Let's see if lightning strikes twice

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Favorite time of the night

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909 ??

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Looking for her wins or stories

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This is the only pic I've ever seen posted. Any more?


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C'mon Cali, you can do better than this. I wish they all could be California girls.

The few I posted are. 3 have already been recognized in the past

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i wanna see the booba but no one got titty

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ahh yes the milkers

Anyone from 916 here?

I know that feel. I'm still waiting, knowing full well they exist

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More of this beauty

Why delete Talia?

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It's on to post pics, but don't say their name and area.

any simi around?

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Don't blame me, I'm just trying to save you from getting in trouble

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More? Looks familiar

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Lolistein I see you

is that y.a?

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925 San Ramon?

Not Y.A.

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neanderthal features. truly a sight to behold.

From Southern California?

Bump Petaluma


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Anyone got more of her? 818 Burbank/ north Hollywood

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